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Sick in mind and body

Ch 1

Edward Elric coughed loudly as he walked out of his room. "I hate being sick." He said as he sneezed.

Alphonse Elric tossed him a box of tissues. "You really should rest, brother."

"Thanks." He said blowing his nose. "But I can't rest quite yet."

"Lt. Coronal Mustang's report can't be that important."

He opened his mouth to say something but began sneezing again.

"Bless you."

"Thank you." He sniffed loudly. "It's not about Mustang. It's because Winry is coming to visit."

"Well if you keep this up you'll be bed ridden, then it won't matter if she comes you'll be to sick to see her."

"I'm not that sick." He looked up at the clock. "Her train arrives in ten minutes." He was heading to the door.

"Brother why don't you stay here and I'll go get her."

He sighed he knew that Al wouldn't leave him alone until he agreed to rest and recover. "Fine. Go get her I'll stay here and rest."

"About time you finally listened to me. Bye I'll see you in a little bit." He said leaving.

"At least he'll leave me alone for a while. Now what to do about Mustang." He picked up the phone and called Roy's office.

"Lt. Coronal Roy Mustang's office, Lt. Hawkeye speaking how may I help you." Said Riza.

"Hello Hawkeye, it's me Ed I need to speak to Roy."

She looked back at Roy's office he was busy arguing with Maes over something. "Roy is busy right now."

"Oh can you tell him that I can't come in today because I'm sick and Winry is coming to visit."

"Yeah sure I can."

"Thanks bye." He said hanging up the phone.

Riza did the same thing. "Coronal Mustang."


"Full Metal can't come in for the report today sir, he is sick and Winry is coming in to visit."

He laughed. "Sick huh? Love sick is more like it."

Maes jumped up from off of Roy's desk. "I'll go visit him!" he announced as he began walking to the door. "Oh and Roy remember what I said."

"Shut up!" he yelled as Maes walked out of the door

"What was all that about?" asked Riza

"The usual."

"Still wants you to get married huh?"

"Yeah typical Maes."

Ed sighed as he lay down on his bed and tried to go to sleep. He heard the door open.

"Brother I'm home!" called Al.

He got out of bed and walked to his bed room door. Before he knew it Winry hugged him.

"Edward! I'm so happy to see you!" exclaimed Winry.

"Glad to see you to." He soon noticed that she was mostly paying attention to his arm.

"Edward what did you do now?" she asked pulling his arm in for a closer examination.


"Nothing? Look at this Edward this is inexcusable! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!"

"Now Winry calm down brother's been sick." Said Al

"Can it Al! Edward Elric what did you do to your arm?"

"I fell and landed on it the wrong way."

"Fell huh? Whatever you never want to tell me anything any more." She said sadly. "So how's your leg?"

"Fine I think."

"Let me see." She grabbed his leg causing him to fall.

"Winry!" yelled Ed

Al screamed. "You shouldn't do that he's sick remember."

"I know what I'm doing." Said Winry

"Let me go!" yelled Ed in a protesting matter.

"Let's see your leg looks good as new, but it can stand a few touch ups."

"Winry!" yelled Ed

She looked at him. "I'll fix it first thing in the morning."

"Okay but can you let me go now please."

"Okay." She said letting him go and now he was completely on the ground.

"Your mean." Said Ed in a joking tone of voice.

"I know but I wouldn't be Winry Rockbell if I wasn't. Now…GO TO BED!"

He jumped up to his feet. "Okay okay I'm going." He said walking back into his bedroom.

She looked back at Al. "You see Al, all it takes is a little tough love to get him to listen."

He was still a little wide eyed from all of her yelling. "But don't you think you over did it a bit Winry."

"No. Some one needs to get through his thick skull of his."

"You really do love him don't you."

She smiled warmly. "Of course I do only an idiot couldn't see that. I'm going to unpack my stuff and take a shower." She said walking up stairs.

"Okay." When she left. "Brother must be a complete idiot then."

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