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The Captain's Ring.

Chapter one: The beginning of my Adventure.

Me? I'm not a very meek person, nor am I a simpleton. I'm not usually the person who enjoys going on gadabouts, either. I stand here, on this ship, and for some odd reason, I've this feeling, this premonition feeling. Why I'm here? I've no idea. All I can truly tell you is that my name, my name is Zora Sparrow. All I remember from last night is passing out. I just fell. Now I'm here. No idea where, no idea how. I'm just here.

I gaze at the sea, at the sky, at the passing birds, and many thoughts pass threw my mind. I woke up placed on the floor, with about five blankets covering my body. I would have tried to find someone, and ask them questions, but I fear. I fear of what will happen next.

I turn my head slowly, looking at the ground as I do so. I notice something small and shiny on the floor. I walk towards it, and slowly, I pick it up. It's a ring. The ring was made of gold, and had many details carved into it. In the middle was placed a black diamond, and around the ring had the letters "C.J.S." carved into it.

I gently place the ring on my finger, and a flock of sparrows quickly fly over the ship. I feel a finger poking my left arm, and without thinking, I turn around and grab a person's arm, and snap, "DON'T TOUCH ME!". There stood a man with long black hair, and deep, dark brown eyes. I felt as if I knew him, but even if I've ever spoken to him, it's been too long to remember. He pulls out a cutlass with his other arm, and places it next to my neck.

"I don't think it would be wise to treat a man with a weapon in such a way, unless, of course, you had a better weapon," said the man, slowly lowering his cutlass.

"Who are you," I ask, "why did you kidnap me? Why did you bring me here?" I don't let go of his arm.

"There will be enough time for that soon, but first, you'll need to let go of my arm, savvy?" answered the man, putting on some weird 'charm' on his face, trying to 'soften' me. Pffft, idiot. After that remark, I squeeze his arm a little harder. He gasped and shut his eyes tightly for a long five seconds before opening them again.

With his other arm, he pulls his cutlass up to my arm, and cuts it a little. He didn't cut it very deep, but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt. I quickly pull my arm away, placing my right hand over my new wound. The man places a smirk on his face.

"You see, sister, you never get your way when you disobey a man with weapons," said the man, walking away.

My gaze was on the morning sky, again. The word 'sister' wouldn't leave my mind. I heard him say it over, and over again. Was I his sister? Or did he say that to confuse me and leave me here to think, so I wouldn't bother him?

My gaze slowly moved to the ring I found... C.J.S... What in bloody hell did that stand for?

"God," I thought, "he took me out of my home. He isn't getting away with that that easily, no."

I quickly run up towards him. Thankfully, he was still in sight.

"I want my bloody answers!"

The man does nothing but raise an eyebrow, and start walking off again. I began to breath heavily, and chase after him again. I poked his back about ten times before he turn his head. I gather up all my rage, and slap him. He rubs his cheeks a bit, then said, "ah, you wont give up, will ya'?"

"I wont, until you give me my answers. I've been patient enough."

"Fine. I'll give ye' your answers. Follow me, to my cabin."

He closed the door shut behind him, and we sat down. I open my mouth, which later, I'll soon regret, and asked, "who are you?