Odd Occurences & A Past Visit: Vengeance of Shadows

Character List:

Yuki Judai – Yuki Jaden

Tenjoin Asuka – Alexis Rhodes

Manjyoume Jun – Chazz Princeton

Marufuji Sho – Syrus Trusdale

Marufuji Ryo – Zane Trusdale

Maeda Hayato – Chumley Huffington

Misawa Daichi – Bastian Misawa

Chronos de Medici – Dr. Vellian Crowler

Daitokuji – Dr. Banner

Sameshima – Chancellor Shepard

Tyranno Kenzan

OC Characters:

Ryu Tanabi (Spiral Dragon) – 17

Tobias Gramfield – 15

Andros Landers – 16

Baxter Hammingson (Real name: Lazarth Grimstone) – 24

Relena Darson – 17

Cornelia Darson – 19

Taylor Anderson - 14

Hotaru Akari – 36

Chapter 4: 2 Way Field Test! Deciphering the Meaning behind the Dreams

Once Ryu was back at his dorm, he noticed that the lights were almost all off; he noticed that one of them was still on.

'Must be Misawa. Always doing analysis of duelist decks. No wonder he sees it as more of a numbers game,' thought Ryu to himself as he headed into his room & went to bed. However, sleep wouldn't come to him that easily. His mind still was on what Relena told him that night. He still found it quite disturbing & not only that…but his cheeks suddenly flushed when he thought of her.

'No. There's no way I could be thinking of her like that. But why?' Ryu wondered.

He tossed & turned; unaware of the fact that Tobias could hear him from next door.

'Something seems wrong with Ryu now. I didn't even realize that he was gone for this long. But for what reason?' wondered Tobias. 'Surely he couldn't already be thinkin' about that girl that's in Osiris Red. I mean disregard the cliché, even though it's rare to have one in Osiris Red, much less than have a female overseer for a lower class for that matter.'

As Tobias went back to sleep, Ryu was already starting to mumble in his sleep, as well as finding it hard to get some sleep.

He was standing on one end of the dueling field, with Judai right beside him. They were both dueling two other guys, both whose voices rang a familiar bell, but he couldn't tell who. He suddenly heard a girl screaming for help, & looked on his right & noticed Relena & Asuka tied up & secured to a tree. It was his turn & he manages to pull off his full elemental combo defeating one of the duelists & Judai defeated the other.

But just when things couldn't get anymore weirder, his senses kicked in as he noticed the one on his left pulled out a revolver & was about to aim for him. He then heard Judai shout "Abunai, Ryu!" And then he heard a gun shot.

Ryu suddenly jolted upright, & his face was covered in sweat & was breathing heavily.

'Masaka. Did I just foresee my own death…or was that some sort of terrible nightmare?' wondered Ryu, shaking all of a sudden. He tried to go back to sleep, but for some reason he couldn't shake that image off his mind.

Also, in the Osiris Red dorm, Relena was tossing & turning in her sleep, as well as mumbling. Luckily for her, Judai & Taylor couldn't hear her.

She was tied to tree branch & suspended over 15 feet above the jagged rocks that were being pounded by the waves. Asuka was also tied as well. As she looked to her right, she noticed Judai & Ryu dueling two hooded people. When Judai & Ryu won the duel, the first hooded figure pulled out a revolver & she heard Judai shout "Abunai, Ryu!"

"Ryu-kun!" she cried out.

And then a shot was fired.

Relena quickly awoke & quickly looked around the room. Then at her chest & then checked to see if she awoke either Judai or Taylor. Luckily for her, she didn't. Sweat began to drip down her face & she was breathing rapidly.

'It was just a dream. But it looked so real,' she thought. She then looked at the window & wondered, 'I hope Ryu's all right. Still even though we've known ea. other for several days now…I just can't seem to figure out why I'm thinking about him.' She tried to sleep again, but found it hard & decided to head quietly outside for some air. Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched as she was heading out. As she looked around, she noticed the room where they usually eat was on.

'That's odd. It's late. Unless…our overseer is still awake,' she thought to herself, & decided to check it out.

When she entered, she noticed Hotaru sitting down at one of the tables, sipping some tea. Hotaru noticed her enter & asked, "What's wrong? Can't sleep?"

Relena shook her head, facing down.

"Would you like to talk about it?" she asked, concerned.

"Y-yes. That's the reason why I came to see you," Relena answered.

"Sou desu," she answered.

