You heard right! Pretzel and Cinnamon are back in an all-new adventure! This story (yes they are ham-human) takes place a few years after You've got to be Mental. I was originally going to make this a oneshot, but now I have enough ideas to make it multi-chaptered! Besides I already have enough oneshots out there. Oh, and I skipped Bijou's accent in this fic. She still has it, I just don't want to write it. Well, enjoy this fic and laugh out loud at the incredible shenanigans of Pretzel and Cinnamon Teriyaki! Sayonara!

Bijou's Babysitter Blues by cappyandpashy4ever

Chapter 1: Flashback…OF DOOM!

A tall and rather wide woman stood in the doorway of a large brick house. She had cream-colored hair cut in a short style. Her fancy flowered dress was ruined slightly by the yellow bandana tied around her neck.

"And you're sure you'll be okay?" the woman seemed to be speaking to a slender white-haired figure standing inside the doorway.

"Yes," replied Bijou, looking at her notes. "We'll be fine Mrs. Terri…Terra…"

"Teriyaki dear." interrupted Mrs. Teriyaki to Bijou, who seemed unable to pronounce the name correctly.

"Right." Said Bijou, pushing her platinum hair in front of her eyes, as to roll them without being seen by Mrs. Teriyaki.

"Well then," Mrs. Teriyaki began. "I best be off. Have a nice time babysitting!"

"Don't worry Mrs. T! I'll have a great time with…with…"

"Pretzel and Cinnamon dear." Recited Mrs. Teriyaki. "And they've been just dying to see you again! Well, I'm off!"

Mrs. Teriyaki promptly shut the door.

"Hmm." Said Bijou aloud to herself. "What did she mean, see me again? This is my first time sitting here."

(A/N Did I forget to mention? Since this story takes place a few years after YGTBM, Bijou doesn't remember Pretzel and Cinnamon at all!)

"Mrs. Teriyaki said that the kids would be in the playroom." Bijou said aloud. She walked down the hall and after a few tries, found the door into the playroom. Two small children sat on the floor in a pile of toys. One, a boy around eight, had creamy yellow hair with white flecks and one eye that was slightly larger than the other. The other one, a female of five, had reddish brown hair and white streaks like icing.

"BIJOU!" the children shouted once they noticed her come in. They leaped onto her back and began tugging at her ears.

"Pretzel…Cinnamon…" The names echoed inside Bijou's head. Mrs. Teriyaki. Pretzel and Cinnamon tackling her. Even the way that they pulled on her ears. They all seemed familiar, as if she'd met them before.

Bijou managed to shake them off, running her fingers through her hair, attempting to remember where she'd seen them before.

"Pretzel miss friendly friend Bijou girl!" spoke Pretzel.

"Uh, right." Responded Bijou. "Erm, Pretzel, Cinnamon, let's go get some dinner."

Pretzel and Cinnamon grabbed Bijou's hands and she led them into the bathroom to wash up.

"Soap, soap, soap!" Pretzel sang, lathering his hands under the faucet.

"I like soap." Cinnamon responded. Something about that reminded Bijou of something.

"I like crab apples." Said Pretzel. Chink! Another piece of the puzzle clicked into Bijou's mind.

"I like onion rings." Chink!

"I like Popsicle sticks." Chink. She was getting close now.

"I like artichokes." Clink. So close…

Pretzel and Cinnamon hopped on top of the sink and cried "I LIKE BLUEBERRY PIE!"

CHINK! Suddenly, Bijou remembered. Her eyes widened in horror as voices echoed in her ears.


"He says his name's Pretzel. He just jumped onto my back and he won't leave."

"AHHH! My hat, my hat! It's alive!"

"You try to hurt Penelope, my mustard colored baby!"

"Sit still or we'll never get the juice out!"

"Pretzel bye too! Pretzel bye too! Bijou goo-goo!"

"I like blueberry pie!"


"Oh no…" exclaimed Bijou, suddenly remembering everything. "No…" she muttered, escaping from the bathroom and running into the hall. "No…"

Bijou slid down the wall and landed in a sloppy sitting position. She put a hand over her face. "No…no…NOOOOOOOO!"




End of chapter one.

Ooo…I feel sorry for Bijou. Sorry for the cliffie! More hilarious antics after five reviews! (Good ones) I have lots more in store! Stay tuned! Cappyandpashy4ever, signing off.