Title: Ryu's New Assistant

Authors: Dark Nuriko and Mayhem's Angel

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Warnings: Shonen-ai, yaoi, eventually. Not just yet.

Summary: Tatsuha meets Ryuichi while working at the club that's last on Ryuichi's tour stops. Ryuichi's grateful of the nice waiter that took a couple minutes to talk to him like a normal person, and tracks him down again. He then learns that Tatsuha has a secret dream of being his assistant. And hires him nearly on the spot.

Notes: Well. Yet another fic written by the two of us. I don't even remember how this came about. We just wanted to rp, and Nuriko was like, I had a Tats/Ryu idea, and I was like yea yes! I've been trying to think of a Tats/Ryu idea forever! So, yeah. This is it. And now we're like, addicted to it. Lol. Oh well.


Tatsuha Uesugi was busy waiting on customers who were all here for one reason. They wanted to see Ryuichi Sakuma in his last concert before his tour was over for the next five months, before they once again sent him on another one. With a frown, he rushed around, trying to get all the drinks correct.

"Hey, Uesugi, go take this to our guest in the back," his boss hollered. He nodded and headed over to the bar, collecting the drink and eagerly moving back stage. The guard let him pass and he felt himself become giddy. He was going to meet his idol. He was going to meet Ryuichi Sakuma. And for once, neither his brother nor brother-in-law had been asked for this. He had managed it all on his own. With a smile firmly in place, he knocked on the door.

Ryuichi went to answer the door; rather distracted at the moment. Everything was crazy and hectic as everyone was trying to get ready for his final performance of this particular tour. Always had to go out with a bang. He just wanted to have to over with so he could relax. He waved the waiter in, taking the drink gratefully from the tray. "Thanks." He said; looking around to make sure his manager wasn't watching him.

He almost didn't say anything, but when he saw the look on his face, he frowned and looked around as well. "If you're looking for you manager, he's talking with my boss."

"Oh good. I've been trying to escape him all night." Ryuichi said, sipping his drink.

He smiled softly. "I can tell why. He's got my boss annoyed, and almost nothing bother's him."

Ryuichi grinned back. "Mmmhmm. Always wants everything to be perfect. Hardly ever is. He gets especially annoyed with me, but that just makes it more fun."

He laughed. "Now that would be fun to see. That man doesn't look like he can ever be bothered."

"Well, he gets pretty bothered by me. And he can't stand Kuma-chan. But that's just cause Kuma's smarter than him." Ryuichi laughed, snuggling the pink bunny held in one arm closer to him.

He grinned at that, bowing to the stuffed pink bunny. "It's an honor to meet you, Kumagoro-san," he said softly.

Ryuichi flipped his hold on the rabbit, making him bow in return. "Nice to meet you too." He squeaked the bunnies reply.

Tatsuha smiled warmly at the action. "Wow... I got to meet Kumagoro-san. I can die happy now," he replied with a smirk, before bowing to Ryuichi. "I'll let you be until they call you for the show."

He grinned at the boy's words, before he bowed back. "Thank you for the drink. And nice meeting you. Maybe I'll see you after the show."

He smiled, but it was a little sad. "That would be nice, but I'll be cleaning up after the show, while everyone else is waiting for you to leave."

"Hmmm. How true. Well, you never know, we might meet again soon." Ryuichi said sounding mysterious.

He smiled, bowing once more. "Who knows," he said, before turning and heading back out, only to be hit by dozens of orders once he was back out on the main floor. Tonight was both his greatest and worst night of his life. Jumping when his boss yelled at him, he immediately got to work.

Ryuichi turned away, shutting the door with a soft smile. He seemed nice. He sipped his drink and moved off to find a corner to hide in until show time. This was going to be one hellva show, and he needed a bit of alone time before so he could get inside his own head.


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