With Silence

Shades of Grey #5 - Shade Dove

D M Evans

Disclaimer - in no way mine. All rights belong to Hiromu...

Rating - FRT

Pairing - Roy/Riza...sort of

Time Line - hmmm pretty much my own. This is an AR set after episode 25 around the time the brothers would be in Dublith.

Summary - Mustang escorts Gracia Hughes to a town outside of Central to meet someone and there he gets an unexpected phone call

Author's Note - This is the fifth story in the Shades of Grey series. It's not necessary to read them to make sense of this. All you need to know is this series filled in some of Mustang's childhood, mixes anime and manga verses and in this a certain character didn't die in episode 25

Author's Note - for those I told you wouldn't see this here...I was wrong. It took a weird hop on me, going from pwp to much more plot-driven and the erotica became backseat (and not until the final chapter, chapter three)

Lying is done with words and also with silence - Adrienne Rich

"Sir, you need to get your paperwork done," Hawkeye said calmly as gun smoke swirled around the office. That was a side effect of loading the gun with blanks, overly-smoky discharge. Still, the effect was worth it. Both Mustang and Havoc had been dozing in Mustang's office, their feet up on his desk, chairs cocked back so far Hawkeye didn't know how they didn't just roll out. When the gun went off - fair warning had been given to the surrounding offices so no one raised an alarm - both Havoc and Mustang tumbled out of their chairs.

"Dammit, Hawkeye!" Mustang dragged to his feet, a hand pressed to the corner of his eyebrow where he had clipped his head going down. Blood welled up from between his fingers.

"That wasn't funny," Havoc added from where he had scuttled.

"Neither is the two of you sleeping on company time." She tapped the dual piles of paper work with her gun barrel. "Do your work, sir."

"You're insane, you know that right, Lieutenant?" Mustang snarled, looking at his blood-stained hand.

"A side effect of working with you, sir," she shot back in no mood for his laziness today. They had a weekend together planned and she didn't want to waste hours of it in his office doing overtime. He pouted.

"Which ones need filled out and which just need signatures?" A resigned tone filled his voice.

She tapped one pile. "Signatures only."

Roy took the other pile and handed it to Havoc. "Fill them out, Lieutenant."

Havoc glared at Hawkeye, his lips skinning back. "Thanks for nothing."

"Colonel, you're supposed to do this yourself. Do you even read this stuff before you sign or do you just trust this..." She waved a hand to Havoc who was lighting his cigarette. "To get it right."

"I think I'm insulted." Havoc rolled the cigarette from one corner of his mouth to the other, managing to look hurt at the same time.

"No smoking in here, Havoc!" Roy barked, stabbing a finger toward his office door.

Havoc's shoulders slumped and he left the office but he didn't extinguish his cigarette.

Hawkeye shut the door. She turned back to study her lover who wasn't looking particularly dashing at the moment, blood running down his face. "You're bleeding, sir."

"And who do I have to thank for that? I'm damn lucky Havoc didn't wet himself. I'd never get that smell out of here." Mustang didn't mention that he, himself, was just as lucky because that would never happen, or at least he needed Hawkeye to believe she hadn't really scared him, sanguine evidence to the contrary.

"I'm not sorry, sir. You are on duty," Hawkeye said, moving to look at his bloody forehead after he sat down and slumped. "You're setting a terrible example."

"Just as well I'm going on liberty tonight then," Mustang replied, working himself into a good sulk. She knew the look all too well.

Hawkeye paused in daubing the wound, her breath hitching. Usually when he turned into a brat, she had to fight the urge to strangle him but this time was different. He had said something unexpected during his pout. "What?"

His black eyes canted over to her. Roy looked decidedly uneasy as if he expected her to get real bullets and shoot him. "I'm on liberty and going out of town."

"That's rather sudden. I thought we were going..." Hawkeye broke off as she remembered where she was. She glanced around as if she could somehow spot any bugs that might be in the room.

"I know." He looked honestly repentant. "I'm sorry. Mrs. Hughes got a call that a cousin of hers in New River needs her to come and help him out. He took a tumble down the stairs and can't walk for a bit. She's his only relative. She was really nervous about traveling without Hughes." Roy paused, wetting his lips, his eyes sheening until they looked like the black buttons one would find on a child's stuffed toy. Hawkeye knew the grief of losing Hughes was still fresh. "She asked if I would accompany her and Elicia. I had to rush to arrange it. Sorry, I didn't have time to let you know, Hawkeye."

