It's all over. So very sad, but there's a possibility of a sequel if I can get enough material. A short cute little fic called 'Puppy Days,' but in the meantime look for the first chapter of "Raising Kouryuu" which should be coming soon. Thank-you so much for staying with me throughout this entire project. It really means a lot to me! And if you could, in this final review please tell me your favorite part and/or scene of the story and why. Thank-you for your time, reviews, thoughts and suggestions! And now, I present the epilogue:


The Sanzo party had just finished packing the Jeep up and were about to get started again on their forever journey. Sanzo was back to his moody self, and was wearing some of Gojyo's spare clothes. It seemed they'd have to find some more of his robes the next time they ran into a temple. His Maten Sutra, having been returned to him from Goku, sat neatly across the top of the water sprite's old vest.

"Are we all set?" Hakkai asked pleasantly.

"Yeah!" Goku ran and leaped into the back seat of the Jeep. "Let's get going!"

"Jeesh, don't act so excited." Gojyo strolled towards the vehicle and smirked as Sanzo trying to keep his pants up. Ah, the fun of choosing between Hakkai's too small slacks, and his own too large pants. It was good to be tall.

"Let's just get this show on the road." Sanzo opened his own door and sat in his rightful place, shotgun. And just snug enough not to get completely thrown around by Hakkai's insane driving.

"Just a moment, gentlemen."

All four heads turned towards the new voice. Sanzo cursed outright when he saw the Merciful Goddess standing there in her see-through-top glory and hands mischievously behind her back. "What the hell do you want?"

"To give you something." Her smile was sly. It oozed of trouble for the Sanzo party. She would have giggled like a school girl, but that would give everything away. And Jiroushin would never let her hear the end of it.

"What is it?" Goku leaned foreword and tried to sneak a peak around her back to see what she had.

"Sable." The Goddess pulled a small golden haired puppy in front of her. "It's for you."

"Sable?" Sanzo shouted when the puppy was dropped in front of him. He barely caught it before it hit the ground. Pulling it closer to look at the tiny thing, it let out a chirp of a bark and licked the tip of his nose. "What the hell?"

"What do you mean? This is Sable?" Goku shot up and stared down at the puppy in Sanzo's arms.

"Just what I said, what did you think I meant?" The Merciful Goddess winked.

"You old hag!" Sanzo stood and pulled his gun on the bitch. Well, he would have if he still had his gun. He pointed his finger at her menacingly instead. Sanzo knew it wouldn't do him any good, but it sure made him feel better. "Sable was me and we're not split anymore and he's gone! So how can he be here?"

The Goddess smiled at the puppy that had been thrust in her face with her nephew's free hand. She pat it on the head and watched it whine adorably. "You must have forgotten."

"Forgotten what you son of a bitch?"

"There is nothing I can't do."

She was gone before Sanzo could explode properly. If she can do anything then what did he go through all this shit for? The old hag knew everything all along. She had to have. She must have had a good laugh about it, too.

"Sanzo?" Hakkai started. It might be a dangerous thing to question, but then again he was a bit of a sadist. "Are you alright?"

"Fine." Sanzo slammed himself down in his seat. He smiled a bit when he saw a gun suddenly in his lap as well. A Smith and Wesson, fully loaded. It was about time that old hag did something useful. "Hey monkey, take this."

"Ah! Sable!" Goku jumped up to catch the puppy that had been tossed over the back of the front seat. Once he had it, he could see his adorable glassy eyes shine with a very familiar shade of violet. "Sanzo's a grouch isn't he?"

"Oh, he's not that bad." Hakkai eyed the piece that Sanzo was stroking. He assumed the Merciful Goddess did indeed enjoy keeping things interesting.

Gojyo laughed. "But now we got a nice version of him. I much preferred him as a dog, anyway."

Hakkai chuckled when he heard at least three rounds get fired off from the man beside him. Jeep hummed happily and his engine purred in amusement. Gojyo was dodging and jabbing remarks while Goku tried to hold the puppy out of firing range. The puppy itself merely yipped and yipped as it was pulled around. Sanzo was cursing up a storm next to him as he searched for more ammo. They had added a member, but everything was back to normal and as things should be. And he, the driver, finally asked for instructions.

"Where do you think we're headed, Hakkai?" Sanzo grumbled and sat back down in his seat. He did not have time for stupid questions.

Hakkai smiled. He knew the answer already, but he wanted to hear the man say it again. "Wherever you tell us to go, Sanzo."

"That's simple, you bastard. We go west."