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CHAPTER 1 Back Again

The final days of July were drawing to a close. A skinny boy with untamable hair was outside weeding the garden despite the summer heat. Hogwarts seemed like a separate lifetime, one that he had only dreamed of, and one that he was not sure he wanted to go back too.

He thought of his friends, his parents, the prophecy. It all came back to the prophecy. It was ingrained in his brain, and somewhere in the back of his mind, he found he wasn't surprised. Since hearing it, he couldn't think of any alternative. It was his birthright. It was his future. It was his destiny.

"Boy! Get in here," came a high-pitched shriek.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia?" came Harry's dull reply once he had entered the house.

"I've set aside some lunch for you. Hurry and clean yourself up," she sniffed disdainfully.

Harry did as he was told and sat down to a lunch of a couple of pieces of bread and water. The Dursley's had been better with him, for the most part. The Order had obviously scared them into submission. Harry would do a few chores everyday and he would be left alone for the most part. As long as he wrote every three days, his family was content to ignore him.

Cleaning up, he went upstairs to his room. Flopping himself carelessly on his bed, Harry picked up an issue of the Daily Prophet that had made it's way onto the floor nearby. The front page could clearly be seen.

Dementors out of Control?

We all are aware of the recent return of you-know-who, but there is another perhaps just as terrifying occurrence. The dementors of Azkaban have been rumored to be kissing innocent people. Apparently even some muggles have taken notice.

"Recently there has been an epidemic where certain individuals have stopped responding to everything. They are still alive but seem no better off than vegetables. No reason for this terrifying new disease has been discovered," said one muggle healer to this reporter.

Are the dementors not being controlled anymore? It certainly seems that way, now with the recent mass breakout of Azkaban and the disturbing signs that show kissings.

Ex-minister, Cornelius Fudge, claims that the dementors were most certainly controlled by the Ministry of Magic earlier this year, but recent investigations have brought to light that the-boy-who-lived was attacked by dementors nearly a year ago. (Article continued on page 5)

Harry lay staring at the ceiling, oblivious to the world around him. Soon, too soon perhaps, the voice of his aunt could be heard calling him down for dinner. He reluctantly stood up and walked downstairs. The family ate in an uncomfortable silence as the television was heard in the background.

"…It has recently been discovered that the criminal Sirius Black has been killed. Details are unknown as to how the convict died," a news reporter said calmly, looking at the monitor.

Harry felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. He refused to meet the eyes of the Dursley's.

Uncle Vernon froze. A nasty smile appeared on his face. "Isn't that Black your godfather?" He said. "Did you know he was dead?"

"Yes," Harry replied in a monotone voice. "I was there."

"And you didn't see it to be fit to mention the death of that man, or were you just going to continue to threaten us with him?" Vernon accused, the familiar purple tint making its way across his face.

"I didn't think you'd care."

"Of course we care. Oh ho boy! Can't use him as a threat against us anymore!"

Harry ignored the rest of the Dursley's rant. After washing the dishes, Harry climbed upstairs and started his potions homework. Time got away from him and next he knew, it was midnight. Like clockwork, a pecking at his window sounded. A flurry of owls rushed in to deliver packages. It was his birthday after all.

Dear Harry,

Hey Harry! Happy sixteenth birthday. I can hardly believe it! The Chudley Cannons beat the Tornadoes. It was bloody brilliant. Anyway, I talked to mum and she convinced Dumbledore to let us come get you on the 3rd at noon. We're at the Burrow, not headquarters. See you soon!


Harry unwrapped the present and was not surprised to see a Chudley Cannons poster. He chuckled at the thought of what the Dursley's would do if they saw the moving picture. Ron must be ecstatic about their win. He couldn't imagine a bigger fan out there. Moving over to the next owl, he saw Hermione's familiar and tidy scrawl.

Dear Harry,

How are you? I know you're sad about Sirius, but it is not your fault, despite what you may think. I'm sure you don't want to talk about that so moving on, I am extremely nervous about OWL results. I just know I messed up on Charms. Ron is not taking it seriously at all. He doesn't seem to care about what his results will be. Honestly! He should be more concerned about his future!

Harry smiled at that. Hermione obviously cared a lot about Ron's future, and well, just Ron in general. Those two were too blind to ever understand how perfect for each other they were. Honestly they acted just like Mr. and Mrs. Weasley in so many ways. Hopefully when they finally got together they would tone down the bickering a bit.

I'm coming to the Burrow on the 9th, so I expect I will see you there. Our Hogwarts letters should be coming today so owl me your OWL results so we can see what classes we can take together. Happy birthday by the way!



