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Chapter 1:

Dean looked aver at his brother. This was the longest he had slept since Jessica's death. He looked so peaceful with his face squished up against the car window and his breathing was steady for once…maybe this meant he was finally getting over his girl friends death.

"Sammy", Dean said nudging his brothers shoulder a little. "Sam wake up." Slowly Sam opened his eyes, Dean stared at him worriedly "You ok?" he asked, "You've been sleeping for like six hours…with out a nightmare." "I'm fine" Sam said weakly. His brother gave him one last look before getting out of the car. "C'mon", Dean said "we're at the motel". Then he went to get a room.

Sam pulled on the handle to open the door, but he seemed to have no strength. Then once he got up and out, he started to sway. Dean looked back just in time, "wo there Sammy" he said running to his brother. Sam practically collapsed in his brother's arms, but some how Dean managed to catch him and carry him into the motel.

"Sam, wake up!" Dean begged, "Please!" But no matter how great Deans attempts were, there was still no movement in Sam…

It was late and Dean had fallen asleep from driving all day. He had wanted to stay awake in case Sam woke up, but the darkness got the best of him and he was asleep. He didn't want to…but there was no stopping it.

"C'mon Sam, we're going to Utah. There have been three cases of what sounds like people being possessed and it seems like our kinda thing." Dean said . "Great, lets hit it" Sam said, so he turned around and headed to the car. Then Dean (making sure Sam couldn't see him) took out his pocketknife and ran his finger up the side of the blade. A smile grew on his face.

Next Dean ran up behind Sam and put his arm around his brothers throat with the blade pressing up against Sam's neck. "Dean?" Sam asked, his voice shaky, "Put the knife down." He said. "How come?" Dean asked, "Are you afraid?". By now Sam had realized that it was his brother who was being possessed, not nay one in Utah. But before Sam could finish his thought a gun shot pierced the air and Dean hit the ground. Sam spun around to find his brother lying motionless below him. He quickly bent down and felt for a pulse…nothing.

"No" Sam whispered. "Dean, wake up" but it was too late. San had lost his brother. He looked up to see whom the murderer was, the fire burning in his eyes. He saw a man with bushy hair and a beard, some what resembling him self. "Dad?" he whispered. Sam stood up shaking with anger. "No!" he screamed, then ran to his father and did everything he could to hurt him, screaming and crying the whole time.