Disclaimer: Disney owns Bonnie Rockwaller. I'm using her for this fic. I'm sorry for the way I'm going to treat her in this story. But remember that she has a happy ending. This is a prequel to my VAPT stories. Enough talk, now on with the story.

If he loves me? Then why does he hurt me?

Chapter 4.

The trial lasted for three weeks. Every time it seemed like it was going to end, a new victim popped up. Jason had kept his cool until the final day of testimony. "Mr. Wilcox do you have anything to say in your defense before the sentence is given?" Asked the judge as he looked at the piece of human filth standing before him.

"Yes I do your honor. All I have to say is why is this happening to me? Look at the woman over there. She's not even sure who the father of her bastard child is. And I'm the bad guy? I may have hit her some times. But she deserved it. She's nothing but a slut who'd fuck anything within a mile of her. You should have let me finish her off and that bastard of hers." Jason sat back down after his statement. Bonnie was on the verge of tears when she heard the judge speak again.

"Foreman do you have a verdict?" Asked the judge. The judge wanted this case to end before he got off the bench and beat the hell out of the man standing before him.

"Yes we have your honor. We find the defendant guilty of all charges." Said the foreman as he sat back down.

"Jason Wilcox. I hereby sentence you to thirteen years in prison. With no chance of parole. And when you get out you are not to be within ten feet of Ms. Rockwaller or you will be placed back into prison." The judge raised his gavel and with a sound of thunder beat it against his desk. Jason was placed in cuffs and dragged out of the court. His screams and threats were heard down the hall.

"Well that's it for him. I still have nightmares about him. But I now know that he'll never get to me. Thanks for listening." Bonnie told Sheila and Ron as she finished her story.

"What prison is he in?"Asked Sheila with a evil glint in her eyes.

"Folsom, why?" Asked Bonnie.

"Oh nothing much, I'll be back in a couple of hours." Said Sheila as she let her hands flame up.

"Sheila please tell me you aren't going to kill him." Said Ron as he got a slight bit nervous.

"Aww come on honey. You said I can't commit one act of evil a month." Said Sheila with a pout. "Besides that asshole's nuts would look good as a necklace for Bonnie."

"OK yes he deserves that but owwwwww." Said Ron. They shared a laugh at that.

Bonnie was happy to have two very loving people in her life. And she knew that Ronnie was safe. While her and Ron were laughing they didn't notice Sheila sneaking out the window and heading to a certain prison.

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