As Relena sat next to her overseer, Hotaru offered her some tea & she gladly accepted it. Relena quietly sipped her tea, while quietly thinking about how to explain to Hotaru her…nightmare.

She tried her best to explain the whole thing from memory, but shuddered now at the very thought of it. Relena managed to explain everything in detail to Hotaru, who was quietly contemplating about the meaning & then realized something.

Relena noticed this & asked, "What is it?"

Hotaru quietly sipped her tea, turned to her & said, "To find that what was lost, you must look back to the past."

Relena cocked her head in confusion. "Huh?"

Hotaru chuckled at her expression & asked, "Don't get me wrong, but…what is it about Ryu that gets you so interested in him?"

Relena slightly blushed at her question, realizing that this was a bit personal.

"Daijoubu. We're both girls. You can tell me," answered Hotaru.

"Ano…he's very thoughtful & caring. Plus…he also seems to make dueling more interesting & fun," said Relena, blushing.

"Teehee…seems to me you have a crush on him," teased Hotaru.

"Eh? W-what do you mean?" asked Relena.

"Don't worry…you'll figure it out soon," said Hotaru.

"So…what about the dream?" asked Relena.

"It seems that someone has a grudge on Ryu & is using those closest to him as bait. I don't know who this person is…but…be on your guard," warned Hotaru.

"Hai. Ano…arigatou Hotaru-sensei," replied Relena.

"Dou itashimashite. Feel free to come by here anytime," she answered, with a smile.

After Relena finished her tea, feeling comforted & relieved, she went back to the room where Judai & Taylor were sleeping & climbed back into bed. By the time she woke up, it was already 7:00 in the morning. As soon as she got out of bed, she noticed that Judai was still asleep & Taylor was fully dressed. Relena tried to gently shake up Judai, but instead of waking up, he was talking in his sleep.

'Mou…what is it going to take to wake him?' wondered Relena. Then she had an idea. She reached into her pocket & pulled out a fox whistle. She then turned to Taylor, tapped her on the shoulder & said, "I think you'd better plug your ears."

"Why?" asked Taylor. Relena held up her whistle. "Oh…I get it."

Once Taylor plugged her ears, Relena used earplugs to muffle the loud sound the whistle would then make. She took a deep breath & blew so hard that practically the whole dorm could hear it. Judai quickly rose up immediately & hit his head at the same time, looking around the room. Taylor tried to stifle a chuckle at the funny scene while waiting.

"Jeez…you could have at least told me sooner," said Judai, trying to clear out his ears from the loud sound the fox whistle produced.

"If you don't hurry now, you'll be late for the test," said Taylor.

"Wait…a test?" asked Relena.

"You didn't know. We first have a written exam & then a field test," explained Judai. Then he realized that those two didn't know what a field test was. "Almost forgot…you don't know what a field test is. It's when they basically pair up students from the same dorm to duel each other."

"Sounds pretty easy," said Taylor.

"I'm not sure," said Relena.

"What is it Relena?" asked Taylor.

"It's not the test I'm worried about…it's…"

"It's your sister isn't it?" guessed Judai.

Relena was silent for a moment, then silently nodded.

"Hey…at least you're not the only one who had that same problem," said Judai.

"What are you saying exactly?" asked Taylor.

"I'm saying that Sho also had that same problem as well when he was in your position Relena. His brother, Ryo, who was also known as the Kaiser of Duel Academia, used to watch him duel, as though he thought that Sho wouldn't be even close to matching up with him. Don't sweat it. You'll do fine. And it's like Ryu said…the important thing is to have fun while you're dueling. Of course trying to make the grade counts, but…you've just gotta do your best. That's all you can ask for," explained Judai.

"Well said," said a certain voice.

They turned around & noticed that Ryu was waiting at the door.

"Ryu-kun," said Relena.

"Hey…what's up, Ryu?" asked Judai.

"Not much really. Except the fact that you guys better hurry up. The test starts in 10 minutes. The field test comes after that. Of course…Prof. Chronos has already decided the pairs," said Ryu.

"Speakin' of Chronos…have you talked to him yet?" asked Judai.

"I was thinking about that, considering that Relena seems to be having some trouble. However…the request I'm thinking about may seem a bit farfetched," answered Ryu.

"What's your idea?" asked Judai.

"Why not simply have a tag-team duel?" suggested Ryu.

The three Osiris' were completely surprised & in utter shock at his response.

"I-is…that even possible?" asked Judai.

"It's never been attempted before, however…there's no point in not trying," answered Ryu.

