- Konoha Hospital-

" Nani!"

"That's right, Hinata. To learn the jutsu, you have to go with it," informed Tsunade to her apprentice.

"But…but…I..I can't…" stammered Hinata. Here she is, a young woman at 18 years old but she still possess the old annoying habit of stammering.

"Well, take it or leave it, Hinata. I'm sorry, but without it, you can't master the jutsu." shrugged Tsunade.

"Surely there must be another way, Tsunade sama?" pleaded Hinata.

Tsunade shook her head, "Nope."

Hinata stood in front of Tsunade, her head hung low as she desperately thought about her only option. Sighing, she lifted her head dejectedly, "Fine. But I have no idea of how to do it."

Tsunade smiled or rather smirked and leaned back against her big chair and look straight at her lovely talented apprentice, "Well, I suggest you ask Sasuke to help you. He would understand your position."

Hinata's eyes widened at the mentioning of the name and Tsunade simply immediately made herself busy, "Now, shoo and think of what I have just said. I have plenty to take care of right now."

Hinata sighed and bowed before taking her leave. Walking down the hospital corridors, she let her mind wander off on their early conversation that day. The day certainly started off weirdly.

Without realizing, Hinata had walked up to the training grounds until she saw the man mentioned by Tsunade with his cell, training. Their sensei, Kakashi spotted the Hyuuga walking towards and greeted her, "Yo, Hinata. Still on duty?"

Hinata cocked her head in confusion before looking down at herself and realized that she still had her medic nin attire on. She had no idea at all that she had simply walked out of the hospital grounds just like that. Smiling sheepishly, Hinata bowed at the older jounin, "Ohayo, Kakashi san. Hehe… guess I forgot to take off my coat before coming here."

Naruto jumped excitedly at seeing his friend. "Na, na, Hinata. I know you are into your job as a medic nin but don't let Tsunade obaa-chan make you wear your coat outside the hospital." he joked. "By the way, are you free today? I got more stories from my last mission."

Hinata smiled at Naruto's invitation and even though she no longer had the crush for him, she still loved him dearly as a friend. Hinata shook her head. "Love to, Naruto. But actually, I'm here on a purpose." Turning towards Kakashi, "Kakashi sensei, may I speak with Sasuke san for a while."

All of them gaped at Hinata's request, especially Sakura who still hung up on the young handsome Uchiha. Kakashi was shocked as well but quickly understood and nodded. He called upon Sasuke who was training or more like abusing the training post and signaled Sasuke to go with Hinata.

Hinata bowed once more and walked off to the other side off the training grounds by the lake. Sasuke who was in the middle of training had no idea what the young Hyuuga wanted from him, but followed her anyway cause Kakashi had inwardly told him to. So walking behind the Hyuuga, Sasuke sized up and down the woman in front of him. Nice ass, he mentally chided and quickly threw the thoughts when the Hyuuga stopped her tracks. Sasuke stopped and simply stood where he was.

"What do you want?" came the question from the angsty Uchiha.

Hinata stood in front of him, twiddling her fingers and looking down towards the grass, "Ano..ano sa.."

"Come on...I haven't got all day. I need to train." Sasuke folded his arms across his chest to emphasize his irritation.

Hinata blushed heavily as she tried to mouth out the words but the right words just wouldn't come out. When she saw that Sasuke was about to take leave, she immediately squeaked, "Sasuke san, I need…"

Sasuke stopped and turned around exasperatedly, waiting for her explanation.

Hinata walked a bit closer to him, still blushing heavily, " Ano, Sasuke san, I...need…need…" but as she was about to voice her request, her Byakugan automatically registered the presence of two eavesdropper from the bush nearby. Sasuke followed her eyes' trail and sensed it too. "Naruto and Sakura no doubt," he said under his breath enough for him and Hinata to hear.

Hinata nodded and stepped closer to the taller Uchiha as she still need to ask him for help but she didn't want the others to know.

Seeing her getting closer to him, Sasuke stood still as he found it puzzling of the Hyuuga getting so close to him as they have never been on good terms before for such close contact as right now. He saw Hinata blush as she tip toed so that she could reach his ear to whisper her request. Sasuke listened to every word the little lady whispered into his ear. He had to admit that her breath against his ear felt good and at that moment, his hands itched to curl themselves around her lithe form and do more than just be a tentative listener.

