Title: The Laws Of Gravity Are Never Your Friend
Series: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Rukia
Theme: Falling
Rating: PG

Words: 706
Author's Note: We're going way old school with this one. Like, beginning of the series old school. Also, this has not been even a little beta'd.

"I can't believe you got detention." Rukia chided.

"I can't believe you ran away and let me get blamed after you broke that window." Ichigo snapped back, glaring at her.

"Well, you should have caught the ball when I threw it at you!"

"How was I supposed to catch it when you threw it fifteen feet above my head?" he growled in response.

"You should have tried harder." She responded primly, and raised her in chin in that haughty, I'm-right-you're-wrong-we're-done-with-this-conversation way she always did when losing an argument. "Besides, you should be grateful that I waited at school for you."

He opened his mouth to snap out a retort, but the beeping alert of her phone cut him off. All business now, she flipped it open.

"It's right on top of us!" she exclaimed just as the air above them began to twist. They dodged left as she slid the glove onto her hand. Quickly, she spun around and Ichigo ran into her, her gloved hand connecting solidly with his chest. In only a second, his soul was pushed from his body.

The hollow snarled and charged. Wasting no time, Ichigo rushed straight for its head and struck down as hard as he could. The hollow darted left at the last moment and swatted the shinigami aside. A moment later, it was rushing towards Rukia. Hoping to unbalance it, she charged straight towards it. The hollow didn't even break stride as she approached. As it swiped at her, she jumped backwards, thinking only of getting out of its way and buying Ichigo enough time to get it from behind. The moment she had launched herself backwards, she saw the sword cleave cleanly threw the hollow's skull. Its body wavered and dissolved.

Now, it hadn't actually occurred to her that she was on a bridge and that even shinigami had to obey the laws of gravity when trapped in a gigai. Of course when she jumped back, she totally cleared the railing and began to plummet towards the river.

Before she could so much as scream, Ichigo had leapt over the railing and grabbed her outstretched hand. Quickly, he pulled her small form into his arms and wrapped his body around hers. Moments before they hit the water, he spun them around, taking the brunt of the fall.

Rukia struggled to go up, out of the water, dragging Ichigo with her. He had one arm around her waist and was kicking hard towards the surface. Finally they broke the surface and she continued to pull them towards the shore. Still coughing up bits water, she managed to get half way on the bank of the river, their legs still in the water. She lay still for a moment, breathing heavily. Eventually she pulled herself the rest of the way on to the bank and looked at Ichigo, ready to berate him for everything that had happened in the last ten minutes. It took her by surprise that he was unconscious and a cold knot formed in her stomach. Carefully she made sure was breathing and noticed that the back of his head was bleeding. He must have hit it on a rock, she thought calmly. She ignored the tiny hint of panic that surged through her as she rolled him onto his side. Rukia held her hands above the wound and began to heal him. It wasn't like this was much of an injury, she told herself. In fact, she'd personally caused him much worse ones. He was fine.

Several minutes later, Rukia pushed him back onto his back. His breathing was deep and normal now and the cold feeling in her stomach went away but left anger in its place. This was all his fault. If he'd just stayed on the bridge, everything would have been fine. Suddenly, she began to shake him.

"Wha- What?!" he growled, jolting awake. He blinked groggily and looked at her. "What's going on?"

She still for ten whole seconds before her fist connected with his jaw. "You're an idiot, that's what's going on!" she proclaimed as she got to her feet and stomped away. Dumbfounded but extremely annoyed, he got to his feet. Yelling taunts and insults, he followed her home.