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Around 4 in the morning I woke up to a loud noise, still half asleep I rubbed my eyes and walked the few steps from my bed to my window. I peered out between my blinds and saw huge lightening bolts.

Man, I must be dreaming. I never saw bolts that big before.

I turned to go back to my bed, but I realized just how dark it was. Everything was dark…to luminous…like get in the bed and be swallowed up. Sighing, I realized that I could not sleep in my bed for the remainder of the night. I grabbed my nearby flashlight and clicked it on.

You're the biggest sissy in the world.

I shrugged to that, at least I would be alive. I went towards the desk that was placed at the end of my bed. I pushed the chair out of my way and pushed open the storage door, which was connected to my bed. The sales lady said it was a storage place, but I saw it as my safe haven. I was the only one in the family who would actually climb under her bed and stay there.

I turned on the lamp inside and glance around. The blankets and colorful pillows were very inviting. I tried to ignore the loud noise the lightening made. I also tried to ignore the screaming voice.

What type of storm is this! Where's the thunder? In lightening storms there is always thunder!

I climbed into "my clubhouse" and shut the little door behind me. Sometimes I felt like Alice in Wonderland, and I would secretly hope that when I opened the door, to come back out I would be somewhere else. I went toward the end and curled up in the pillows. I looked around at the posters, of bands and cartoon characters. My brother said I needed to grow up, but I didn't want to. The real world was scary.

I glanced at the clock I had put down here, so I wouldn't lose track of time. It was solar, so I didn't have to worry about batteries. It was 4:22 so I had a couple of more hours. I sighed and snuggled deeper into my pillows. My last thoughts were of Dad who was coming home in two days. I was so excited, because I hadn't seen him in ages. I got lonely because sometimes it felt like he was the only one who could understand me. My Mom and brother didn't really see how I could be so afraid of the dark.

I woke up to the sun seeping through the cracks between my bed and the frame. I glanced at the clock that was faintly lit by the now dim lantern. It was 7:37, which I didn't find too odd. Some days when mom just doesn't feel like going in to work she would let us stay home also.

But you were already going to miss 3 days when your dad comes home.

I pushed open the door and climbed out. I pushed the chair securely against the door, as a security measure. I didn't want to worry about people or something being down there…and then be afraid of my only safe place.

The sun was oddly bright for the big storm we had a couple of hours ago; it shined through my blinds a glowing red. I wanted to glance outside, but an unconscious fear led me away. I went to my dresser and pulled out undergarments and home-clothes. I looked at my other clock and was puzzled to see it dead. The batteries were brand new…

I slipped on my clothes and brushed my hair. "Cereal sounds good" I said answering my growling stomach. I opened my door and stared shocked at what I saw.

A couple of feet from my door everything was wiped out. There was only debris and brick. Finding what little force I had I slammed the door shut. I slid against the door; I could feel the oncoming signs of hyper-ventilating. I tried to slow my breathing and think clearly

…evidently the freak storm took out my whole house…leaving me…which means…it took out my mom…and brother….which meant…they were dead…and I was alone…

I gasped and held my face in my hands, they were shaking, as were my knees.

OMIGOD! What was I going to do!

I got back up quickly…there was something wrong with the storm. The lightening made noise and there was no thunder. That doesn't happen, I've never heard about it. Instinct told me I should leave.

Leave to where, you moron? You're closest relatives live in Oklahoma. Where do you live! In Boston!

I shook my head and got up, I had to leave. Where I went, I would figure out. I began pacing, I would leave, but wouldn't I need stuff?

Water? Food? Clothes? Money?

All the above.

I nodded, a bag…I needed a bag. I grabbed my school backpack and emptied it.

"Food…" I could not go into the kitchen…there was no kitchen. "Crackers" I said, remember my snack from last night, I had left it on my desk, too afraid to go back into the kitchen. Next to it I had my water bottle, filled, as I did not want to drink it then have to go to the bathroom.

"Clothes" I needed to take at least an outfit, in case. I put the contents in the bag and glanced down at my outfit.

"You can not go out with this"

I needed jeans…a good pair. I ran to my dresser and grabbed a pair. It would be cold…I needed a undershirt and sweater…and a jacket. I didn't know what exactly I was going to do, I didn't know what to expect. I grabbed my dad's old boots; he used them for hiking and said they were lucky.

"Money…" I went to my closet to get my Lego church. I found a bucket full of Legos and had made a church a few years back. I reached inside the small door and extracted the money. As my hand came out it brushed a smooth object. The pocketknife. It was dad's old one that I kept stowed away. I took the money and stuck under the foot arch of the boots. I closed my closet and zipped my backpack up. I placed it on my back and walked towards the door. But on second thought I walked back to my closet and took the pocketknife from the Lego church.

"You don't know what to expect out there Tammy."

I glanced at myself in the mirror and suddenly felt frightened. What type of storm could have done this; in the North we didn't get tornados.

I looked away and stared determined at my door. Whatever it was, it wasn't going to take me.

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