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Extreme Makeover: Castle Edition


It was a hot, summer day on Privet Drive. The streets were deserted; no one wanted to stay outside.Dudley Dursley was bored. His Playstation had broken down, and his cousin, Harry, had already left. One of Dudley's favorite hobbies was bothering Harry. He sat, leaned up against the air conditioner, watching TV. He flipped a few channels to find something decent to watch. There didn't seem to be anything good on. Then he saw something he recognized.

It was one of his mum's favorite shows. Every Saturday night, Petunia Dursley spent an hour watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He didn't know that they showed re-runs at noon on Wednesdays. Dudley would never admit it to anyone, but he quite enjoyed the show. No one was in the house. No one would ever find out. And Dudley would spend his afternoon enjoying one of his favorite shows.

He spent the next answer watching a rather...interesting episode of his favorite show. The Makeover crew redecorated a very large castle. This castle was being used as a school for "special" children. The castle had been built over a thousand years ago. When the show was over, Dudley realized that he had thourougly enjoyed his boring afternoon.

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