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Inuyasha's poem

I may be easy tempered but I don't mean to yell at her.

It's really hard to try not to make her cry.

But I can't tell her how I fell its still to early.

And the right time has not yet come.

We still need time to sort things out.

I don't like it when she cry's it makes me fell guilty for the things I did wrong.

I love her.

But I don't want to tell her because it's still way to early.

But it is so hard to keep it all inside and that's what makes me upset sometimes if only she knew how I feel sometimes.

Then maybe she would understand.

But it's still to early.

I love her so much.

But I can't tell her.

It eats me up inside that I have to keep this love locked up inside tell the right time comes. And well she feels the same way.

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