Vogue. He had no idea why Samantha bothered with such things. He opened it and idly flipped through the pages.

His eyes stopped on a picture of a blonde woman. Her eyes haunted him. She was all too familiar. A reminder of how he had been almost ruined. It was Rose.

She was alive. Under the name of RoseDawson-Calvert. He'd checked a million times for Rose Dewitt Bukater, she'd gone unnoticed. He knew that the sewer rat Dawson had died. She'd chosen his name. Of all the gall… Ruth, as far as he knew, still lived in the Bukater mansion, one of the few things she still had left. He smirked.

He threw the magazine onto the table and went into his bathroom. The phone rang. He answered it quickly. He slammed it back down in anger. The money was gone, he might as well be dead. He fiercely ripped his pistol from the upper cabinet in his bathroom. He stuck the barrel in his mouth. How odd…money ruined him. Of all things.