Disclaimer: Disney owns the Kim Possible characters. I own my original characters. This is probably going to by my last story in my VAPT series. New ages. Ron is 31. Bonnie is 31. Sheila is 35. Drakken is 53. Veronica is 17. and Andrew is 13. This is going to follow Ronnie's adventures as a part of the new Team Possible. I'm keeping the M rating on this one for mainly language. Hope y'all like this one as well. This chappie is going to be about what Drew is going through. So it's going to be a bit of a downer.

Ronnie's fun.

Chapter 10.

Drew felt like he was in a pool of syrup. His eyes slowly opened and he noticed that he was in a pale blue room. He was hooked to various equipment. He tried to speak but he then noticed the tube in his throat. He looked to the side of his bed and noticed Ronnie. She was asleep on a small couch near his bed. I'm not dead. But I felt darkness. Now they all know. What am I going to do. He thought as all the memories of how he got there came flooded back. He remembered the e-mail he sent to her. What was she going to think of him now. Despair entered his eyes as he noticed her stir. She awoke and looked at him looking at her. She spoke up again. "Drew! You're alive." She rushed to him and gently to avoid all the wires attached to him, embraced him. "Don't you ever do that again. I'm sorry" She said in a flurry of words.

"Mrph Rowable." Said Drew through his tube.

"Drew I can't believe you'd do that. I didn't know you were feeling like that. I didn't know. I'd never drop you as a friend. I'd never hurt you. Oh god please don't do that again." As she sobbed into his chest, the door opened and in walked Dr. Drakken.

"SON! You're awake. NURSE! Get those tubes our of his throat." Bellowed Drakken as he left the room. In about five minutes a nurse came in and removed the feeding tube from Drew's throat.

"Uh I .. I'm really sorry for what I did." said Drew as he slowly regained his voice. "How long have I been like this?"

"Three weeks." Said Ronnie. "I thought you were dead. I cried every day besides your bed. I've never left your side. Never ever do this again!" She sobbed. "You would not believe what I went through when I found out."

Three Weeks Ago, After that night.

Ronnie sat at her desk in her room. She was busy searching for some information pertaining to a project for school when her e-mail alert flashed. Looking at her in box her saw Drew's address. "Might as well see what he wants." She said. After opening the message she began to read it.


This is everything I feel about you. I've known you since fifth grade. I was only six at the time and you were ten. But you treated me like a classmate instead of a freak genius kid. For that I am forever grateful. You were surprised at the mention of my name. Because of the fact that your father fought him. But as soon as you talked to me, the past between them was completely aboulshed. I loved the fact that I had a friend. The first time that I came over to your house I knew what love felt like. Your parents were so kind to me. All three of them seemed to enjoy the fact that you had a friend. While as my parents always seemed distant from me. Like I was just a problem that they could throw money at. I'm digressing from my point. Ronnie I love you. I don't know when I started to fall for you. But I have. I want to be with you. But it seems like I'm never going to be good enough for you. I remember once seeing Kim Possible on the news and you saying that when you grew up that you were going to be just like her. You are now. You're a world savior. You're the greatest person in my life. But I'm losing you again. And I can't take always being tossed aside for another pretty face. That's why I'm ending it all. My parents are no more. They'll move on when I'm not around. I mean I'm nobody to them. Just some fucking mouth to feed. And you. I'm just your friend and nothing more. Well don't worry about me. I'm gone. And where I'm going there's no turning back. Just remember that I love you. And I'm sorry that this e-mail has run the emotional gambit. I'm just a little fucked up kid aren't I?

She reread the message several times. Each time it made less and less sense to her. But then it hit her. Like a flash she was on the phone to Drew's house. Picking up the line was Drew's dad. "Hello." came a very shaky voice.

"Is Drew there." She waited for several tense seconds until he answered.

"He was rushed to the hospital. He. He shot himself. Oh god my son. Don't let him die." Sobbed Drakken.

"What! Which hospital is he in?" Came a rush from Ronnie's mouth.

"LA General. He's in the ICU." Said Drakken. He then hung up the phone after a racking sob.

Ronnie listened to dial tone until she hung up the phone. She rushed downstairs and ran to her mother. "Mom! Drew shot himself. He's in the hospital. We need to get there now." She sobbed into her mother's embrace.

Ronnie arrived at the hospital at nine that evening. She saw Drew hooked up to all the life support machines. His chest was rising and lowering slowly. He had several bandages around his chest. He looked slightly mummified. Ronnie sobbed into her mother's shoulder. "It's my fault." She repeated over and over.

Bonnie looked down at her daughter and said. "It's not. You are not to blame for this. Drew felt that this was his solution It wasn't right, but it was his decision."

"But it still hurts mom. I can't believe he did it." Said Ronnie.

Ronnie slept near Drew's bed for the three weeks he was there. She had her school work brought to her. She didn't take any missions during this time. All she did was sit next to Drew. She cried herself to sleep everyday. All she wanted was Drew to be OK. She knew that nothing was going to be the same when he awoke.

Days went by and she slowly started to lose hope. Would he be dead. Would he look at her the same. Nothing was going to be the same after he awoke.


It took Drew days to recover. But not once did Ronnie leave his side. She mothered him until he recovered. Just being recognized like that made him happy. "Drew today's the day. We get to go home." Said Ronnie.

"Yeah. I have a feeling that this is not the end. I'm going to have to go through therapy until I'm eighteen." Said Drew who was slightly dejected.

"But at least you get to see the therapist and not the inside of a ceder coffin." Said Ronnie with a slight chuckle.

Author's note.

This is the last chapter that I'm writing of this story. I've run out of ideas for this series. I'm still doing the extended editions of each of my VAPT stories. I hope you guys like these stories. And if any of you like to continue with any of my characters. Send me an e-mail and I'll give you permission. Thanks for reading.