Disclaimer: Disney owns the Kim Possible characters. I own my original characters. This is probably going to by my last story in my VAPT series. New ages. Ron is 31. Bonnie is 31. Sheila is 35. Drakken is 53. Veronica is 17. and Andrew is 13. This is going to follow Ronnie's adventures as a part of the new Team Possible. I'm keeping the M rating on this one for mainly language. Hope y'all like this one as well.

Ronnie's fun.

Chapter 1.

"Ronnie honey. It's time to wake up." Said Ron Stoppable as he tried to wake his seventeen year old daughter.

"Five more minuets." Said a very sleepy Veronica.

"You said that fifteen minuets ago. Now I know that sleep is valuable but I'm going to have to wake you one way or another." Said Ron as he took out a glass of water and poured it on her head.

"GAHHHH!" Yelled Ronnie as she rose from her bed. A small squeak could be heard as well as a small pink thing scrambled out of the way of the water. "Daddy! You almost got Cleo." Yelled Ronnie as she petted her naked mole rat.

"Sorry honey. But I had to. Now you've only got twenty minuets to get ready for school." Said Ron as he left her room.

Ronnie scrambled around her room for clothes. After finding something to wear she jumped in the shower. After the shower she headed down stairs. Her mom was sitting at the counter reading the paper. "Morning Bio-Mom." Said Ronnie as she grabbed an English muffin and placed it in the toaster.

"Morning Ron-Ron. Now hurry up are you're going to be late again." Said Bonnie as she took a sip of her coffee. "Well I'm off to work. Have fun at school honey." After kissing her daughter's forehead, Bonnie headed off to work.

After breakfast, Ronnie kissed her dad good bye. She jumped on her scooter and headed to school. Getting to school with just three minuets to spare, she ran to her locker and grabbed her bag. Her locker was set up a lot like a certain redhead's It had her things, as well as a mini computer setup. Oh good nothing from Wade today. Maybe I can get through class without having to save the world. Getting to her trig class, she noticed her best friend Andrew. "Sup Drew. How are you this fine morning?" Asked Ronnie as the tardy bell just rang.

"Well asides from sweating bullets on weather or not you were going to be late again. Nothing much. Mom's fighting with dad again." Said Drew as he took out his homework.

Andrew Pinsky is the son of Dr. Drakken and a very famous singer. Somehow during his stint as a DJ, Drakken met and married Britina. After a year of marriage, Andrew was born. He's a couple years younger than Ronnie, because he was skipped ahead a couple of grades. His long black hair reaches just to his shoulders. His eyes are a deep emerald and he has a very fair complexion. Ronnie on the other hand has long blond hair kept in her mother's old style from school. Her blue eyes are very striking against her pail freckled face. They've been friends for several years. In fact they even go on missions together for Team Possible.

After Trig they headed to her locker. Wade appeared on the screen. "What's the sitch Wade?"

Ronnie asked in a very Kim like manner. Kim Possible is Ronnie's idol right next to her second mom.

"Well Ronnie. Dark Wolf is stealing several rare artifacts from several museums." Said Wade Load from his ever present desk. Dark Wolf was one of several of Ronnie's enemies.

"Let me guess it has something to do with Native American wolf sprites or something?" Said Drew as he took to his intelligent nature.

"Your right Drew. Yeah he's stealing several totems of power. I'm guessing it's for a magical rite or some such stuff." Said Wade as he took a sip of his soda. "I've got a ride set up for you guys. It's leaving in ten minuets."

"Oh well there goes biology. I hope the assignment isn't too hard." Said Ronnie as she grabbed her mission clothes and ran to the bathroom.

Author's note: Well with this one I'm mainly going to be playing with original characters. Hope y'all like this one too. Well please review if it strikes your fancy. Thanks for reading this series.