As the four made their way to the classroom to get their tests, the bell suddenly rang. And just as usual, Judai arrived late yet again. It was already 8:20 a.m.

"That would be considered late, Judai," said Hotaru. "Don't make me have to report this to Prof. Chronos," warned Hotaru, as she handed him his exam.

'The old fool. Always late & doesn't even realize he's failing most of his classes. If he could just apply a bit of himself, he'd be a great duelist,' thought Misawa, as he continued taking his test.

'This is not so bad,' thought Ryu, as he scanned throughout the test while continuing to work on it. Until he came across a question that rang a few bells. One of them talked about the Egyptian Gods. To Ryu's sudden surprise, he noticed that Hotaru was looking at Relena, & then at him with some slight look of interest.

'Why is she staring at us like that? Unless she realizes something that I don't,' thought Ryu. Then it struck him, causing him to slightly turn red. Luckily he managed to shake it off & focus on his test. As he read the question about the Egyptian Gods carefully, he then realized that something made a bit of sense. 'Since there was a creator of darkness, there has to be its opposite. One of light.'

As the clock ticked down to the final minutes, Hotaru gave the students a 5 minute warning call. Ryu luckily managed to finish most of his exam, while Judai & Taylor were having trouble finishing up. Sho managed to do all right, while most of the class were still confused about the Egyptian God question.

When Hotaru called time, there was a sudden sigh of relief that went about the classroom.

"Don't get too comfortable yet. Your field test will start at approximately 9:30 a.m. sharp. Either be there or be square," warned Hotaru, as she picked up the exams.

As Ryu was about to leave the class, Relena surprised Ryu from behind, causing him to jump.

"Gomen. Um…can I talk to you for a second?" she asked.

"Sure," he answered.

The two then headed over to the stairs & Relena then explained to Ryu about the nightmare she had last night. Ryu was surprised considering that he too had the same one. Suddenly, the answer somewhat came clear to him, but not to her.

"And…I'm also just a bit nervous about my field test," said Relena.

"I can understand that. Listen…I'm sure you'll do fine. I'll talk to Prof. Chronos about this & see what he says about it. K?" asked Ryu.

"Arigatou, Ryu-kun," said Relena, & kissed him on the cheek, causing Ryu to blush a crimson red color. "Gomen."

"Iie. Daijoubu," he answered, with a smile. "Gambatte."

"Hai," she answered.

As Ryu headed over to Prof. Chronos' office, the professor spotted him heading over there.

"Ah…Signor Ryu. Just the person who I wanted to see," he answered.

"Actually Professor…there's something I need to talk to you about," said Ryu.

"Oh please…come in. Do tell," said Chronos, opening the door. "Pull up a chair."

"Thank you," said Ryu, getting the chair in front of him.

"Have you made your decision to go up to Obelisk Blue?" he asked.

"Not quite yet. And that's not the reason what I needed to talk to you about," said Ryu.

"Then what is it?" asked the professor.

"You see…I can tell that usually the field tests have students paired against someone of the same dorm. However…I just had an idea that would seem a bit farfetched to you or to the chancellor, which has never been done before, & is usually done in the arena," explained Ryu.

"Are you saying…you want to do a tag team for a field test?" guessed the professor.

"Correct. I know it sounds silly but…" started Ryu.

"But of course not. It sounds brilliant," stated Chronos.

One of Ryu's eyebrows went up in surprise. "You really think so?"

"I mean sure it's a first but…it's a great way to test student's skills as well as cooperation," answered the professor.

"Well I'm glad you've considered it," said Ryu.

"However…I am curious as to what will be done about it?" asked the professor.

"I was thinking a co-ed battle," suggested Ryu.

"Hmm…interesting," said Chronos. "I'll see what I can do."

"I appreciate professor," answered Ryu.

"I'll see you at the testing field," said Chronos.

"Thank you for your time professor," answered Ryu.

"Oh…not at all. And do tell me when you've made your decision to go up a rank," said the professor.

As Ryu left the room, he then spotted Judai running towards him.

"Hey Judai. What's up?" asked Ryu.

"Oh not much. Just came to wish ya good luck on your field test," said Judai.

"Arigatou. How'd you do on yours when you first started?" asked Ryu.

"Oh…it was awesome," said Judai, & began to explain to Ryu the details of his duel against a former Obelisk Blue student named Manjyoume Jun & his wicked kick-butt combo of evolving Hane-Kuriboh up to lvl. 10 using a card called "Shinkasuru Tsubasa" & obliterating most of his life points.

'Interesting,' thought Ryu.