From somewhere in the bushes, Naruto had a tough time restraining Sakura from jumping out of the bushes at the sight in front of them.

"How dare she get so close to my Sasuke kun." hissed Sakura as she struggled against Naruto's strong grip. "Let me go, baka. I need to teach that bitch that nobody ever goes near my Sasuke kun but me."

"Calm down, Sakura. They are doing nothing there. They might have already noticed us and Hinata might not have wanted other people to know what she has to say to Sasuke." reasoned Naruto to the fuming Sakura. Yet his mind was rejoicing, Go Hinata, take Sasuke with you so that I can be with Sakura.

Meanwhile back with Sasuke and Hinata. Hinata had finished voicing her request and withdrawn herself from Sasuke to look back at the ground, as if suddenly finding it interesting as her cheeks burned a bright red.

Sasuke was a bit stunned at her request but simply scrunched his face in confusion. Looking down towards the downturned head of the petite woman in front of him, he asked, "Why?"

Hinata understood his question very well because that was exactly her response when Tsunade had met her that morning. Twiddling her fingers, Hinata tried to word it out as proper as she could. Yet, how could a request such as that ever sound proper, " Ermm, I need it…"

Hinata peered up at Sasuke to find him looking down at her and cocking up an eyebrow.

She bit her lower lip as she covered her eyes with her bangs and continued, " I need it to learn a new jutsu." she explained.

Sasuke now cocked two brows and when Hinata saw his expression, she turned her head towards the lake trying in vain to hide her blush.

There was a stretch of silence between the two of them and from the bushes, Naruto had a hand over Sakura's mouth to keep her from giving them away.

After a while, Hinata sighed and turned her face towards Sasuke again, this time no blush was present on her skin. Shaking her head, "Let's just forget about it. It was a crazy request and I don't even know what made me even considered it in the first place." Suddenly, thinking that she might have insulted the young Uchiha, she smiled at him, a light blush creeping over her cheeks. "Not that it has anything to do with you…'s just a crazy idea. That's all."

Sasuke simply stood there with his arms folded in front of him, as his onyx eyes scrutinized the tiny woman in front of him.

Sasuke's silence unnerved Hinata and deciding that getting away from there before she did or say anything stupid was best, she quickly bowed and asked for her leave not before thanking him for sparing sometime to hear her out. Slowly walking away and mumbling to herself, "You are so stupid. Do you know that, Hinata?"

Little did she realize that Sasuke was following and quickly outstretched his strong arms to halt her and turn her around to face him.

Hinata was stupefied as to why Sasuke had stopped her and a blush crept into her delicate features at the feel of Sasuke's hands gripping her exposed lower arm. "A..ano..Sasuke san.?"

Sasuke smirked at the confusion that was evident on her heart shaped face before lowering his head so that his lips leveled her ear, "I never did say no, haven't I?" and stood straight looking down her face again.

Hinata stood statued at the spot and looked up into the unreadable face before her. Her mouth slightly dropped giving Sasuke a cute image as her white eyes widened in astonishment.

Seeing that Hinata was not going to speak in any time soon, Sasuke smirked, " My place tonight at 8. You'll be off by then right?"

Hinata automatically shook her head without much thought though her mouth was still slightly parted in confusion.

Smirking, "Good then. Come by when you're free tonight." Then, Sasuke did the weirdest thing that he has ever done. He kissed Hinata right on her pink lips.

Hinata was rendered speechless again and her blush grew ten folds as Naruto and Sakura gaped like idiots from behind the bushes.

Sasuke lifted his face from the small kiss he planted on her lips before smirking, "And you shouldn't keep your mouth agape to long. They were simply inviting a kiss."

Hinata blushed and bowed, mumbling something about needing to return to hospital. Turning away, Hinata escaped the scene as fast as she could, not even noticing a confused Sasuke as she passed by him.

Sasuke smiled at the retreating figure of the Hyuuga and addressed his still hiding teammates, "Aren't you cramped yet from all that hiding? Well I'm off to train. See ya."

