Disclaimer: I don't own naruto My comfort

The one I dream about

The one I had no idea.

That I would come

Out to love you

But I was stupid

Because I resented you

I pretended I hated you

But deep inside I had feelings for you

I held them in for do long

I know most of the girls that like me

Some are mad

Some are disgusted

But I don't care all

I care about is you

I know that sakura is disgusted

And so is ino

And kakashi is freaked out

But I love you

You're my comfort

You're the one that pushes me to empress you

And I daydream about you all the time

I know I'm mean

But I love you naruto

Why can't you love me?

But I hope you do

You're my comfort

I want o hold you

So hold me naruto