"Anyway…good luck on your field test," said Judai.

"Arigatou," answered Ryu, as he headed over to the field test site.

Once he arrived he was quite surprised when he noticed that Tobias & Taylor were standing next to each other on one side of the dueling site & Relena on the other side, who seemed to be waiting for Ryu. Then it struck him clear as a bell. 'So he considered then,' thought Ryu.

As Ryu headed over to where Relena was standing, Chronos then appeared in front of the microphone at the main observatory & explained to the audience that the decision of a tag-team on a field test was the first to ever be created in Duel Academia history & introduced both teams.

"Don't think that just because we're friends, I won't go easy on you, Ryu," said Tobias, inserting his deck.

"Don't worry, I don't intend to," replied Ryu, inserting his.

"I wish you the best of luck Relena," said Taylor.

"Same to you," she replied back.

"May the best dueling team win," said Chronos.

"DUEL!" they shouted.

"I'll start things off," said Tobias, drawing a card. "I'll play Moai Interceptor Cannons in attack mode, then flip it to face-down defense mode. Then I'll place two cards face-down & end my turn."

"Watashi no TAAN, doroo!" yelled Ryu, drawing a card. "Des Wombat kougkei hyouji de shoukan. Soshite…kaado san mai setto. TAAN endo."

"Watashi no TAAN, doroo!" shouted Relena, drawing a card. "Ore wa…Blade Knight kougeki hyouji de shoukan. Soshite…kaado san mai settoshi. TAAN endo."

"Ore no TAAN, doroo!" yelled Taylor, drawing a card. "Gemini Elf kougeki hyouji de shoukan. Soshite, mahou kaado, Hikari gofuuken hatsudou. This will stop your attempts at attacking for 3 turns. With that said, I end my turn."

"And with that activated, it reveals your Cannons in face-up defense mode, Tobias," explained Ryu.

"It matters not. My draw," said Tobias, drawing a card. "I place one monster in defense mode, flip my Cannons back into defense mode, then I play my face-down card, Shifting Shadows."

"Uh-oh," said Ryu.

"That's right. Once during each of my turns, I can sacrifice 300 life points to re-arrange the monsters I have face-down," explained Tobias. "Then I play Prohibition. I can declare the name of a card & as long as this is on the field, you can't play that card. And I choose Elemental Mistress Doriado."

"Heh…I had a feeling you would," said Ryu. "Reverse kaado oopun! Magic Drain. Now…by discarding one card from my hand, I can negate the effect of your Prohibition. Plus…if you don't have a card to discard to save your magic card, it's automatically destroyed."

"Shoot," said Tobias.

"You see Tobias…I knew you'd try to stop my Doriado from being summoned. In fact…it's not the strongest monster that should be your trump card, it's the one that will bail you out in tough situations. And my monster is the key to defeating you both," said Ryu, with determination.

"I'll end my turn," said Tobias.

"Thought you would. My turn," said Ryu, drawing a card. "Goyouku natsubou hatsudou. Kaado ni mai doroo. I'll place one monster in defense mode & call it a turn."

"Watashi no TAAN, doroo!" yelled Relena, drawing another card. "SCARABE no Daigun kougeki hyouji de shoukan. Monsutaa kouka hatsudou. I can flip this into face-down defense mode & when flipped face-up, I can automatically destroy one of my opponent's monsters on the field. Then I play my first face-down card, Reckless Greed, this allows me to draw 2 more cards from my deck, but makes me skip my next two draw phases. But I have a trick to break that rule."

'This ought to be good,' thought Ryu.

"I reveal my 2 face-downs, Jar of Greed, allowing me to draw a card from my deck. And since I have 2, I can draw two more cards," explained Relena. "Soshite, Eizoku mahou, Kaiser Coliseum. As long as this card is on the field, if I have more than one monster on the field, my opponent can't play a monster more than what I already have."

'Oh great,' thought Tobias.

"Nicely done," complemented Ryu.

"Soshite…tefu dakara, mahou kaado Double Mahou. I discard one magic card from my hand in order to play your Swords of Revealing Light, Taylor," said Relena.

'Great. Now we're in trouble,' thought Tobias.

"TAAN endo," said Relena.

"Ore no TAAN, doroo!" yelled Taylor, drawing a card. Realizing that her Swords of Revealing Light had worn off, she then had to resort to another strategy. "I play Skilled Dark Magician in attack mode & place one card face-down & end my turn."

