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Summary: On his 16 birthday Harry, who is still coping with the loss of Sirius who he believes is dead because of him finds out that his parents have been alive all this time. And he's not happy about this at all.

It was two weeks into the summer vacation and Harry Potter was sitting up in his small bedroom at his relatives' home. He just sat there staring out the window with tears in his eyes as he kept replaying the events at the Department of Mysteries and how it had led to his Godfather's death. He knew somewhere in the back of his mind that it hadn't been his fault that the occurrence happened and that Bellatrix LeStrange and Voldemort were the ones. However he couldn't shake the knowledge that if hadn't believed the stupid vision Sirius would be there right now.

It had been like this since he arrived back, just sitting at the window allowing the tears to fall. The Dursley's, having been thoroughly frightened by members of the Order chose to leave him alone. But that didn't mean that they expected him to do nothing. As his Uncle had said, "You will still do your chores and be of some use around here." This hadn't bothered him in the least since they just left him alone.

His Aunt had begun to allow him to have food everyday but he had refused to eat any. In his mind he believed that he deserved not to eat as a fitting punishment for his recklessness. In a twisted sense of irony he thought that if didn't eat that he would die and then be with his parents and Godfather like he always wanted. But that wouldn't happen as his magic was growing and feeding him to sustain his life.

Another issue that was weighing heavily on his mind was the prophecy that Dumbledore had told him. It didn't make any sense to him once he had calmed down and allowed it to sink in. He couldn't see how a child let alone a baby would have some strange power that would destroy a Dark Lord, a Dark Lord that had already cheated death once and had many followers who were willing to do his bidding. That was what did not make any sense how someone could determine another's future, especially one who had yet to be born.

The more he dwelled on the prophecy the more he began to get suspicious that there was a piece he was missing. And it was a piece that he needed if he were to make any sense of it That train of thought would also lead to other question, ones that involved Dumbledore and others. In the end his questions would only lead to more questions and more confusion.

He wished that there was someone out there that he could talk to about all of this. Someone who could take all of his jumbled thoughts and put them into perspective for him. But the person that could have done that was now dead and all because of his foolishness in believing that his vision had been true.

Sitting there at his window his mind on all of his thoughts failed to see the brown barn owl that was winging its way to his room. The owl swooped in through the opened window and settled on his old beat up desk. With several blinks of its large eyes it watched the young broken boy for a few minutes before finally giving a loud hoot. This brought Harry out of his musings and he turned to see the owl perched there with a letter in his claw.

Harry's normally vibrant green eyes now looked lifeless and had deep dark black circles under them. It would be obvious to anyone that he hadn't slept properly in weeks. This added to the visible lines of worry on his face would lead someone to believe that he was suffering from severe depression. And they would have been correct in their assumption.

Harry took the letter from the owl before it flew over to Hedwig's cage to get some water and food. He looked at the letter briefly with deadened eyes not quite grasping the idea that he needed to open it. Blinking once his mind told him to open it. So slowly he opened it and began to read the contents.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I would like to first offer my condolences for the death of Sirius Black. We here at Gringott's always enjoyed his exuberance whenever he would come in. We were deeply saddened and angered when he was sent to Azkaban. We here at Gringott's never truly believed that he was guilty of betraying your parents.

So with deep saddens I inform you that Sirius Black left a will here with us just a week prior to his untimely death. There are many things in his will that we need to discuss with you, please come to the bank at your earliest convenience. We have set the reading of the will for July 15 at 1 P.M. We require your attendance at the reading and hope that you will come.

Again I would like to give you my condolences.


Head of Inheritances

This was it; he now knew that Sirius was truly gone. A fresh wave of tears began spilling from his eyes as he just sat there staring at the letter.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Harry there was a meeting that was taking place at Grimmauld Place. Albus Dumbledore had called this meeting after having mad a decision the night before. He just hoped that this decision would not cause problems. Of course he couldn't see the damage that it would cause or the irreparable harm that he would do to a young boy.

In the bleak kitchen there the members were all sitting around the table talking among themselves and awaiting their leader to begin. Many of them confused in regards to the meeting as they were not aware of any new attacks by the Dark Lord. There weren't even any threats that they knew of.

Albus Dumbledore strolled into the kitchen with the air of a powerful and respected wizard with two other people. These strangers were wearing long cloaks with hoods that were pulled up over their heads to mask their faces. Many of the Order members noticed them immediately and began wondering who they were. They voiced their confusion in many ways as they stared at the strangers.

"Please, if everyone would calm down, I shall explain to all of you who these strangers are," Dumbledore said with a small wave towards the two.