"No, it's okay." Hawkeye gave the cut another critical look. It had clotted off. She tried to hide the disappointment she felt. So much for the surprise picnic she had planned at the lake just outside of town. "Your head's stopped bleeding."

"No thanks to you," he grumbled, gingerly touching the knot on his head.

"Blame yourself. If you didn't do everything you can to avoid work, I wouldn't have to go to extreme measures." She wanted to give his bangs a playful tug but she didn't. Who knew who might be spying?

He rolled his eyes. "Why do I put up with you?"

She just grinned. "Deep down you appreciate my style."

A smile played peekaboo with his lips as they fell back into their pattern of flirting with double entendres. "I do. I'll be gone for four days. Whatsoever will you do without me here at the office?"

"Well, since the potted plants on the window sill do more work than you, I'm sure we'll be fine, sir." She tucked the bloody handkerchief away for washing out later.

He wrinkled his nose at her. "You're a cruel woman."

"You need a tight rein, sir." Hawkeye patted his hand and left the office.

Roy grunted. Riza's stunt had given him a headache and the drumming behind his eyes was compounded by having to lie to her. He knew she had been planning something for them this weekend. He wished he knew what it was. Maybe it was better that he didn't. He'd just be depressed.

On the other hand, he couldn't say no to Maes when his friend had contacted him under his new name Julien Camden. He was established in New River and had begun to feed information to Armstrong. He had seen the Elrics in Rush Valley and later Dublith, both a hop, skip and a jump from New River. The boys didn't appear to be in any more trouble than normal and Roy had created a paper trail to give the illusion he actually had Edward under some sort of control.

When Maes called, he had wanted Roy to bring Gracia and Elicia to him. He felt safe enough to reveal the fact he wasn't dead to them. Roy was not looking forward to this trip. All the way there, he'd be keeping something big from Gracia. He could only imagine Gracia's reaction to learning her husband has been alive all these weeks, recovering, setting himself up in a new life. And the trip home, with Gracia knowing he had been in on it all along and hadn't told her, would be just uncomfortable.

It had been easy enough to convince Gracia to come with him. All he needed to do was tell her that he had found out something she needed to see regarding Hughes in New River. Gracia trusted Roy without hesitation. He arranged for two cottages to rent that weren't far from Hughes' new home. His friend felt they were safer than a hotel. Roy trusted Maes' suspicions. They were all still in some danger. Roy just wished he had time to prepare Riza for him being gone. Of course his throbbing head made him feel a little less charitable but still, she was his lover and he didn't like leaving her out of things.

After he signed the horrendous pile of paperwork in front of him, Roy headed into the anteroom. He dropped the paperwork on Riza's desk then handed her a card with the cottage's phone number on it. "Give that to Elizabeth. Tell her to give me a call once I get there. It's a long train ride. I'll need to relax."

"Understood, sir." She slipped it into her breast pocket; oh to be that card.

Roy turned to his men. "I'll be at liberty for a few days. Hawkeye, you're in charge. Havoc, behave yourself."

"Hey!" Havoc stabbed a lit cigarette in Roy's general direction. Roy put his fingers together, rubbing lightly, and Havoc snubbed his cigarette out.

Roy looked over at Breda, Falman, and Fuery. "You men know your jobs. I'm not expecting any trouble and I will be checking in."

"Yes, sir," they chorused.

"Hawkeye, walk with me," Roy said and she got up, falling in step with him. He waited until they were outside before continuing. "I'm sure they won't give you much trouble."

She snorted. "Did Havoc sustain a brain injury that has radically changed his personality?"

"Possibly if he hit his head as hard as I did going down," Roy replied, ruefully, touching the egg on his head again.

Hawkeye glanced at him. "It's bruising nicely, sir."

"Oh good, that'll impress Gracia, having to be stuck sitting across from me looking at it." Roy sighed. "Sorry about the weekend."

"No troubles. I'll be sure Elizabeth calls you." She smiled at him.

He flashed one back. "Thanks, Hawkeye."

"No problem, sir."

Roy dismissed her and took the time to watch her walk back to the building. It was a mistake. It just made him think about the things he'd miss out doing with that tight backside and strong thighs this weekend. Sighing, he headed for home to finish packing.