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Chapter 3: Going Back.


She's changed since I've last seen her. She's changed a lot. She has long brown, silky hair, and dark green eyes. Beautiful eyes she's got there, though they looked 'dead'. You could gaze deep into her eyes for hours, and you would have no idea what she'd be thinking, nor could you tell what her emotions may be. Her skin looks a bit tan. She's got rather big lips, just like her mother's. She's wearing a dress. The dress was a beautiful forest green. There was a big, thick, brown belt over her hips. The dress itself was probably one of the most beautiful ones I'd ever seen. If she wasn't my sister…

I gaze at her, she's just looking at the box. She's not opening it, she's not doing anything. She's just staring at it.

"Just open it. It ain't gonna kill you."

She looked up at me, then back at the box. Finally, she opened it. She placed a confused look upon her face as she pulled out a key.


A key? Why is he giving me this?

"What's this for, exactly?" I ask.

"That, Zora, is a key to your cabin. You'll be staying here for a while. Ye' can complain, you can try to beat me, but we ain't turning back."

"Why aren't we turning back? I demand to know the purpose as of me being here! Herman's going to think I ran away from the wedding!" I complained.

"Herman?" Jack placed upon his face a look of disgust.

"Yes, his name is Herman. Now, Jack, why am I here? Quit Stalling."

"Well, I guess you'll find out either way, aye? So it would be wise I said it now, right?" I'm about to strangle this man, I swear to god, I'm about to strangle…

"The truth is Zora, you have something I need. I don't know where it is, but I sure as hell know you do. Remember that letter our father sent to you around the time of your 15th birthday? I need it," he finally explained.

"Yes, I do remember. Why?"

"Because, in it, love, there's a 'secret message' that can lead me to his treasure."

I smile. This is my chance to make him turn around.

"Jack,-" I began before I was cut off by Jack.

"Captain." I did nothing more then roll my eyes.

"It's back at my house. It's, ermm, hidden in this bow in my closet," I said.

"Is it really?" he asked.

I look at him blankly, "yes."

He walked out of his cabin, and I heard him shout, "TURN AROUND! BACK TO TRYMIRE!"

"Idiot," I said under my breath, smiling.

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