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This time when Sam had a nightmare it was in a hospital bed. "Doctor, I've gotta go in there, he's crying." Dean told the special doctor. "Do you want me to find out what's wrong with him?" the man asked. Dean nodded. "Then you need to stay here."

Dean had looked in his father's journal to see if he could find anything about occurring nightmare. Surprisingly he did, and it gave a doctors name that specialized in that kind of thing. went to see the doctor right away and when saw him he knew who he was right away. "You look just like your father" was the first thing he said when Dean walked into his office.

Dean explained what was happening to his brother and could see the fear in his eyes as he spoke about what was happening to Sam. He could tell that this had been the first time in a long time that Dean didn't know what to do. So that's when said he could help.

"I've seen this before" he told Dean as calmly as he could, "but…your brothers case is…the worst. But that might not be a bad thing" he said quickly when he saw Dean get pale. "See, what your brother is going through right now, well , it's very rare. But that's why it is a good thing that his case is so bad. See, since he's more into his dreams than anyone else I've ever seen, I could tell you just exactly what he's dreaming about…and why." Dean sighed when he heard this. In a way it made him relieved, and in the same way it made him feel even worst.

Once again Sam hit the ground hard. This was the third time he had mysteriously gone from one place to another, and he couldn't remember how. But the even weirder part was that Dean was always there, even though Sam had seen him die. This time was no different.

"Sam!" Dean yelled, "Hurry up!" Sam turned around to see Dean waiting for him in his Chevy Impala. The pride and joy of his life. "Er…coming" Sam said, and then paid the cashier for the two Twinkies and a Mountain Dews he bought.

Sam got in the car, playing along with what ever was happening. He had no idea what he was doing though. It seemed like every time Dean died, Sam got to start over. Almost as if he had another chance to save his brother.

"Here", he said handing Dean the Twinkie and drink. Dean stared at him in disapproval, "Twinkies?" he asked. Sam looked back at him, "yeah" he said, "That's the only half way decent thing they had in that reject gas station" he mumbled, then went back to staring at the window.

He was confused. He had already seen his brother die twice…and he didn't know if he could do it again.

Dean could sense something was wrong, but it was different for some reason. His brother looked…scared. Sam had always been the emotional one, but usually when something was bothering him he would tell Dean. That's why the oldest brother was so worried…. Sam wasn't saying anything.

"Was wong?" Dean asked, his mouth full of Twinkie. "Hmm?" Sam questioned, "oh, nothing" he said. "Liar" Dean blurted out. "What?" Sam asked offended.

"Sam, I can tell something's wrong" Dean told him not paying any attention to the road ahead of him. "Foe one you're not talking, which is really unusual. Usually you're like really annoying. And also, you're eating Twinkies…and no ones forcing you…you hate Twinkies, like with a passion and-"

"DEAN!" Sam yelled. Dean turned to look at the road just to find a huge truck headed straight for them, its horn blaring. Dean went to swerve, but it was too late, they were headed for a collision.

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