Sasuke walked of towards the training where Kakashi was waiting while Naruto and Sakura came running after the Uchiha. Sasuke and Kakashi raised an eyebrow and the blonde ninja and pink haired kunoichi.

Naruto and Sakura simply pointed an accusatory finger at Sasuke before shouting in unison, "YOU KISSED HINATA!"

Sasuke simply shrugged and went to train on the training post, ignoring the two blockheads while Kakashi finally understood the young Hyuuga's quick departure. He simply smiled behind his mask and continued to read his pornographic novel leaving a tearful Sakura and lunatic Sasuke with whatever they were doing.

-That night at Sasuke's house-


"Hush, anata…you are so beautiful…"

"Ohhahhhharder…deeper, please"


"Enjoying yourself?" asked Sasuke.

"Nani?" Hinata jumped, a deep blush on her face. She had let her long hair down from their usual bun that she wore to work.

"I said…"Sasuke lowered his head to her ears and whispered, "...Are you enjoying yourself?" he said while slightly blowing into her ears.


"Ano…why are we doing thing this?" Hinata asked.

Sasuke's face was inches from hers, his breathes tickling her, "I thought you wanted it. Don't you remember?"

Hinata remembered clearly and lowered her head trying to avoid having eye contact with him. The closeness between the two of them was making her nervous. The erotic sounds from the television was also not helping her nerves at all. "Hai, but why..why this?"

Sasuke sighed and got up from the couch. Switching of the movie, the disturbing sounds immediately died. He stood leaning against the television set. Sasuke was clad in a dark blue sweats and black khaki pants. The simple sweats cut accentuated his broad and muscled chest as his arms crossed in front of his chest. His black hair was slightly damp from the shower earlier. "You did say that you know nothing about sex, making love, sleeping around or anything you people call it, didn't you?"

The way he stood towering her, Hinata felt so exposed and vulnerable. "Hai, I did say that, but why a pornographic movie. Why do you even have it?"

Sasuke got slightly disturbed by the question and got defensive, " 'Cause I'm a guy. You girls have teddy bears and flowers. Guys need porn stuff." he huffed.

Hinata was silent at his explanation.

" But I don't have teddy bears or… or flowers in my apartment."

Sasuke sighed and walked over to the sitting Hyuuga and sat quietly beside her. The Hyuuga cowered slightly from the closeness again. Dressed in a simple fitting white quarter sleeve t- shirt and a dark blue denim Capri, her hair strewn straight behind her and her bangs framing her petite face, Hinata looked really at home sitting on Sasuke's black leather couch.

Sighing, Sasuke turned towards Hinata, "Look, Hinara.."


"Ok fine, Hinata. Whatever. Clearly, you're not ready for this yet. So, are you asking for my help."

Hinata stammered, "I told you this afternoon. I…I need to learn a new j..jutsu."

"Yeah, yeah. I know that part, but why me? Why choose me?" asked Sasuke exasperatedly.

"Ano..ano..Tsunade sama suggested And since I didn't know anybody else." she explained nervously.

Sasuke buried his forehead into his hands, "So now I'm a friggin' lab rat that you need for an experiment is that it?"

Hinata felt stunned from his revelation. Immediately feeling the need to explain, " N- no… Sasuke san, I- it's not like that…"

"Then why?" Sasuke interrupted Hinata's supposedly explanation.

"Nani?" asked Hinata.

"Why do you badly want to learn this new justu? Do know what you are letting yourself into? Do you even know me to give yourself over for a damn justu." Sasuke suddenly flared, unconsciously, grabbing Hinata's wrist and forcing an explanation from her.

Hinata was terrified of the angry Sasuke, but one part of her was furious with Sasuke's accusations. Tears started beading at the corner of her eyes.

"Oh look, our little Hinata is crying and yet she is brave enough to surrender herself to someone she barely knows for a damn jutsu. How touching." sneered Sasuke, tightening his grip on her wrist.

"Quiet..."Hinata hissed through her teeth, head downturned. "Just keep quiet."

"What is it? Not brave enough to speak up, little fire?" sneered Sasuke.

