James is helpless when it comes to girl's emotions, and how to treat them. James makes stupid mistakes when attempting to get Lily to notice him. But will Lily recognise this effort, and realise that she really likes him...or will this tale end in tragedy. Will this humorous/romantic battle between Lily and James end in kisses or tears..?

"Detention you two! I do NOT expect such childish behaviour in this school!" Professor McGonagall bellowed.

"But professor…there's quidditch practice tomorrow!" James pleaded hastily.

"Mr Potter do you wish for me to extend the punishment? You cannot jinx a first year and expect no punishment! Return to Gryffindor common room at once!"

"Sure thing McGonGon!" Sirius cried saluting Professor McGonagall who returned a piercing look.

"Come on Sirius." James yanked Sirius's arm and began walking away smirking. "Bloody first year! She had it coming…"

"Her new ears were an improvement if you ask me. We did her a favour!" Sirius replied with a stern expression, perhaps a little too seriously.

"Exactly. But noooo, we get punished! We won't bother helping in future." James smirked. Suddenly, James grinned maliciously at Sirius. A hooked nose and greasy haired boy was hurrying down the corridor.

"In a rush Snivelly? The bathrooms that way if you're meaning to wash your greasy hair!" Sirius roared with a wicked expression suffusing his handsome features.

"Although, I don't think there's any shampoo strong enough to rinse out all that grease!" Snape's cold eyes stared into Sirius's.

Snape straightened his back to appear more intimidating, which James picked up on.

"Aw…no friends about? Shame…" James looked around to see that it was just Snape, Sirius and himself in the corridor. Snape peered round, and realised that he was alone.

"You think you're so brilliant, don't you Potter!" Snape growled with an expression of utmost hatred. James laughed, tilting his head back.

"I'm not sure brilliant quite sums it up, but it's close enough. Thanks for noticing Snivelly! There really is a brain beneath all that grease!" Snape whipped out his wand, but wasn't as fast as James, who knocked Snape's wand clean out of his hand.

Sirius sneered as the defenceless greasy haired boy.

"Nice one Prongs!"

"Thank you." James ruffled his hair, looking incredibly pleased with himself. "Shame old Snivelly is a bit slow on the uptake."

"You wait…" Snape growled.

"Wait for what, Snivelly? Wait for you to wash your pants…because that'll take far too long than my patience is worth!" Snape glared back at James viciously.

"Or of course, you could be referring to Evans. You do seem to have a soft spot for her…hoping she'll come save the day!"

"I don't need help from filthy little mudbloods like her!" James slammed Snape onto his back with what looked like a simple swish of the wand, knocking him short of breath.

"Don't you dare call her that, Snivelly!" James bellowed into Snape's painful face. "She is the best witch this school has ever seen! Just because she tries to save you, doesn't mean she likes you!" Snape glared into James's livid eyes.

"What on earth? POTTER! BLACK!" Professor McGonagall ran into sight looking from James to Sirius, then to whimpering Snape on the floor. "Haven't I told you enough about fighting in the corridors! 50 points from Gryffindor!" James whimpered at the thought of loosing 50 points from Gryffindor.

"Professor…it wasn't our fault. He was snooping around the corridors!"

"And so you thought you'd jinx him, Black, am I correct?"

"Well…yes, but-"

"Quite enough, Potter. I do not care whatever excuse you have, the point is you have broken school rules! And if I see you fighting again you two, I shall be extremely disappointed. Understood!" James and Sirius took one last stone cold look at Snape who seemed rather amused, and continued walking up the corridor.

"He deserved it…calling Evans a you-know-what!" James kicked a statue nearby which growled back in disgust. James looked up to see a girl with shoulder-length red hair watching in repulsion.

"Evans!" Lily took one look at James, then glanced down the corridor to see Professor McGonagall helping Snape to his feet, and then turned to walk away.

"Oi Evans!" James cried after Lily, whom he knew was not pleased about their fight with Snape. Lily was soon out of sight, leaving James bewildered.

"Hmm…bad luck Prongs." Sirius shook his head and looked hastily at James who stubbornly kicked the very same statue as he had done just moments before.

"Come on, let's get out of here. Before I help Snape to join the headless hunt!" James grunted and grudgingly continued up the corridor beside his best friend.