I've got the Elric kid chained up in a storage room underneath the Devil's Nest.

He stopped complaining a while ago.

He's smarter than his brother.

He figured he was outnumbered and out-classed, so he cooperated.

Martel is inside him.

Just in case he does decide to resist, she can make sure we can take him down.

Loa can easily take him down once Martel has him under control.

Dorchet stays back unless he's needed.

After a while of talking to Tucker about the kid, I decide it's time to talk with him myself.

I head downstairs and I hear Martel faintly and Dorchet talking about me.

He has a strange tone.

Like he's talking about a role model or a best friend.

He's telling the kid that I gave them a place to stay.


"That's how it is."

I open the door to greet the kid.

I've got the rest of them behind me.

Like I said, they follow me like I'm their mother.

I'd like to have a man to man talk with the kid, but doesn't look like that's happening.

He's probably confused about me and the others.

He's less likely to cooperate if he doesn't understand what's going on.

And he is just a kid.

They won't do a fucking thing right if they don't get it.

Time for some explaining on my part.

"This is the waterhole for those that have an issue with living in the outside world."

That'll explain the Chimera and why this place is so secluded.

Short and to the point.

As short and to the point as I can make it without further confusing the kid.

It's a bit hard to tell if he gets what I'm saying or not.

He has no facial expression but his voice is enough to tell what he feels at least.

Good enough for me.

Some heads-up that he gets it is all I'm looking for.

I don't feel like explaining myself more than once.

The kid doesn't really respond to that, but he recognizes Tucker.

Tucker tries to cover for being here.

I find it funny how he needs to be here because nobody else will hide him.

Before I can speak up, another Chimera does.

True, I am keeping Tucker here at a higher price than the others.

He keeps researching a way to turn the Chimera back to normal, and figures out the secret of the kid's soul.

If he keeps it up, I let him stay.

He slacks, he gets the boot, and can vend for himself.

So far all he's really done for me is tell me about the Elric kids.

The others have paid their rent, and he just benefits without payment, so he'd best do whatever I say if he plans to stay, and he better be right about this kid.

I walk over to the boy and pull off the metal helmet off the armor.

I suppose I'm curious if Tucker told the truth, and if Martel is really alone in there.

Holy shit.

"Oh, amazing. It's just as Doctor Tucker said, it's really empty."

I really was expecting a fucking lie out of Tucker.

Guess he was right.

Again he keeps trying to cover for himself.

He didn't have the boy kidnapped?

He originally told me about the kid and that he could help me become immortal.

Maybe he is a fucking liar.

Oh well, I got what I wanted.

For now.

I feel rude keeping the kids head, so I put it back, he is, after all, my guest.

"Nice to meet you, kid."

Start off on the right foot.

Kids react better when you're nice to them.

Especially when you want something from them.

I heard something about catching more flies with honey or whatever the saying is.

"I'm called Greed, let's be friendly here."

That's right.

I'm your friend kid.

We're not strangers now that he knows my name right?

So we're good then.

That's how you young people think.

I guess this kid is different even by the soul.

No normal fourteen year old child would know what the Uroborus insignia on my hand is.

No normal person of any age during this time period would, in fact.

"You know what this is? That speeds things up a bit."

Now I don't have to explain what a Homunculus is, why I'm not human, about my transmutation and all that bullshit.

The kid attempts to put two and two together like most smart people and assumes I'm an ally of Envy and Lust.

He's assuming without making an ass of himself.

He really didn't assume, it was more of a question.

Definetly the brains of the Elrics.

I like this kid.

"No. We're more like enemies, not teammates."


He wants to know why.

Kids always want to know why.

He doesn't need to know why in this case.

I'll just get to the point and spare him the details.

"You said your name is Al, right."



I get a little closer, so maybe it'll feel a bit more personal.

He's a kid, kid's love attention, and they love being glorified.

"What does it feel like to be a soul with a body that cannot die?"

Ok, I'm fucking curious.

I'd like to get some idea of what it's like to have eternal life.

I tap the kids metal shoulder.

If that's what it takes to be immortal, having a metal body, I can live with that.

If he can do it, so can I.

"The transmuting of the soul and binding it with another object."

That's why the armor is empty.

"Making it so you never get old or tired. That's what people call immortality, right?"


The kid gets it now.

Maybe he'll stop asking questions.

Or maybe I should put my foot in my mouth and just spell it out to the kid.

"I'm greedy."

Well, duh.

It IS my name kid, it's not like I do anything to hide it either.

"I want money. I also want women. Power and fame."

Okay, that's simple enough for the kid to get.

"I want everything in this world."

Those are little words, nothing any kid can't understand.

"Including immortality."

Just in case he forgot that part already.

"It could be possible with you."

In case he forgot WHY he's here.

"Even if you don't like it, I will take you apart to obtain it. The secret of the soul, that is."


What's so bad about doing whatever you have to so you can get what you want?

All humans do.

This kid's brother is according to Tucker.

Going nuts to try and find a way to get his arm and leg back, and get his brother's body back.

"You can think that way if you wish, but there is no one who can save you from this situation."

So I'm a bad man, big fucking deal.

Calling me a bad man won't save you, so it's not really necessary.

He expects his brother to save him?

Right, he doesn't know that I probably gave the kid the headache from hell for the rest of his life.

"That's impossible. I beat him up."

Geez, kid, don't act so surprised.

Your brother is a pretty giant flake.

He acts tough, but he's all talk, I took him down with one punch.

Even after hurting his automail against my face, he still didn't try to dodge, he just tried to block.

What did he think was going to happen?

Now the room is glowing blue?

What the fuck?

The kid got a hold of some rock and drew one of those alchemy circles on the ground.

My glasses fell off, and my stomach feels kind of tight.

Some fucking rock punched me in the stomach?

Alchemists are fucked up people.

The kid's talking but I can't really hear him too well.

"What did you say?"

This is just concrete.

I squeezed it and it crumbled like nothing.

The kid's a little too worked up now.

A face plant gets the job done.

"Calm down now."

Oh shit.

"Sorry, Martel. I forgot you were in there."

The kid is too gentle.

He's probably thinking he can get out here by himself.

Not when he doesn't attack to kill.

If he can't do that much, he won't even get past me.

Fuck getting pasted Loa, Dorchet or Martel.

Kids are so easy to scare, so I might just have some fun with him.

I laugh, pat his head and get up.

"I like it when they are enthusiastic, but this isn't good at all."

I'm such an asshole, but I wish I could see the look the kids face when I make him shit himself.

Too bad that's not possible for him.

"If you want to kill me, you need to do this much."