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Tilte: Captured

Author: HCrazy

Rating: K+ and M for later chapters, Violence, torture and fluff.

Disclaimers: CSI: Miami and the characters belong to CBS and Jerry Bruckheimer. I own nothing except for my characters and stories. They are not mine but I can dream, dream, dream.

Summary: H&C - Revenge! A deranged couple captures Horatio and the team tries to find him. They want revenge, and will stop at nothing to get it, Including taking Calleigh, and they have help, a wolf in the fold. Someone they would never expect! Calleigh and Horatio finally confess their feelings for each other.

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Timeline: CSI: Miami Season 3 "Under the Influence."



It was just about sunrise and he loved his morning runs. Donning royal blue jogging pants and a white T-shirt, He walked down to the beach and watched the sunrise, thinking to himself, "A new day is here, a fresh start, a new beginning, with the hopes of something better."

With his hands on his hips looking out toward the water, he took a deep breath and began jogging. He was back 20 minutes later and was walking to his place in an attempt to cool down now.

He opened the door walked in and went straight for the fridge; he took out the container of orange juice and guzzled it down. 'Nice and cold,' he thought to himself.

He needed a shower; he was soaking wet with sweat. Walking to his bedroom for a change of clothes, he wondered what today would bring. Suddenly a thought came out of nowhere, "Would Calleigh be wearing all black again? Hmm…"

A low groan emanated from his throat and he laughed to himself thinking, 'If I keep this up, I am going to need a very cold shower.' Suddenly his legs felt weak and gave out. He felt dizzy, disorented almost and regained his balance laughing to himself. "That blonde southern bell makes me dizzy."

Horatio started to feel hot and lightheaded. He stumbled towards the bed, sat down. The room started to spin and he lay back on the bed then closed his eyes, hoping it would pass. A few minutes went by and he felt worse. He tried to pick himself off the bed but his body wouldn't comply. Every time he tried, his head would barely lift, it felt as if it weighed a ton. He could hardly move. He felt himself fading... fading fast. And finally there was nothing but black.


Horatio's eyes fluttered open. He could hear something. He tried to speak but only an inaudible groan came out. He was confused and tried to keep his eyes open, but his body would not comply as he fell in and out of consciousness.

"Lieutenant, Lieutenant," a soft voice spoke.

His eyes fluttered opened once more and he saw her; his vision was blurry but he knew who she was. He tried to lift his head again but it flopped back down weakly. Horatio struggled to get up while she laughed, softly reassuring him.

"Just relax. Don't move. You'll only feel worse" She smiled at him brightly.

"Remember me?" she questioned and leaned over his body on the bed.


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