Eighteen Years
by Maiji/Mary Huang

A darkening land, each day goes by:
Each year is a candle,
a flame burning light, yet sightless and blind.
Fire rises, fire sets, and the light in his eye
grows dimmer.
It is no surprise.

So eighteen years pass, as eighteen years go;
And the world, which was saved,
grows colder.
And only he knows.

His memory still runs as thick as blood,
Now eighteen years old.

His name, she calls;
Her voice,
It sandpapers the darkness.

Fire dies slowly, time slower still.
He is running out of candles. And so he marks each day
with the voice in the darkness:

Now eighteen years ago.

Author's Notes: "Is it over, Caim?" After getting past that part in Drakengard 2, I had to get this out of my system. All that waiting, all that time; I just couldn't get it out of my head. I guess it's supposed to be a happy ending for them, but … I suppose it's the best they could hope for, which makes it even more tragic. My sis calls this "such a moody poem" XD I hope it flows okay.