This is my second Aly Kyprioth Fanfic. Please please, from now on, I shall be calling it A/K, for idiots like my sister, don't think disgusting thoughts of –gasp- Alanna Kel! EW. Anyhow, I don't own anything.

Oh yeah, some motivation also came from Tuathail. Thanks ever so much.

Aly sat on her desk, thinking of Nawat, and up in the sky, Kyprioth looked down and thought of Aly. Aly, the beautiful, Aly the great, Aly the kind, Aly the wise, Aly the one and only. That was all he could think about. And in fact, he was always naming her something beautiful. It was ad, that he himself had sent Nawat down to distract her. Ironic. And now, when he loved her, she didn't know he existed. And then desperation overtook him. He had to do something. He would fight for her. Fight with his life.

In his mind, plans were sparking, but one stood out… Nobody knew, but he was different. Other than the fact he was a god… (A/N: duhh) Mother Flame owed him. She hadn't been able to stop Mithros from banning him. He had lost a valuable part of his life. I won't say long, cuz well, they live forever. But she owed him. An honor beyond any duty or call of heart. He knew hat to do. He phased (A/N: This phrase belongs to Liquid-Goddess-Reformation. Phasing means to move into another dimension.) into his mothers' realm.

"Ma. I have come to claim my deed."

"Ah yes son, cometh herest. I shalt give thou the will of thy heart." His mother responded in her normal kind manner.

"Mother, I want a great gift, a power. I want to shift time. I want to go back into the past, or actually, is it possible to erase memories?"

"Yes child it is."

"Ok than mother, I want the power to erase memories of anybody." Kyprioth hardly dared to believe his luck.

"Yes child, but this power mayeth not be used on thy father or myself."

"Of course mother. I have no wish to meddle with you."

"good. Now child, being trickster, I expect you to use this for tricks. Am I right?"

"Not really. It's for love Mother, love." He grinned slightly sadly before phasing away. He left his great mother, for once in her life, baffled.

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