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Chapter 1

He pulled on the black gloves that matched the armored bodysuit he was
already wearing. Next came the red gunbelt with twin laser pistols resting
in their holsters, saftey on. He would remedy that later. Then, he attached
a foot-long metal rod, about two inches in diameter, to the back of the red
belt's shoulder harness. Finally, a white headband... for style. He was

Tails walked toward the center of Knothole Village, plishing the white raised
"T" on the belt's buckle. He'd been working on this outfit in secrecy for
several months now, and it was complete at last. He couldn't wait to show it
off to his friends.

Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor were already there. Ant was polishing his sword;
it looked recently sharpened. Rotor was powering up his bazooka-style sound
wave cannon. Bunnie, however, was leaning against a tree. She kept her
maintenance up so often that there wasn't anything left for her to do to get
ready. She was the first to notice Tails approach. She started to wave to
him, then did a double-take.

"Tails? That you, shuga?"

"Yep," he replied. "I'm ready."

"Well, Ah can see that, hon'," she replied, looking him over. She gave a low
whistle. "Y'all look like a mercenary!"

Rotor set his cannon down and looked at Tails. "Whoa! Are you sure you need
us, or can you complete the mission alone?"

"Cut it out, guys," Tails said, blushing a little. "I've just always thought
I could use some artillery."

"Heavy," Rotor said, chuckling.

Antoine sheathed his sword. The roboticized coyote stood and placed his
hands on his hips. "Well, zat is zat. Now all we 'ave to do is wait for zee

Tails decided now was as good a time as any to take the safeties off. He was
doing this as Sally and Damien approached from Sonic's hut. Sally was no
doubt filling in the roboticized human about the plan.

He couldn't wait to get moving. He twirled his pistols around by their
triggers and jammed them back into their holsters.

"Hi, Sally!" he yelled. "Hi, Damien!"

"Tails?!" Sally shouted, running over to him. "Where did you get these
things? When? Do you know how to use those?"

"Hey, relax," he said, tightening his headband. "I'm ready to rock!"

She opened her mouth to say something, then sighed. "Oh, alright... but be
careful with those guns." She turned her attention to the group. "Okay,
here's what we're doing." She pulled out Nicole, her hand-held computer, and
flipped it open. "Nicole, display Sally map 276-E."

"Accessing, Sally," Nicole replied. A moment later a 3D graphic of a
neighborhood in Robotropolis was projected into the space just above its

"This is where we're heading," Sally said, pushing a few buttons. The image
zoomed in on a two-story building in a bad state of disrepair. "Robotnik
hasn't used his dimensional teleportation technology much, so he stored it
here. The security around it is very basic- it shouldn't take much effort to
get in. Antoine, Bunnie, and..." She sighed again at Tails's new suit.
"...Tails... will take out the guards and such, while Rotor, Damien and I
head inside to find the teleporter. Don't worry about us, we can take care
of ourselves, but you should follow us in as soon as the area is clear.
Everyone got it?"

They all nodded their agreement, and Sally snapped Nicole shut. "Then let's

As they made their way out, dusk was setting in. Many Knothole residents
waved as they passed.

Damien looked at Tails's suit. "Nice," he commented.

"Thanks," he replied. "At least _somebody_ appreciates it. I wish they
wouldn't treat me like I'm your dimension's Tails. I've been honing my
skills for a long time, but nobody bothered to notice."

"Well, you're going to be able to prove yourself soon," Damien said, looking
off toward Robotropolis. "This is one mission I really hope we complete...
without incident."


Sally was right. There were only two SWATbots guarding the building; one at
each door. There were also some security cameras, but they were easy targets.

Tails drew his pistols, and Bunnie activated her forearm laser. Bunnie
looked across the ally to where Antoine was hiding behind a cardboard box and

"Ready, shuga-Tails?" she asked, smiling.

"You bet," he replied.

They fired from behind the dumpster, Bunnie peeking from the top (since she
was taller), and Tails from the side. The cameras all exploded, raining
charred bits of metal debris on the SWAT guarding the door.

[-INTRUDER ALERT-] the bot droned. The other one came charging around the
corner to join his counterpart. They started firing on the dumpster.


Damien shot down the only camera over the side door. "There," he said.

"Let's go before they realize," Sally said, running to the door. She tried
the handle, and it was locked. "It always is. Rotor?"

