My name is Greed. Or I'm called Greed, since I don't know the name of who I'm really supposed to be.

They tell me a lot of things, or at least the hag does. He doesn't say much to me at all.

I was born in this big mansion, I wasn't born actually, I was created.

The hag tells me that they failed to create my life perfectly. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Is it my fault that you didn't know what the fuck you were doing when you tried to transmute a human being?

After a while, the hag's lechtures about how I owe her my life and that if I do everything she tells me, she'll make me human, get really fucking boring.

There's nothing but books in this stupid house, and I've read a few of them.

From what I've read, humans are doomed, in fact they're so stupid, they don't even know if they are even alive to begin with so they spend their lives trying to find ways to confirm that.

They should be dead if they can't even tell that they're alive. There'd be no difference.

One guy said that children belong to their parents, who created and raised them, until they're eighteen.

I'm a lot older than eighteen, since I stopped counting my years when I noticed I wasn't aging like him and that hag.

And they don't call themselves my parents, so to make a long story short,

They don't own me and I don't belong to them.

And if being human means that someday I'll die and won't gain anything from dying, then I don't want to.

I like having money, I like having women, I like having power over others, and I like the thought of being famous.

I like not being able to die.

It gives me a world of time to get everything I want.

That's what humans live for isn't it?

Get what they want, enjoy it for a few years, then die.

But I can get what I want, enjoy it forever, and never die.

So I'm not that far from being human, except that I can live longer.

All the others say that they want to be human, what the fuck is wrong with them?

The hag has poisoned them into thinking that dying is a good thing.

Haven't they read any of the books around here? Or even think for themselves? All the others ever do is what they tell them to do.

I hate listening to them. To everything and anything they say. Especially all their bullshit about becoming human.

What's so great about not existing anymore?

They're both hypocrites.

They've lived for hundreds of years, transfering their souls from one body to the next so that they could stay alive and not wither away.

And here they tell us that being human is a good thing.

Aren't they defying the principle of being human and living a life cycle already?

That's not how I am.

I was given the life that I have and it's always been this way.

I've always been a homunculus, and nothing more. So if I stay a homunculus, I'm not defying and principle that gives me the life I intend to live on my own terms.

I don't see what's incomplete about my life. I have no soul, they tell me, but I can feel things.

And it's more than just pain. I feel remorse at times.

I have ambition and goals like other humans do.

Reasons to live.

What reasons to they have?

They go from body to body trying to keep themselves alive instead of accepting what they are and living the way they are.

I like being who I am, and I hate being what they want me to be, so I won't do it anymore.

Let the others follow him and that fucking hag around as long as they want.

I'll live my life and get what I want out of it.

I don't care about them, the others, the Philosopher's Stone, or being human.

I like being what and who I am, so I intend to stay that way.

The don't own me.

They may have created me, but I won't let them enslave me.

I'm too greedy to let myself be controlled.