"My draw," said Tobias, drawing a card. "I'll sacrifice 300 life points to re-arrange the face-down monsters on my side of the field due to Shifting Shadow's effect. Then I play Pot of Greed, allowing me to draw 2 cards from my deck. Next, I'll play Fusion Sage to get a Polymerization from my deck. Then I reshuffle my deck, & end my turn."

"Watashi no TAAN, doroo!" yelled Ryu, drawing a card. 'That's 2 turns for Skilled Dark Magician.' "I play Sonic Bird in attack mode. Activate effect. When Normal summoned, I can get a Ritual Magic Card & add it to my hand. And I choose Doriado's Blessing. Then I reshuffle," he said. "And then I place one card face-down, & end my turn."

"Watashi no TAAN, doroo," said Relena, drawing a card. "I flip Swarm of Scarabs to attack mode, activating the effect, & I destroy Taylor's Skilled Dark Magician."

"Awww…nuts," said Tobias.

"Then I sacrifice my Swarm of Scarabs to summon Dark Magician Girl. Next, I use Sage's Stone, which allows me to get Dark Magician from my Deck…and summon him. Then I use Mage Power on Dark Magician Girl, which gives her 500 extra ATK points for every magic & trap card on the field. Now I'll use her to destroy Taylor's Gemini Elf."

"Aghhh," screamed Taylor, as her life points dropped to 1400.

"Then I'll use Dark Magician to destroy Tobias' monster on the right," said Relena.

She then destroyed Tobias' Moai Interceptor Cannons. "TAAN endo."

"Ore no TAAN, doroo!" yelled Taylor. "I place one monster in defense mode & end my turn."

"My draw," said Tobias. "Your Swords has ended. I won't sacrifice 300 life points, destroying my Shifting Shadows. I place one monster in defense mode & end my turn."

"Watashi no TAAN, doroo," said Ryu, drawing a card. "I play Doriado's Blessing, sacrificing my Des Wombat, to summon Elemental Mistress Doriado in attack mode, & equip it with Ritual Weapon, raising it's ATK to 2,700. Then I place 2 cards face-down & then activate my face-down, Spiritual Wind Art- Miyabi. By sacrificing 1 WIND type monster on my field, I can send a card on my opponent's field back to the bottom of their deck. And I sacrifice my Sonic Bird, & choose your face-down monster, Tobias."

"Dang," he said.

"Now…I use Doriado to attack your life points directly," said Ryu.

"Agghhh," he yelled, as his life points dropped to 1700.

"I end my turn," said Ryu.

"Watashi no TAAN, doroo!" yelled Relena, drawing a card.

"Elemental TORAPPU CHAIN hatsudou!" yelled Ryu. "I activate my 2 Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan trap cards & I go with choice B.) To destroy all magic & trap cards on my opponent's side of the field."

"Nice job," complemented Relena. "I summon Gemini Elf in attack mode. And now use Dark Magician to destroy Taylor's face-down monster."

The monster was Mystical Elf.

"Next I'll use Dark Magician Girl to direct attack Taylor & Gemini Elf to finish Tobias," said Relena.

With one command, both monsters depleted what was left of their opponent's life points.

"And that's game," said Ryu.

When that happened, the crowd suddenly went wild with cheers. Judai & the others were quite surprised with how it turned out. Then Chronos spoke on the microphone.

"And that concludes today's tag-team field test," said Chronos.

"Wow…that was some duel," said Asuka, amazed.

"You can say that again," said Judai.

"It's like both sides almost were able to predict each other's moves," said Misawa.

"Putting it in that sense, it looked that way," said Kenzan.

"Nice job. You had me thinking on my feet there Ryu," said Tobias.

"Not bad yourself. Though you just need to find some other cards that might complement your deck & maybe…just maybe…you might have the upper hand next time," said Ryu.

"Great duel, Relena," complemented Taylor. "You've really improved."

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. You almost had me running for my money," she said laughing.

"Stop it…you're making me blush," said Taylor, her cheeks growing hot.

As the rest of the students left the stands, Judai came over & congratulated both Ryu & Relena on their victory.

"That was some sweet dueling skills, Ryu," complemented Judai.

"Thank you," said Ryu.

"You guys were awesome out there," said Asuka.

"Thanks Asuka," answered Relena.

"It's no wonder you two seem great for each other," said Sho.

"Sho," scolded the rest of them. Ryu & Relena looked at each other, both turning red, & then started laughing nervously.

Taylor looked at the two with some interest & then walked over to where Relena was & asked, "Um…can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Uh…sure. Um…I'll meet with ya later, k, Ryu?" asked Relena.

