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Ranma was walking slowly with Yuna and Yuni, heading towards the shrine that Yuni goes to for treatment everyday. She was sore and exhausted, and lost in thought. "Man I can't believe how sore I am. Never thought my first time with a girl would be as a girl either." She was brought out of her musings by Yuni announcing that they were there.

Ranma had been waiting with yuna for a few hours, to pass the time they practiced a few katas and meditated. Yuni was inside with the some of the priestesses undergoing her daily routine. A few other priestesses were in another chamber in the temple preparing it for Ranma. A Elderly man, about 60 with a crew cut and scraggily beard wearing a dark blue bodysuit and a long black cloak, walked out of the building and motioned for Ranma tom come over.

Ranma seeing the man headed over and introduced himself saying, "Hi I'm Ranma saotome, I was told that you might be able to help me with a problem I have."

The man chuckled and said,' directly to the point eh. Yes, Ranma we can help you with the Nekoken here. First though allow me to introduce myself; I am William Shultz psyionic mage. I will be leading the treatment ceremony for you, but first I need to know a few things. Oh and call me bill."

Ranma grinned and said, "Ask away bill, but unless it's necessary I really don't want to talk about it. A lot of bad experiences you know."

Bill smiled and replied. "Well it's nothing overly personal jut a few basic questions. I just need to know how long ago you were put through the Nekoken, how old you were, and if you can give me a general idea of how many times you were put through it."

Ranma shivered, "well I went through it a little over eleven years ago. I was a little over five, and as for how many times I was put in there it was somewhere around twenty times."

Bill walked up to Ranma, patted him on the back, and said. "Well we are ready for you now, and don't worry we should have no problems with your curse interfering either."

Ranma and bill headed inside for the procedure, while a priestess came out to watch yuna. Ranma had decided that yuna was too young to watch, so it was just Yuni that would be present during the procedure. Upon entering the inner chamber, Ranma spotted Yuni on her knees sitting on a pillow next to a low altar. Smiling she briefly rose up and gave Ranma a brief kiss before taking her hand and motioning her (Ranma was still in girl form) to lie down.

Shortly after Ranma was situated, the mage began chanting in a weird language while the priestesses were lighting candles and sketching runes with charcoal on the walls. This went on for about twenty minutes when there was a blinding flash that filled the room. It was followed immediately by in human shrieks of pain.

Ranma was in a world of pain and screaming her pretty little butt off.

Yuni gasped, when Ranma started to scream, she noticed her hand started to get warm and tingly feeling. She tried to look at Ranma but had to advert her eyes because of the pulsating light surrounding the altar. One thing she did notice was that Ranma's hand kept varying in size. It went from the female size to the male size and then to a larger size. What Yuni could not understand though was that she knew Ranma had two forms. Now there was a new third form, as far as she knew and Ranma had filled her in with the complete history of her life. The hand felt weird too, it was larger but it felt furry and padded but it still felt like a human hand.

The entire ceremony took about two hours. As soon as it ended bill rushed forward, knelt down next to Yuni, and said, "There was something that went wrong, I could not tell what it was but I had to finish the procedure. If I did not than Ranma would not be able to wake up. As it is I am not sure when she will come out of it hopefully soon. Your daughter is in the courtyard; we have lunch ready and have a room prepared for Ranma. It is right next to the one we assigned to you, and if need be you are welcome to stay here along as you need."

Yuni bent over with a few tears running down her cheeks and kissed Ranma on the forehead before responding. "Thank you, very much I just hope Ranma will be alright. I thought you said that this was simple to do. How could it have went wrong?"

Well, there were other foreign magic's present besides his curse, and it was extremely potent as well as chaotic. Now we must move your friend don't worry I am sure everything will be alright." To himself he muttered, "I hope."

Groaning softly Ranma woke and took notice of his surroundings. She was in a plain room, with a small dresser and desk there was a stain-glass window reflecting too many bright colors off the walls. Taking stock of her self she noticed that she felt extremely cramped and uncomfortable, but for some reason stronger and more powerful. Not as powerful as her normal form but still it was an impressive feeling that would of felt better if she did not feel like total crap. Thinking that she might be ragging she transformed back to her male form. THe only problem is that the feelings did not go away they were still there. Therefore, she decided to meditate on it for a while.

A few minutes after starting his meditation Ranma felt the usual tingle that meant he was changing forms. Moving his hands to his chest, he felt breasts. Now after changing this was usual and expected. This time though there was something different. Where she felt stronger in her female form and even more so in her male form, now she felt extremely powerful. The feeling of crappyness was gone and she felt comfortable in a unnatural sort of way.

Ranma sat up and opened her eyes, immediately regretting it she let out a rather loud groan. Therefore, she sat there for a minute to let her eyes adjust to the light. Slowly she got up so as to let the grogginess that was clouding her mind and senses to faze out. Shaking her head, she was onslaught with scents and noises from all around her. Taking a step forward she fell flat on her face, her balance was off, and it felt like she tripped over a rope that was attached to her back.

She slowly took her hand and moved it along her backside she felt, hair no it was too thick to be hair, and it was fur. Ranma was now starting to panic, so she started to immerse herself into the soul of ice. Moving her hand slowly down to her butt she came across something, she pulled on it and let out a shriek. Shakily she brought the object into her line of vision. Looking at it, Ranma was horrified; it was a tail, more specifically a cat's tail that was red with black spots. Hyperventilating Ranma rose to her feet and rushed over to the mirror on the other side of the room.

