Just For You, Only You

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I sang my song…

My one and only song that I put days and nights into, reminiscing about it for hours, and it was about you.

Then I raised my voice and sang it out loud, the words came out naturally, yet it fit word for word what I wrote. I looked out at the crowd, looks of awe stared back at me. Yet there was no you.

I remember when we were little, I'd always make up silly little songs. You'd always laugh and smile at me, telling me how just saying those simple words brought you a lot of hope. You told me how one day, I'd become a big success, and that I'd bring others joy and hope as well. That really made me smile, I felt so happy that I twirled, and you laughed with a type of serenity that not many people have.

But then years passed, and time went by until you found her.

'Idiot,' I cursed myself.

How could I have let you out of my hold that easily? Oh yes, it was my fault. I was the one that left you for him. But now, he's too occupied with his business that I'm broken inside. As time went by, you met her.

I gazed at you two longingly, all the times you spent with me were nothing like the ones with her. Ours went by so fast and yet hers went by so painstakingly slow. I was jealous.

I hid my frown, and put a smile upon my face. I laughed though it hurt me, and I faked a cheerful act. I acted naïve, so naïve that no one realized that I was a fake. A hopeless fake that no one took pity on because 'she had everything'.

Sometimes I wish that life was like a hologram. You could Stop, Rewind, and Fast-Forward. If I could Stop, I'd end everything right here, my life and all. But no, I couldn't. Those who have took their own life had not looked over it. You can still move on, even though it hurts, there is still hope to come. That's what I believe in, but that's not what I follow. If I could Rewind, I'd erase those mistakes I've made. I'd make sure that I knew what to do and what not to do. If I could Forward, I'd race past all those pains and suffering that I'd soon come upon until I've reached the point of a new light. But no such luck.

I would… do anything to get you back. If I were to commit treason once more, so be it. But now all I wish is for you to think of me as more as a friend. To have your presence linger near me and for your touch to me felt by my embrace

I go outside and step out onto the gazebo. I take a breath of fresh air and look around. It's cloudy, it rained a while ago yet everything is so calm and so peaceful. I smile to myself, thinking about how life is unfair to not only me, but to everyone in this world, whether they like it or not.

I see the birds chirping, and I think: They had trouble in the beginning learning to fly.

I look beneath me onto the wooden planks: Those workers had to work hard to build this, and to make a living.

I think to myself, I'm luckiest out of those two. I don't really have to make a living, everything's there for me, yet, why am I so sad? I shake my head furiously.

'No,' I think. 'He's not the only thing I live for.'

That's where I heard it, the wood creaking slowly beneath someone's feet. I turned around.

"Athrun!" I gasp.

"Lacus…" he smiled and nodded.


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