Unwrapping Hermione's package, Harry found a defense against the dark arts book. It looked rather interesting, and he resolved to read it later. Several packages later, Harry was left with several food items from Mrs. Weasley, rock cakes from Hagrid, and several other various gifts and cards.

Reaching the last owl, Harry recognized the familiar Hogwarts sign. Nearly bursting with anticipation, he ripped open the envelope and felt a heavy item fall into his hands. Examining it closely, Harry realized it was the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain Badge. He supposed with Umbridge gone and Fudge replaced with Amelia Bones, his life-long ban was lifted. Feeling a thrill of happiness, Harry's face broke into a quick grin, until he realized his unopened OWL results were right before him. Pulling out the parchment, Harry carefully opened it up and read:





Harry James Potter has received:

Astronomy A

Care of Magical Creatures E


Defense Against the Dark ArtsO



History of MagicD



Overall, Harry was rather pleased with his scores. Though, he realized his dream of being an auror had reached its end. An 'E' was not good enough for Snape's class.

Feeling a bit let down, Harry read through the familiar start of term letter and looked at all of the supplies he would need. After satisfying his curiosity, Harry wrote hasty replies to those who had given him presents and shared his results with Hermione and Ron. Looking at the clock, he realized it was extremely late and he was fortunately lucky enough not to have awoken his uncle with his bustling around. Harry went to sleep, with a content feeling warming him inside.

Morning dawned bright and forcefully the next morning and Harry groaned with the thought of yet another day in the Dursley household. Dragging himself downstairs, he made breakfast and sat down with his relatives. Dudley's diet was a complete failure. So now, he was eating almost entirely anything he wanted. Although he had dropped a few pounds thanks to his new favorite sport, boxing. It figured that Dudley would be good at something where the main point was to hit your opponent.

"Uncle Vernon," Harry began hesitantly. "The Weasley's are coming to get me on the third at noon."

Vernon remarkably seemed to be willing himself against turning purple. "Those red-headed freaks? They are certainly not coming here! Not after what they did with the fireplace last time! And in broad daylight! The neighbors could see them," he exclaimed.

"Err… well they learned their lesson from that and they surely won't be traveling here the same way twice. Besides, remember those people from the train station? Whatever would they say if they found I was being forced to stay here?"

"Fine," Vernon grunted reluctantly.

Noon of the third of August came rather quickly. Harry was packed and more than ready to go. The doorbell rang and Harry opened the door. He was surprised to see Ginny there. He looked at her and realized she had most definitely grown up. Her red hair framed her face perfectly. She wore second-hand muggle clothes that definitely showed off her figure better than the usual wizard robes did. There was a feeling in the pit of his stomach reminiscent of how he had felt when he was around Cho.

"Hey," he said. "Where's Ron?"

"Well, Ron was extremely busy writing a letter to a certain someone with bushy hair. I'm pretty sure he's finally got up the nerve to explain his not so platonic feelings towards her."

"Oh," he replied, feeling rather awkward.

There was a brief pause of silence and then Ginny resumed talking.

"Well, come on! Dad's got another car. He's waiting out front." Harry grabbed his stuff and started to leave. "Aren't you going to say goodbye to your relatives?" Ginny whispered in his ear, sending a small shiver down his spine.

Harry turned towards his relatives and said a brief goodbye. Uncle Vernon stood his ground with a look of disgust on his face. Dudley stared with eyes full of fear, obviously remembering the twins. Aunt Petunia most peculiarly stood still, face white as a sheet. Her eyes never leaving the two in the doorway, shown with what appeared to be recognition.

Ginny noticing the tense silence said, "Let's go," and dragged Harry out of the door. They settled into the car after Harry put his trunk in.

"Hi Mr. Weasley."

"Hey Harry. How are you?" he replied kindly.

"I'm fine. Although, I am wondering, why isn't there a whole bunch of order people here?"

"Oh, um, well, things have gotten worse. I'm sure you've heard of the dementor attacks and everything, and despite how important you are, no one can be pulled away from their assignments."

"Oh," was Harry's awkward reply. He realized he had been feeling rather awkward since he had seen Ginny and she had been outgoing and mused that that was quite a switch.

With a jerk, the car started and Harry and Ginny listened as Mr. Weasley prattled on and on about muggles and their ingenious inventions. After a long journey, that Harry assumed would have taken longer if not for the magic that Mr. Weasley had discretely preformed to speed up the driving process, the car rolled to a stop in front of what must be Harry's favorite building (besides Hogwarts) in the entire world. They had finally reached the Burrow.