Sister two being weird and taking out all her anger on Dumbledore. God that man pisses me off and I'm upset right now so I'm being mean. If you're fond of Albus, don't bother reading this. So anyhow, R&R?

Disclaimer: Well let's think about this. I don't own Harry Potter, and unless you're JK Rowling, you don't either! Heh heh, sorry if that sounded bitchy, I love all you people.

My Pawn

Keep running away. Don't worry, I'll follow. You slip, you stumble, but you've yet to fall. Don't worry, I'll trip you up. Keep your lips sealed. Don't worry, I'll make you scream. Let your heart race. Don't worry, I'll stop it beating.

Hold onto life. Don't worry, I'll end it. Beg for death. Don't worry, I'll let you live. Cling to hope. Don't worry, I'll break your grip. Let yourself fall. Don't worry, I'll catch you.

You are mine. Mine to do with as I like, when I like. Power is mine, determination is yours. Pieces in a game. Unending, unyielding, so very breakable.

Watch them shatter, let them fall. They are pawns, mere pawns, nothing more. You are my piece, my pawn, on my side. You are a traitor.

So lets play that game then. Just you and me. Watch the blood flow, you can never be free.

Time heals all they say. That all bloodshed and tears simply washes away. But blood unspilt and tears unshed. Heh, guess they didn't factor that in. Look at your scars, trapping the pain. Look at your eyes, frozen tears that don't flow.

So don't mourn my death. Don't feel any guilt. I'm still here and you're still mine. The game isn't over. It doesn't end.

Confused. Well, you're meant to be. It's Dumbledore thinking about Snape. If it seems more like Voldermort in places, ooopps. So anyways, R&R?