The walrus stepped forward and produced a lockpick, and after a few seconds,
the door swung open.

The trio charged inside, the sounds of the outside crossfire in their ears.
They ran down the short hallway, then realized there wasn't much to look for.

The two-story building was really a one-story with a very high ceiling, made
of glass. It was about the size of a gymnasium, only longer. At the far end
was a huge black jet, which explained the need for the high ceiling. There
were some various-sized boxes laying around, labeled "Top Secret" and such
things. The teleportation equipment was piled to their right.

"Oh, great," Damien said, looking at the mound of boxes and metallic parts in
despair. "This will take hours to set up!" He thought a minute. "Wait... I
have an idea."

Just then, Tails, Bunnie and Antoine came running in. "That's that," Bunnie
said. She walked over to the brown squirrel. "So, what now, Sally-girl?"

Damien turned to them. "Our only hope of actually using this equipment is to
get it somewhere where we can set it up," he said. "Unfortunately, there's a
lot of parts here, but the good Doctor has left us a way out." He gestured
toward the jet.

A smile spread across Sal's face. "Well, let's hurry!"

Tails took the liberty of standing guard while the others got the door to the
jet open and started loading the pieces of the device. As he was watching
the city outside, he noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye. He
whirled and drew his guns-

And was nearly hit by a spinning ninja star.

"Black Bloods!" he shouted.

As Sally and Rotor continued to hurridley load the rest of the parts, Damien,
Bunnie, and Antoine ran to aid Tails. The black jumpsuited foes made an
entrance similar to their last, appearing from nowhere yet everywhere. Tails
realized that his pistols wouldn't be very effective in this melee, so he put
them away and drew the rod. Pressing a hidden button, he spun it around, and
sections snapped out, as it was now revealed as a four foot long staff.

As the battle ensued, Tails wondered where Enosh was. Maybe he didn't make
it; bled to death. Somehow he doubted it. If he did show up, he would be
ready for him.

Tails was tripping another jumpsuited rabbit when Sally and Rotor fought
their way over to them.

"That's the last of it," Sally shouted. "Let's get out of here ASAP!"

Then Damien, currently holding a black-clad ninja over his head, shouted,
"Look who survived!"

Enosh jumped down from his perch on top of the jet. He was still wearing the
red jumpsuit, but something different immediately caught Tails's eye; his
biomechanical right forearm. Tails felt ill as he remembered the sopping,
lifeless hand laying on the ground, still holding the dagger.

"You," Enosh hissed, pointing at Damien with his metal hand. "You did this
to me. Now you shall pay for this injustice!" Blinded by his need for
vengeance, he leaped at Damien, hands at the ready to reduce him to scrap.

Damien crouched, and as the crimson-clothed rabbit flew over head, he grabbed
him by his collar. Then he spun him around and sent him flying back toward
the jet.

This definitely stirred the rest of the watching Clan's blood, for they
immediately started the fight again, with renewed vigor.

Bunnie lashed out with her right leg, extended to ten feet, and took down a
dozen of them. Still they kept coming. "Ah think we best be headin' on
out," she hollered, backing toward the jet.

Rotor blew a giant hole in the ceiling with his cannon as the others began to
board their flight. As Sally was entering, she shouted to everyone, "How are
we going to take off with these ninjas swarming all over us?"

"I can fly," Tails and Damien answered at the same time.

"Yes, I can see your logic," she answered. She put her hand on Tails's
shoulder. "Be careful, okay, Miles?"

"Sal-lee!" Tails said, agonizingly.

"I know, I know... Tails. Just come out of this alright."

The plane, full of its passengers, took off, with Tails and Damien keeping
the ninjas from causing any unexpected delays. Eventually, they took off
into the night sky and caught up to the jet (which was going very slowly).
As they entered the cabin, Bunnie saluted them.

"Welcome to Trans-Mobius Airlines," she said cordially. "Can Ah get you a
complimentary bag o' peanuts?"

"No, thanks," Damien said. "I don't eat."

"Escusé Moi," Antoine said nervously, "but it appears we 'ave a stowaway."

Everyone (except Rotor, whom was flying) turned and noticed for the first
time the red-clad bunny slumped against the wall.

"Enosh!" Tails shouted.

"What?!" Rotor exclaimed, now turning to look.

"I must've accidentally thrown him into the jet," Damien said.

Tails stooped over his foe. He was out cold. To be sure, he lifted one of
his eyelids, and received a slight surprise.

