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"We leave in an hour!" Dad yelled at me as I walked out of the motel. It has only been a week since the attacks ended, but dad was prepared to go to Okahoma. There was the only family we had left. It wasn't but a few days ago that we found out that they were still alive. Apparently some of the southern states were spared of the attacks completely.

Walking down a street I looked around, Boston was slowly rebuilding itself. The tripods were all gone, in fact all sign of them were gone. It only looked like Boston had suffered through a tornado. I stopped by a bulliton board and waited for the group of people to leave.

While waiting I glanced at the paper in my hands; over the week I spent days looking around at bulliton boards for Brian. I hadn't put any searching signs up as I knew it would only plague my mind

Would he seen it and decide not to contact me? Would the sign fly away? What if I never get any contact…is he dead?

But since I was leaving this would be my last chance; I wasn't even sure if he had lived if he would've gone to Boston.

As the crowd dwindled down to three people, I walked up to the board and posted my sign. I could only hope that he would find it. I stood back to look over the bulliton boards for possible leads on Brian. I sighed and was about to leave when a person moved from his spot, putting the cap on his sharpie and walked away. I glanced at his sprawled writing on the poster, to see that he had just added something.

'Going to Oklahoma'

I looked closer at the writing above that and gasped.

'Searching for Tammy Brent, possible family in Oklahoma. Contact Bryan Shawl at Motel 6'

He is going to Oklahoma for you! How sweet!

I quickly turned back to the guy and saw him walking down the street, head down and looking quite dejected. I gaped after him before realizing that that would do nothing.

"Brian!" I yelled, stopping him in his tracks.

"Tammy?" He asked quietly, slowly turning to face me. I gave a slight nod and he began walking towards me.

He stopped when he was a foot away from me and stared at me, almost unbelieving. After what felt like minutes of staring, I looked away biting my lower lip slightly. When I looked back at him I was unprepared to see him jump at me and pull me into a huge hug. He was smiling and laughing into my hair.

"You don't know what I felt when I pushed you onto that ferry and…" he said, releasing me from the deathgrip hug. I nodded, looking him over.

He too looked like he was living off the donations we received from charitable people; clothes that were'nt your style but you had no choice.He held a small bag on his shoulder and a had a watch on his wrist. I could see the black numbers of 8:45. Something nagged at me but I paid it no mind as Brian walked towards the bulliton board to read my sign.

"So you're going to Oklahoma also?" He said, a faint smile on his lips, "So I guess I was making a good choice, eh?"

I smiled back and nodded, before remembering what dad had yelled at me. My eyes widened and I grabbed Brian's arm, dragging him down the street.

"Where are we going!" He yelled behind me, desperately trying to balance on his feet.

"We're going to Oklahoma."

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