"Ah. Dozo," said Ryu, smiling.

Relena blushed again & then went to go talk with Taylor someplace private.

Ryu then turned to the others & said, "I need to talk w/Kabayama-sensei for a moment about something. See ya guys later."

"Bye Ryu," said Judai.

"Hey…wait up Ryu," said Sho. Both he & Kenzan rushed right after him, leaving Asuka & Judai alone in the hallway. Judai then suddenly remembered something & said, "Hey…by any chance, if you've heard…that there was an upcoming prom next week?"

"Yeah. As a matter of fact, I have," said Asuka. "Don't tell me…you were going to ask me out, weren't you?"

Judai quickly blushed, surprised at how fast she was able to figure it out. "Uh…yeah…I guess," he said, starting to sweat a bit, scratching his head nervously.

"Of course I'll be your date," she answered with a smile.

"Arigatou, Asuka," said Judai.

"Don't mention it," she said. "Well…I've gotta head back. See ya later."

"Yeah…later," he said. 'Boy am I going to get it. I asked her out & I'm already nervous.'

As Ryu headed back to the Ra Yellow dorm, he didn't realize that he was being watched again in the shadows. He whirled around, getting that same feeling as before as if someone was spying on him.

He quickly shook it off & headed to the dining room. He then spotted Kabayama there as though he was waiting for him.

"I suppose you came here to talk, yes?" guessed Kabayama.

"Hai…Kabayama-sensei," answered Ryu.

"What about, may I ask?" asked Kabayama.

"Well…to start off…I've been having this feeling like someone's spying on me. Also…I've had this nightmare in which Judai & I were dueling 2 others guys, near the edge of a cliff that had a tree at the end of the cliff & Asuka & Relena were tied to it. We managed to beat the two, but then one of them pulled out a gun & open fired. And…then I woke up," explained Ryu.

"I see. Perhaps the ones pursuing you have a grudge maybe. Maybe it's because of something you did to one of them in your past life," said Kabayama.

Ryu was silent when he heard those words, contemplating on what he meant. Then, it struck him clear as a bell. "I appreciate you're help," said Ryu.

"Not at all. I'm glad to have done so. Though…I suggest being careful. Wandering the grounds late at night is usually not a good thing," warned Kabayama.

"I'll keep that in mind," said Ryu.

As he left the room, he turned on his DA-PDA & then saw Sho & Kenzan enter the dorm.

"Hey…what's up?" asked Sho.

"Can you guys find Misawa? We need to meet outside the Ra Yellow Dorm. I'm going to contact Judai as well to inform him that he needs to meet us here," said Ryu.

"Ok. I'll go get him," said Kenzan & headed over to where Misawa's room was & informed him, while Ryu contacted Judai. Once they were both down, Misawa said, "Mind explaining to me what you called me down here for."

"It's a bit important & it's something that you guys, including Judai…should know. First, we need to head outside," explained Ryu.

Once outside, Sho then spotted Judai coming to meet them.

"Osoi yo, Judai," said Ryu.

"Gomen. So…what's the meeting about? You said it was important," said Judai.

"All right. I'll get right to the point. One night I could hardly sleep & then…this terrible realization came over me. Me & you, Judai, were dueling two guys near a cliff that had a tree at the end of the cliff. Asuka & Relena were tied to one of the branches on the tree, &…we beat those 2 goons, except one of them pulled out a gun & a shot rang out…and…I got hit," he said suddenly.

The 4 were definitely shocked at what was just told.

'Did he just predict his own death? But how is that possible?' wondered Misawa.

"Y-yo-you're kidding…right?" asked Judai.

Ryu sadly shook his head. "No. I'm not. However…I just don't know who got hit. Yet…one of the two looked vaguely familiar to me. The other…I'm not sure. I talked about it with Kabayama-sensei & he said that it's probably something I did in a past life," explained Ryu. Suddenly, the answer came to him. "Where exactly is the library in this school?"

"In the main building, I'm sure it's on the second floor," said Misawa.

As Ryu was about to head over there, Misawa stopped him.

"Wait Ryu…there could be ground guards you know. How do you plan on getting in undetected?" asked Misawa.

"Don't worry. I've got it figured out," said Ryu.

Once he arrived there, he checked to see if there was anyone around. As he made his way to the second floor, he stopped, listened for any footsteps near him & then continued. Once inside the library, he realized it was dark, but just as he was about to make his way to the computers, a hand grabbed him by the shoulder, but he quickly yanked the person forward. He was surprised to see it was Taylor.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I was about to say the same of you," she answered.

