Sorry I haven't written in so long! I have been crazy busy! This chapter is wicked short, but I will write more ASAIPC (as soon as I possibly can)! THANKS FOR READING!

Troy's POV
The night we all got to come home, Gabriella was so exhausted. I had slipped off my pants so I was in my boxers and put on a white tee shirt, which is what I wore to bed every night. We had gotten a baby monitor, and I swear I got less than an hour of sleep. Aidan was harder to calm down then Ericka, because Aidan was a mommy's boy, and Ericka was more attached to me. Aidan was a big crier, and a lot of the time he'd wake up his sister when he cried. I heard the familiar screaming of Aidan Matthew Bolton at 2am. I sulked into the twins' room and picked up Aidan before he woke up Ericka. "Shh, Aidan," I said walking over to the rocking chair. I sat down and rubbed his back softly, he started to calm down. Ms. Montez walked in. "Looks like you've managed to calm him down a little," she said. "How does Gabriella sleep through all of his crying?" "Beats me!" I said. "I think that she hears him and just ignores it because she's to tired," I said jokingly. "Well, I was just seeing if you needed any help, but you seem to be doing a great job," she said. She messed with my hair and walked into her room. We were closer now that she was going to be my mother in law. Aidan whimpered. I kissed his head gently as he fell asleep, then I quietly put him back in his crib. I saw Ericka looking at me like she did a lot and she tried to reach up her arms. I lifted her up slowly. "Hey Ericka," I said. I didn't know that I was talking in range of the baby monitor and that Gabriella could hear me. "You know something? You look just like your mommy!" I continued, and Ericka looked almost interested. "You are lucky to have a big brother. He'll have to be there to keep the guys away from you! You're mommy is the most beautiful woman ever Ericka, did you know that? When you two were born, I gave up my dream to go to Duke, but it was really worth it. I wouldn't give any of you three, 'your mommy, Aidan and you' up if someone gave me everything in the world! I love you all, so much." Ericka grabbed my finger and held it. I kissed her nose. I turned around to find Gabriella beaming brightly at me. "How long have you been standing there for?" I asked her. "Everything I didn't hear on the baby monitor, I heard from right here," she smiled and hugged me. "Hey Ericka," she smiled again. Ericka was soon sound asleep and Gabriella and I went back to bed. She lay down, her face inches away from mine. I moved a lock of curly brown hair from her eyes. She suddenly jumped up one me, wrapping her legs around my waist and laying her head in my chest. She kissed my chin and face. I put my hand lightly on the back of her head and let it rest there as I fell back asleep.

One and a half years later, Gabriella's POV

Aidan and Ericka sat in the tub, or at least Aidan did. Ericka had a small, but sensitive rash, and the warm water stings it a little. Also, Ericka being a "daddy's girl" wanted him to give her a bath and she wasn't cooperating. Chad, Taylor, Sharpay, Zeke, Jason and Kelsey came over. We had all kept in touch for a long time. I had to give the twins a bath and Troy would put them to bed to make it fair. They were all out in our living room. We had moved into our new house when the twins were about 5 months old. "DADA!" Ericka screamed. "Daddy's talking with Uncle Chad and Auntie Taylor and Uncle Zeke, Auntie Sharpay, and," I didn't even get to finish before she exclaimed, "Auntie Kewsy ("Kelsey," she had become very attached to)." She also loved Jason. "Unkie Jay!" she grinned, I smiled back. "After Mommy gives you a bath you can go say hi before bedtime, okay?" I said. She sat in the tub for about three minutes before yelling, "NO MORE BAFH!" At least she's clean! She splashed water, getting soap in Aidan's eyes and getting him all cranky. "Ericka Paige Bolton," I said firmly, she was too young to be yelled at, but I let her know when she did something to make me frustrated. Ericka hopped out of the tub and ran down the hall naked. I decided to just finish cleaning Aidan before I ran after her.