Hinata could not take it anymore and flared.

"Just shut up! You think you know me. Huh. Well, like you, I have to take some drastic measures to gain some respect for myself and knowing your little escapade to Orochimaru last time, I thought that you'd understand where I actually stand. But oh, no. You had to be like all the other people around me and treat me like some piece of shit that doesn't know how to take care of herself!" Hinata shouted, yanking her hands away from his grip.

Hinata quickly got up from Sasuke's couch and walked towards the door, grabbing her sweater on the way out, "But for your information, I will not let anyone tell me what to do. As from now on, if I feel like going to Orochimaru or Jiraiya to bed me so that I can learn this damn new jutsu, then like hell will anybody stop me. Including you!"

Finished with her small tirade and just about to open the door, Sasuke suddenly 'poofed' in front of her, barring her totally from escaping. He had his Sharingan activated dangerously.

No female walks out on him, not unless he has any say in it. But Hyuuga Hinata was not one to be intimidated as well. After the little explosion just now, she found her somewhat pent up frustrations flaring up and unconsciously activated her Byakugan at the glaring Sasuke.

Red met white.

Nobody spoke but simply glared daggers at each other.

Sasuke lifted his hands and Hinata unconsciously flinched, as was her habit. Her countless memories of similar treatments from her father had an automatic effect on her whenever she sees a hand lifted near her. Hinata closes her eyes tightly like a frightened child, waiting for the blow she calculated.

Sasuke, seeing her flinch like a child, somehow immediately softened and lowered his hand towards her cheeks. At the feel of his palms on her cheeks, Hinata jumped but the pain that she anticipated never came. Instead she felt soft caresses and she slowly opened her eyes to peer them at Sasuke. Lifting her moist eyelashes from tears of fear, she saw Sasuke looking at her in an unreadable look. His Sharingan was deactivated and his palm simply stroked her cheeks and the corner of her eyes that had tears in the corner of it.

Gently pushing her head towards his chest, he brought Hinata into an embrace as if they were long lost lovers as he tangled his hands into her long midnight blue hair. Resting his chin on top of her head, he tightened his hold around Hinata and suddenly feeling so washed out, Hinata started to sob into his sweater. Little sobs that eventually became heavy crying and tearful mumblings against his chest. He hushed Hinata yet he allowed her to let all her frustrations go.

Gently lifting the crying Hyuuga into his arms as if she were a little child, Sasuke carried her across the house and into his bedroom on the far end of the house. Hinata protested at first, something about needing to go home but Sasuke simply hushed her by pushing her onto the bed and forcing her to sleep.

"But I really need to go home." protested the Hyuuga.

"And I really need to get some sleep." reasoned Sasuke.

"But..but…you don't need to send me home. I can walk there by myself." Hinata said but her voice was slowly starting to get drowsy.

"Let you walk alone at this time of the night. I don't think so." Sasuke had settled himself to lie beside her on the wide bed. Sighing, " Sheesh woman, can't you just go to sleep. I'm tired of arguing with you all day."

"But…but.." Hinata drowsily protested but Sasuke had his arms draped around her waist to avoid her from escaping, "Sasuke!"

Exasperated by the difficult women, Sasuke lifted his face and swiftly kissed her on the lips, totally silencing the girl. Hinata muffled at first but gradually softened into the kiss and stopped struggling. Sensing her giving in, Sasuke lifted his head and watched her eyes slightly droop. Either from sleep or the kiss, he didn't care. His eyes were sleepy themselves.

"Now just sleep, Hinata. " he hissed as he settled his face into her neck and he felt a small nod from the Hyuuga. Smiling, he nuzzled his lips against her neck, inhaling the woman's scent, " G'night, Hinata."

"Good night Sasuke, "came the soft reply before hearing the soft breathing of the sleeping Hyuuga.

Sasuke snuggled Hinata closer into him before smiling and settling for sleep himself, letting his mind dream about a certain white eyed girl.


Authoress' note:

Ok. So how was it? It's my first wring a SasuHina and even if there are those out there who are against SasuHina…well, too bad. Coz I really like this pairing. Still working on the second chapter. Won't take long.