Ok I haven't written for about a year, oops, but this is random chapter I thought I'd write, because I adore Snape/Lily. :D

"Severus, why would you do that?" Lily breathed, her eyes flooding with tears.

"You deserve better, Lily!" Snape roared. "What do you see in him?"

"I see a caring...don't give me that look Severus, he's caring and sweet!"

"He's a total –"

"If you ever stopped fighting maybe you'd understand! Hanging round with people like Malfoy has turned you sour!"

"Oh yeah? And what about in our fifth year, eh? What James did to me was perfectly normal...sweet and caring you say?" Snape was shaking, pink blotches appearing on his cheeks.

"That was a long time ago Severus. Why are you still holding a grudge?" Lily stopped and stared at Snape. "You know you've changed..."

"More than your precious boyfriend then!"

"I'm so sick of you fighting all the time! It's driving me nuts!" Lily jumped up from the grass and gazed down at the man she had once respected.

"I'm sorry..." And with that Lily stormed away up the castle, Snape watching her every step.

"Where've you been?" James enquired the moment she appeared through the common room portrait.

"Leave me alone James."

"What have I done now?" He roared protectively.

"Leave Severus alone, ok. I don't care WHAT he did, just leave it..."

"You have got to be kidding? What am I suppose to do with these?" Sirius growled appeared from the dormitories.

"Sirius, don't be a prat." Lily murmured.

"Why you so protective of Snivelly anyway?" Sirius raised an eyebrow, strutting across the room.

"Hmm...I think the fact that you almost killed him a few years ago is a slight worry." Lily replied sarcastically.

"Don't worry your pretty frilly knickers; there'll be no killing tonight!" Lines appeared in his face, as he grinned wildly.

"James, please..." Lily knew that only James had some extent of control over his anger.

"We got a whole weeks detention Lily! And 50 points taken away each. That's barely fair!" James explained.

"Exactly! See Lily, old Snivelly's got it coming...he's got it coming BAD!" Sirius rubbed his knuckles, his eyes beaming.

"I'll never forgive you James..." Lily muttered, gazing deeply into James's hazel eyes. "Please..." And with that she hurried to her dormitory, silently.

"Screw that!" Sirius smirked, sitting down next to James. "Ok so first of all we enter-"

"I'm sorry Sirius." James bowed his head.

"Please don't tell me that your-"

"Yup." He breathed deeply, and then stood up. "Anything you do I'm afraid, you do alone. I'll only advise."

Sirius gaped.

"That way I won't be actually participating. Only advising, but don't tell her that." James grinned weakly.

Sirius thought about it for a moment. "I suppose that could work, but I need a few things..."