"Hey, guys," he said over his shoulder. "This guy's irises are clear."

"What's that, Miles?" Sally said, moving closer.

Tails let it slide that time. "There's no color; they're just white eyes
with a black dot in the middle. Kinda weird."

"Zo," Antoine said, eyes narrowing, "what should we do with 'eem?"

"I guess throw him in jail," Sally asked. "Maybe he'll tell us something
important when he wakes up."


Sally, Tails and Damien burst through the door and marched over to where a
short, brown porcupine named Dylan was standing.

"I'm glad you got here so quickly," he said, leading them down the hall.
"The prisoner is going nuts! He acts like one of his distant ancestors."

They reached the end of the hall and came to a door marked "MAX S." Dylan
took out his keys, unlocked it, and swung it open.

They could all immediately hear the screams and thrashing. They got louder
as they walked down the hall and turned left. They saw the reason as they
arrived at the cell.

Enosh was crouched on the sink, eyes wild and feral-looking. His clothes
were ripped, as were the sheets on the bed. As he saw the four, he leapt at
the bars, striking his head and falling to the floor, lifeless.

"Again?" Dylan said, unlocking the cell door. "That's the third-"


Enosh had the frightened porcupine pinned to the floor, his saliva dripping
from his mad grin. He reared his right fist back, preparing to introduce
him to eternity.

Damien acted quickly, blasting him in the chest. He flew back and slammed
into the wall, then slid down to the floor.

Sally leaned over the porcupine. "Are you okay?"

He stood shakily. "Yeah, but my heart may take a few hours to return to
normal." He turned his attention to Enosh. "We'd better get him to the
maximum security ER. Can you-"

Enosh stirred, and his eyes fluttered open. Tails was struck that his irises
were now a deep violet. He seemed confused, and his breath was ragged.

"Wh-where-" he gasped. His eyes focused on Tails. "You!" He tried to get
up, but hadn't the strength. He looked up at him with a weakness etched on
his face Tails had seldom witnessed. "I- I'm sorry, young fox..."

"Huh?" Tails said, puzzled.

"I *cough*... I've done terrible things... dishonorable things. But it was
Simone... she- she-" He clutched his chest, wincing; then he motioned to

"Simone what?" he asked, crouching over him.

Enosh struggled to speak, and at last managed it. "Mind... control," he
whispered hoarsely. "I'm... i-innocent." He paused to catch his breath.
"Save... me..."

"I don't know if we can," Tails said, skeptically. He still didn't know if
he could trust him, but he seemed to be telling the truth.

He spoke again, this time his voice barely audible. "Fr... freeze... me..."

Then his eyes closed, and his breathing slowed. He was dying.

Tails quickly turned to the three gathered around him and the near-fatal
Mobian. "Can we save him?" he asked, directing his question toward Sally.

She seemed to consider this a moment. "Let's try."


The steady patter of rain against the window was soothing. It helped to
alleviate the tension in the room.

The raised table was slowly lowering Enosh into the pit. All along the walls
of the circular depression in the floor were round nozzles, and the entire
floor was a grating. Finally, the table stopped, and the door closed above

It had been determined that cryogenic freezing was the only way to possibly
save him. Although the many machines hooked up to him kept him from death's
door, he could never bee taken off of them, and they couldn't awaken him.
The only hope now was that someday a way would be discovered to heal him.

Rotor pulled a lever that locked the round portal in the floor. He looked
over to a yellow-feathered duck in a white labcoat.

"Is he ready, Dr. Quack?" Rotor asked.

"As ready as he'll ever be," the doctor said, looking at a screen with the
rabbit's current vitals. "Sally?"

Sally, Tails, Damien, and Dylan were intently watching another screen- one
with a visual of Enosh in the freezing chamber. "Hmm?" Sally said,

"Are we ready?" Dr. Quack persisted.

She sighed and turned to him. "I guess we are."

Rotor grasped another lever and pulled it.

There was a hissing sound. All eyes turned to the monitor to watch their
unconscious foe be enveloped by frigid steam. It rapidly condensed on him
and the equipment.

"How long does this take?" Tails asked. He was trying not to cry at the

"It's almost done," Rotor replied softly.

By now the moisture had condensed and frozen on the camera lens, and they
could no longer see. Then a green, domed light over the monitor came on.

"There," Rotor said. He pushed the first lever, then pulled another one.