His words brought those in attendance to a quiet as they turned their heads away from the strangers and looked at him expectantly.

"Now as you are all aware of what happened in Godric's Hollow those many years ago. However, what you did not know was that it was all a lie." This sudden revelation caused the room to break out into chaos as many shouted at him to explain or that it couldn't be true. With a wave of his hand he got their attention once again. "If you will allow me to explain I do believe everything will become clear."

Albus chose at this point to sit down instead of standing to explain the situation fully. He was aware that he had their undivided attention but could see that many of them were wary or suspicious. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out before starting to speak again.

"I had received word earlier in the day that there would be an attack by Voldemort himself on the Potters that very evening. I quickly came up with a plan that would save them and hopefully destroy Voldemort in the process. Since I knew where they were at because I had helped to put the Fidelius Charm up, I immediately apparated to their location so that I could warn them.

Upon my arrival I spoke with James and Lilly about this sudden event and what we should do about it. I suggested that we replace them with Golems except for Harry that is. Then at that point the two could disappear safely into hiding until the time was right for them to make their appearance."

"Albus how could you," Minerva McGonagall asked her voice filled with disdain.

"It was the only possible solution at the time. We did not have much time to come up with a different plan."

"Albus, I do not know what you thought with this, especially leaving a baby like that with Golems and the knowledge that the Dark Lord would be attacking them later that evening," Kingsley Shackelbolt spoke up.

"You allowed a child to be sacrificed to a madman. You knew that he would try to kill Harry. How could you do that,' Molly spoke up, anger evident in her voice.

"Yes, I am afraid I did."

"So these two strangers are the Potters," Tonks said.

At this point the two cloaked figures removed their hoods. The one was strikingly similar to Harry, only he was older and had brown eyes instead of green. His black hair was just as unruly as Harry's hair. The woman had red flowing hair, green eyes and looked like the picture of an angel. Only she looked sad and forlorn as if she had seen too many horrible things in her life.

"All I can say is that I do hope that Harry will take this easy. However I fear Albus that you have made a grave error. An error that is sure to come back to haunt you," Remus said.

Dumbledore could only nod knowing full aware that Harry wasn't going to take this easy and understand what happened and that it was needed. No, he was afraid that this would be the final crack that would destroy completely what little trust Harry had in him. All he could do was to hope, hope that he would still be able to control him. After all, it was Harry who would end this terrible war.

Remus just sat there looking at his former friends that he had believed to have been killed. He couldn't decide if he wanted to hug them or kill them for what they did. It was the latter that seem to be taking control as he thought of all of the horrible things they allowed to happen over these many years. Ones like allowing Sirius to go to Azkaban when they could have saved him from that fate. Also, having saved Harry from the lonely and horrible life that he was living at the Dursley's when he could have had the family he so desperately wanted all these years. Yes the anger and want to hurt them was growing and he knew that he had to get out of there.

Standing up abruptly he didn't give another look to his former friends. He could feel the wolf starting to take over and he wasn't going to allow that. Without another word to anyone he turned and headed out of the kitchen. He was going out where he could calm down and try to make some semblance of the chaos that was now taking place. He just couldn't deal with this now, no not after having lost Sirius a few weeks ago.

Remus had just reached the door when he heard a voice from the past call his name. Stopping in his tracks, he silently shook with anger at having been betrayed in more ways then he would have ever expected. No, he wasn't going to turn around to look at the man who, at one time he had called brother and wept for when he had assumed that the man had been killed nearly fifteen years ago. The man that had allowed his own son to be sent to people that disliked him, and to send their other best friend to Azkaban when he could have just spoke up.

"Remus,' James said again. He had seen Remus look and new that the man was angry. But he wanted to sit down and talk to his old friend. He wanted to explain his side and why he and Lilly had done what they did. He needed his friend now more then ever.

"I do not know what you want nor do I wish to. Now if you will leave I would like to go out,' Remus replied through clenched teeth.

"Moony please we need to talk,' James tried again.

That was the last straw that Remus needed and spun back around to face James. His eyes now had taken on an amber look that said the wolf inside was starting to come out. He clenched his fists tightly as he glared at the stranger who he once called friend and brother.

"There is nothing to talk about. From this point on I do not want anything to do with you. I do not want to see your face near me. Bloody hell, I don't even know who you are! Surely, you aren't the friend that I thought you were. I hope that Harry can be more forgiving then me, because frankly I will never forgive you for this James. And you know what James; I don't think Harry will be forgiving. I just hope that I am there that day because after this revelation I hope you finally get what you deserve." With that Remus turned back opened the door and stormed out of the house leaving one shell shocked and extremely hurt James Potter behind him.

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