"I'm just doing some quick background check on someone," he explained.

"Oh really? Who?" Taylor asked.

"None of your concern," he retorted.

As Ryu started up the computer, he then checked the internet about the tournament that happened some time ago which he was a part of. Then…as Taylor watched behind his back, he whirled around & asked, "Why you still here?"

"Hey…just because you get to use the computer, doesn't mean that I can't look too, ya know?" she said.

"Hasn't anyone told you that it's rude to butt into other people's matters," he shot back. But as he continued to research however, he then came across a huge shocker. "Uso."

"What is it?" she asked.

He came across an article that mentioned about his opponent, Grimstone.

"According to investigators, he led a small gang against a rival gang that started a huge brawl, ending up in most of the members dispersing, but the leaders were caught. According to one member, he turned his back on them by leaking information after the first day he joined Grimstone's group. He was later sentenced to 7 years in prison for armed theft & attempted murder. However…once out…he put himself under a new alias…Hammingson," he read. Suddenly, it became clear as a bell to him.

"I've got to warn the others," said Ryu.

"I need to warn the girls & the overseer," said Taylor.

"It's a good thing you stuck around," said Ryu.

"Hey…we're friends, right? We look out for each other," she answered.

Ryu then hit the print button & as it was printing the article, he turned to Taylor & said, "You need to report this to Hotaru. I'll tell Chronos & explain the whole thing to him in detail tomorrow morning."

Once it finished making two copies, he gave one to Taylor & both of them propelled their way down by using a grappling hook that Ryu kept in his vest. Once down, they both headed back to their dorms, & Ryu then handed the paper to Sho, who was just as shocked & surprised as Ryu was.

"Wait…so let me get this straight…this guy…who you beat…started a gang…and you think he's here on this island!" asked Sho, surprised.

"Yes. My guess is that he's going to use 2 girls that I know…as bait," said Ryu.

"But…if he's here on the island…then how come we haven't seen him?" asked Kenzan.

"Because they're in hiding," said Misawa.

They turned around to face the smart duelist.

"I've overheard what you just said. And it's best not to let our guard down for any moment," said Misawa.

"Which reminds me…one of my cousin's is an engineer & created these tiny tracers. They're pin sized, so they'll fit into you're uniform easily," explained Ryu, taking one out. "I have a tracking device that uses a GPS system, which will be able to pinpoint the location of where they're going to be," said Ryu.

"Very clever. But who are the other 2 for?" asked Sho.

"Since there's 3, my guess is that Grimstone will be wanting me. So…I'll need one of you guys to help me pin the other 2," said Ryu.

"But who are they for?" asked Kenzan.

"Relena & Asuka," answered Ryu.

"I get it. You plan on putting it on their clothes so if they're taken, then you can use that device to track them down," guessed Sho.

"Bingo. You're right on the money, Sho," said Ryu. "I guess I'm going to have to do it myself." He then took out a small firing mechanism in which the front resembled a Blue-Eyes' head.

The guys were shocked that he brought such a thing with him into the premises.

"Relax guys. It's just a small blowdart," he said.

"How is that going to get onto their clothes?" asked Kenzan.

"Simple. These little babies have a small pointed end that will catch onto the clothing & then lock themselves onto the clothing until I deactivate them. Luckily for me…I have another tracking device. And I was thinking of giving it to Taylor," explained Ryu. He turned to Judai. "Can you give this to Taylor?"

"Of course," said Judai & then headed back to his dorm.

"But what are you going to do about it?" asked Sho.

"I'm going to need Judai's help in taking down the perpetrators. Taylor needs to relay the message to Hotaru & Chronos & use the tracking device Judai is going to give her. I've pinned one of the tracking devices on my vest. So…wherever I am…Judai will be there as well," explained Ryu.

"Interesting tactic," said Misawa. "But how do you know what deck type that the 2 will use?"

"I've dueled against Grimstone before in the past. So…it's obvious that he & his accomplice will use different decks. I know what Grimstone is planning. He's going to use a close friend of mine as bait, as well as one from the Obelisk Blue's dorm to test his accomplice," guessed Ryu. "It's too obvious. The accomplice is probably still a newbie."

"Makes perfect sense. But do you know the accomplice?" asked Misawa.

"No. But my hunch is that it won't be easy. And about what I said before…about me predicting my own death…don't worry about it. I'm sure what fate has in store for me I'll be able to handle," said Ryu.