The door irised open, and inside the pit was a block of ice, roughly shaped
like Enosh and his life-supporting instruments.

Rotor moved to another set of controls and worked them. A clawed mechanical
arm dropped to the frozen Mobian. The claw clutched the mass of ice, and
moved along the ceiling toward a set of double doors. They slid into the
walls, and the claw carried Enosh into the room beyond.

"That's it," Dr. Quack said shortly. "He'll be put with the others."

The room was silent a moment. Then Dylan broke the silence.

"Doc," the young porcupine asked, "how will they know that he was a criminal?"

"There's a warning attached to his vital statistic datadisk," he replied.
"It's put in a metal box that's only half frozen. The thawers can access it
before unfreezing him and decide whether or not they can heal him... or

"Will he... make it?" Tails asked.

The doctor sighed. "That's up to future generations."


Rotor and Damien were working diligently on the teleporter, and Tails was
helping when he could. They had it all set up, and were now making sure all
the inner circuitry was right.

"This is backwards... isn't it?"

"No, it's right."

"Hand me those plans."


"Anybody seen a .3 laser?"

It had been about two weeks since Enosh had been put into "hibernation." A
sweep of the area including the storage facility had turned up nothing; the
Black Blood Clan was long gone. With the action over, they had had time to
feel Sonic's absence. Tails refused to run through the woods, as he and
Sonic once had, and at breakneck speed, I might add. Sally would spend hours
at a time alone in her hut, the door locked. She offered no explanation, but
they all knew she didn't want them to see their leader cry.

In fact, it was the building of the teleporter that kept the entire village
from falling apart with grief.

Presently, Damien was communicating with Sally via his internal radio.

"We can only hope, Princess," he was saying. "I personally think this test
will prove to be successful."

"I'll be right there," she replied, then signed off.

When she entered the hut they'd cleared out to set up in, she was startled.
She hadn't seen it in quite some time, and they hadn't put it together yet.
It was set on an oblong metal platform. At the far end was a circular
doorway, and behind that was nothing. Studding the door frame were silvery
spikes, and on the floor under the arching door was a near flat lens. On the
other end of the platform was a set of controls. Rotor was standing at these.

"Hi, Aunt Sally," Tails said as she entered.

"Hello, Tails," she said, "everyone. Are we all set?"

"Yes," Rotor said.

"Go ahead then," she said, walking over to join them near the controls.

Rotor's hands flew over the buttons, sometimes pausing briefly to make a
decision. Finally, he slowly pushed a slider.

The lens lit up slowly, a very light blue. It glowed brighter and brighter,
until finally it shot its beam up into the doorway. The raw energy sizzled
through the spikes, then opened the rift in the universe.

It was white, purest white in the center, filtering off into light blues
nearest the spikes.

"Portal open," Rotor yelled over the machinery's terrific noise.

"Go ahead," Sally returned impatiently.

Rotor turned a knob and pressed a few buttons.

Something went awry. The light flickered, turned red, then everything went

Everything stayed that way for awhile. No one knows how long. But, slowly,
the world faded through the color spectrum and back into existence.

They all felt themselves to make sure they were still there. Then, they saw
something coming through the now-stable portal.

"Sonic!" Tails shouted.

The others could now see what he meant. There was the hazy hint of the shape
of pointy spines. The round head, thin arms and legs, height; it was him,

Or was it?

Now the figure was coming into focus better, and they could see features they
didn't recognize. Hair, falling into his eyes. A trenchcoat. Boots. A
sword strapped to his back.

The figure was here now, and Rotor shut off the portal's energy. As they
looked back to the dimensional traveler, something definitely caught their

His fur was black.

The trenchcoat he wore was a dark red, and his boots were black. He was also
wearing blue jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt under these.

The mysterious hedgehog blinked, then tensed. His eyes fell on the group by
the control panel.

His hand flew to the hilt of his sword, drawing out a gleaming katana blade
with remarkable swiftness.

"Who are you?" he snapped.

"We are the Freedom Fighters," Sally said, a bit unnerved. "And you?"

He seemed to relax a bit. "I am... wondering where I am, and how I got

"We teleported you here by mistake," she said, gesturing to the control
panel. "You're in Knothole Village. We were trying to find our friend,

At this, the stranger raised an eyebrow. "What? How do you know my brother?"

the end
(chapter two is
coming soon)