Looking into the mirror Ranma was shocked into silence, and stood there gaping like a fish. What she was seeing was not human, where her normal female form was 5'2 she was now somewhere around 6'6. The front of her face was still somewhat human looking but she now had fangs. There was fur on the back of her neck coming along side leaving a narrow patch of skin in the front. Her ears were pointed and rose slightly up to the top of her head. Looking down she noticed that one she was naked, two the fur was red with black spots. However, she was not totally covered with fur. The inside of her legs were bare leading up to he waist (think chaps), just short of her naval the fur branched out in a v leaving only the sides of her breasts with fur. Looking at her breasts she let out a sigh, they were about a size or so bigger than what they normally were. Examining the rest of herself, she saw that the fur covered the outside of her arms down to her knuckles, while the underside was regular skin. Frantically rubbing her hands, she turned sideways and saw that her backside was completely covered in fur.

With a yell of righteous fury Ranma yelled, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME YOU DAMM BASTARDS. This was followed by indigent cursing.

Seconds later Yuni and bill burst into the room. They stood there slack jawed; they were expecting either a young woman or a young man. However, this was not to be, instead there was a tall lean, powerful looking werecat in all her glory. Well it resembled one anyway, taking a moment to digest this they just stood there.

Yuni was flabbergasted speaking softly she shakily asked, Ranma is that you.

Ranma seeing her friend has stunned look stopped cursing and rushed over to bring the smaller woman into a hug. She started to talk while choking back sobs, Yuni please don't be afraid its me Ranma. I do not know what happened, when I woke up I was female but I felt uncomfortable so shifted to being male, the feeling did not go away. I started to meditate and relaxed and then I changed into this. Please do not be afraid I am not a monster it's me. Please. Ranma after saying this crumpled down to the floor hanging on to the other girl, using her as a lifeline.

Yuni seeing this was indeed her friend and lover allowed herself to be positioned on Ranma's lap where she continued the embrace. She sat there for a few moments absent-mindedly running her hands through her lovers back fur. After five or so minutes, she noticed Ranma had calmed down and had actually started to purr softly. Pulling back slightly out of the hug Yuni spoke, "Ranma-kun it will be alright, right now I need to know if you can change back. It's important just try for either of your other forms please just try for me."

Ranma sat there for a moment before scrunching her eyes closed, leaving the most adorable look on her face. After what seemed to be an eternity Ranma shifted back into his normal form (male), and let out a sigh of relief.

At this time bill decided to make his presence known with a discrete cough to gain the attention of the room's occupants. Speaking calmly he said, "Yuni after Ranma gets clamed down a little more please have him get dressed and bring him into the meditation room where you have your sessions we need to figure out why this happened." With that said, he slowly left the room.

An hour later in the main meditation room Ranma sat on a bench holding hands with Yuni while bill paced nervously(hey you would be nervous too if you messed with a high powered martial artist intentionally or not).

Stopping in front of Ranma bill spoke, Ranma I think I know what happened sort of, but before I go into details I need to know what if any kind of contact you have had with magic or supernatural beings, excluding what I already know."

Grasping Yuni's hand in-between his own hands Ranma replied: "well there were several actually. Lets see, dragon whisker soup, a ghost cat, the naban mirror, various love spells and potions, a koi rod, wishing sword, various incenses, a cloning mirror. Then there were battles with an Orichi, her descendant from a dragon, a few months ago, there was Saffron the Phoenix god, and this past month yuna and I have been nearly unseperatable. I am sure I forgot a few things, oh wait two weeks ago I figured out how to draw magic from the spring that I was cursed in. So now, I can actually curse others to different genders as well as change the trigger for the change. I think that's about it."

Bill sweat dropped and nearly face faulted. Thinking to himself, "this kid has had more magic ran through him than the conclave of wizards on Jade.". speaking out loud, "well this is what I believe happened, I think that all that magic that you have been exposed to combined with the chaotic magic that you are able to draw from the springs. This led to the magical backlash that happened when we initially tried to give you control over the Nekoken. By itself it probably would not of caused the new form to emerge. However, I believe that the supernatural beings that you came across left a mark on you. That brings us to why you have the form that you do, your close proximity to yuna who is a werecheeta with a magic lock that alters her appearance is responsible for you form. I don't think you are purely a werecheeta, but I can't be completely certain. You would have to go to Jade and seek out an aura mage to be certain."

Ranma sat there silently digesting the explanation, with a sigh he said, "I guess I should just write it off as another Kami that doesn't like me." "Well I guess I just will have to live with it, it did make my male and female forms a lot stronger. It wouldn't even be that bad if it was a male form, I really don't like being a girl. I felt like I was a half man before now I guess I am a third man. This kind of sucks. Hell now I problem put ff a sent to attract men."

Yuni looked over and shook her head amazed at the quality rant her lover was putting out. With a playful smirk she decided to interrupt, "Ranma-kun don't worry I thought you looked sexy."

Bill just stood there doing his best to keep himself stifled, which was becoming more difficult in every passing moment. Looking at his watch he decided to stop this before it got to ridiculous. With a sigh he said, "Ranma when you are ready to go to Jade you can come back here and we will teleport you there. You don't have to go know, in fact I would prefer if you would wait a month so I can make some more inquiries. This will allow me to find an Aura mage and set you up with a meeting." With that bill left the room.