"But there's that chance that you might not be able to come back," said Sho.

"Hey…relax, Sho. I know what I'm doing," said Ryu.

Suddenly, a high-pitched scream was heard in the direction of the woods.

"Oh great. It's started," said Ryu. Suddenly, his PDA rang off. He picked it up & saw Taylor's face on the screen. "I heard the scream & relayed the message to Chronos & Emi-san," she said.

"Good work. Have Judai report back to the Ra Yellow Dorm. We'll head the two off," said Ryu.

"But w/o the tracking devices…how can you find them now?" asked Sho.

"Simple…we'll follow the footprints," said a voice. They turned around & saw Judai coming up.

"I heard the screams as well. One of them sounded liked Asuka's."

"All right. Let's go get them," said Ryu.

"Wait…we're coming too," said Sho.

"Heh…had a feeling you would," said Ryu.

As the group headed over to where they heard the screams, Ryu looked down & saw the footprints. Luckily for him, he kept a small flashlight in handy. As they continued down the forest, Ryu's PDA rang off once again. This time, Chronos appeared on the screen.

"Mr. Tanabi. It has come to my attention that 2 students have been kidnapped, am I hearing you correctly?" he asked.

"Yes professor. Taylor should be heading in your direction momentarily with one of my tracking devices. Highest technology possible equipped w/a GPS tracking system," answered Ryu. "Just follow the path that leads to me & you'll find the criminals as well."

"Very well," said Chronos. "I'll contact Ayukawa & have her, Hotaru & Taylor conduct a search. I'll call the authorities."

"Roger. Ryu out," he said, & switched it off. Once in the clear, they then came to a familiar setting. Judai recognized it at once.

"Hey…I know this spot," he said. It was a huge cliff opening with a tree in the middle. Just as Ryu had described. "This is where I fought against a dueling monkey while trying to save Junko."

"Very observant," said Misawa.

"So glad you two could make it," said a voice.

"Show yourself…Lazarth Grimstone!" yelled Ryu.

Then out of the shadows came 2 hooded figures.

"How very observant of you, Ryu Tanabi. Time for you to pay back the duel that you beat me in 7 years ago," he said.

"What are you doing w/Relena & Asuka? Give them back!" demanded Judai.

"But of course gentlemen. That is…if you defeat me in a duel first," said Grimstone.

"I had a feeling your alias was a fake," said Ryu.

"True. But can you guess who my accomplice is? Let me give you a hint…it's a very old friend of yours," answered Grimstone.

Ryu was in total shock. 'Masaka,' he thought.

The 2nd hooded figure unveiled himself. Ryu stared in utter surprise, shock, & anger. The one that stood before him had black hair, green eyes, & a small x crossed scar on his left cheek.

"A-Andros," he said in surprise.

Done. My Junior year has come to a close. And now I have to prepare for my final year. Anyway…this was going to be a bit shorter than expected. Now that the cat' is out of the bag…how will Ryu & Judai handle this situation? Even more…now that Ryu has to face his old friend…who seems to be clouded by anger…makes the situation even tougher. But what's worse is that they're not only fighting for their lives, but also for those that are closest to them. As Ryu confronts his old enemy & friend, can he find a way to help break the vengeful spirit that possess' his friend Andros or will he end up lost to Ryu forever?

The climactic duel between old foes & friends begins.

Next chapter: Conflicting Ends Clash: Judai/Ryu vs. Grimstone/Andros. Duel Against an Old Friend.

Terms used:

Abunai – Watch/Look out

Kun – used for guys, when referring to a friend

Uso – usually means "No way".

Soshite – then

Ah – yeah

Dozo – go ahead (can't seem to remember the other meaning for it).

Hai – yes

Arigatou – thank you

Sensei – usually refers to a teacher

Ano – um…well…

Iie – no

Gomen – I'm sorry

Gambatte – Good luck

Mou – geez

Dou itashimashite - You're welcome

Sou desu – I see

Dueling Terms:

Kougeki – attack

Shuvih – defense

Hyouji – position/mode

De shoukan – summon

Sokkou – quick-play

Soubi – Equip

Eizoku – continuous

Tefuda kara – from the hand

Hatsudou – activate






Watashi no TAAN – My turn

Ore "" – It's my turn (a more arrogant form of the one above)

Omae no TAAN da – It's your turn

Mai - # of cards

TAAN endo

Monsutaa Effectto (NOTE: Some duelists use this phrase, but the more common word instead of "effect" is "kouka", which is that meaning.)

r/r, onegaishimasu!