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Shadow Fox

All sides involved in the fight were staring at their opponents, none all that willing to commit to making the first move. It was Shukaku that eventually made the first move as a large wave of sand came towards the area, ready to crush all involved in this mess. Everyone saw the wave of sand coming and move to escape in their own ways. Itachi saw this as an opportunity to try to get things done quickly and get out of this situation.

'While Naruto is busy worrying about the sand wave, I can surprise him and catch him in the Tsukiyomi to take him out quickly, then we just need to knock out the Shukaku kid and take care of Orochimaru.' And with that thought in mind, he disappeared.

Naruto managed to avoid the sand wave, only to find himself standing before one of the strange guys wearing cloaks. His eyes began to trail up his body, heading towards his face.

'Shit' Tsunade thought as she noticed what was about to happen. "Naruto, don't look into his eyes!" She yelled out, hoping that he would be able to react in time. Naruto's eyes continued to trail upwards, not having time to react to Tsunade's warning. Just as their eyes were about to meet, both Naruto and Itachi saw black as a wall of shadows appeared between them. The wall then surrounded Naruto and disappeared into the ground.

'Damn' Itachi thought to himself, 'that didn't work like I had hoped. We were so desperate to capture him when we found out that he was alive that we didn't look into his abilities. Who would have ever guessed that he had met with and gained the cooperation of the shadow fox? Let's see…I am sure that Naruto can't deal with either myself or Kisame, nor can he handle any of the Sannin, so I should deal with him last since he is the one that I will need the least amount of chakra to deal with. Right now, I should probably deal with Orochimaru.' And so Itachi went over to fight Orochimaru.

Meanwhile, Kisame had decided that he would deal with Shukaku. After dodging the large wave of sand, he charged towards Shukaku with his Samehada ready to strike. As he made his way towards Shukaku, a blast of sand erupted from underneath him and began to incase him inside of it.

"Desert coffin" Shukaku called out as he made the sand began to tighten around his target. He prepared to crush Kisame with the sand, when the sand began to lose its shape and collapse around Kisame's feet.

"My Samehada can absorb chakra, and without the chakra to hold your sand together, you can't control it." Kisame told the demon.

Kisame charged towards Shukaku again while Shukaku shot air bullets out of his mouth towards the fish man. Kisame dodged the air bullets and proceeded cut through one of his arms of sand, followed by a strike to his head with the flat of his blade, knocking him back a few feet and seemingly unconscious. He smirked and left to continue fighting with the other participants in this fight.

He never noticed the smirk on the face of the Shukaku controlled Gaara, or the sphere of sand forming around him.

Naruto reappeared from the shadows next to Tsunade as the shadows shifted back into the form of Kyo. Tsunade looked at the boy, wondering what approach she should take to this battle. She noticed that Itachi was fighting with Orochimaru, and that the fish man was fighting with the psycho kid, while Orochimaru's assistant was approaching her.

"Shizune, I need you to heal Jiraiya. Naruto, I need you to cover Shizune while she heals Jiraiya. I will deal with Orochimaru's assistant." She told them. Shizune was quick to comply, while Naruto was a bit reluctant to be taking orders from her, but complied none the less, the situation was troublesome enough as is.

Kabuto noticed Shizune heading towards Jiraiya and decided that he needed to stop her before it was too late. He charged towards her, only to be intercepted by a punch from Tsunade, launching him back quit a distance. Kabuto managed to get up, his wounds from Tsunade's punch beginning to heal.

"My, that was quite a punch Tsunade-hime; it is no wonder that you are a sannin. However, in my time with Orochimaru and as a spy in Konoha, I managed to learn of your weakness." Kabuto spoke to her as he proceeded to slash the palm of his hand and fling the blood at Tsunade. As the blood hit her, she began to tremble as her fear of blood kicked in. She collapsed to her knees shaking as Kabuto walked past her, intending to stop Shizune.

As he made his way towards Shizune, a spike of shadows shot out of the ground towards him. He jumped to the side to avoid the shadow spike.

"Naruto-kun, I know all about your abilities too after all of the time that you spent in the Sound village. Do you think that we wouldn't know all about your abilities?" Kabuto told Naruto.

Naruto proceeded to charge towards Kabuto and launch a right-handed punch at his face. Kabuto tilted his head to dodge the punch, but was caught off guard when, without pause, Naruto spun around and delivered a kick to his gut with his right leg. Kabuto threw a punch at Naruto with his right hand in an attempt to get some space between himself and Naruto, but that was exactly what Naruto was waiting for. He caught the punch with his right hand and twisted so the he was behind Kabuto and then forced him towards the ground while he drove his left forearm into elbow of Kabuto's outstretched arm. Naruto could hear the bone snapping as they hit the ground and he pushed off and got to his feet.

Kabuto stood, cradling his right arm as he faced Naruto. Smiling slightly, Kabuto used his supposedly-broken arm to adjust his glasses. Naruto couldn't keep the flash of surprise he felt from showing on his face. 'I just broke that arm!'

"I see that you are surprised Naruto. I must admit that your taijutsu style is indeed impressive, but I happen to be a medic nin, not to mention the fact that I have a healing ability that could almost rival yours. Now, where were we?" Kabuto asked to a shocked Naruto.

Upon seeing Kabuto up and ready to fight again, Naruto fell back into his loose stance and formed a single hand seal. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu" Naruto called out as five clones appeared beside him.

"What, only five clones? I am insulted. I know that you can create more then that." Kabuto said in mock anger. He fell back into a defensive stance as the five clones charged towards him. It was difficult to avoid the barrage of attacks since Naruto's taijutsu style had no break in its attacks, but he wasn't considered as strong as "Sharingan Kakashi" for nothing. He continuously evaded the assaults, careful to attack since Naruto focused on countering strikes. He had to look for an opening where he could attack without fear of a counter, and he saw that opportunity arise in one of his assailants. He lashed out and struck the opponent, which promptly popped out of existence, leaving a cloud of smoke behind. He barely had time to smirk at his accomplishment before one of the clones appeared through the cloud of smoke and planted a kick to his chin, launching him up into the air.

'What is this, does he know the primary lotus, or perhaps he has modified it like Sasuke did.' Kabuto thought to himself as he was launched into the air, only to be snapped out of his thoughts as Kyo turned into a shadowed hand and grabbed him in the air, only to launch him back towards the ground, where another of Naruto's clones awaited. The clone dropped on to his back and then pushed chakra out of his hands to launch himself towards Kabuto's falling form. The clone's feet connected with Kabuto's chest, sending him back up into the air. Meanwhile, on the ground, the last two clones had prepared for their role, with one of the clones having used his hands to give the clone running towards him a boost into the air. The airborne clone flipped backwards and brought his downward moving foot into the back of Kabuto, knocking him back down towards the real Naruto, who simply smashed his fist into Kabuto's gut, the force of the punch multiplying due to Kabuto's descent.

"Kage Rendan." Naruto said as Kabuto's form slid off of his fist. He looked down at the battered form of Kabuto only to see a plume of smoke before a log was seen where his body should have been. His eyes widened in realization and he tried to dodge to the side, but could not escape the chakra scalpel that plunged into his left arm.

"Well that's a shame, I was hoping to hit your heart, but you just had to go and dodge, didn't you." Kabuto said in a mocking manner. "I must admit that you are a rather tricky opponent, but you overestimate your skills and underestimate mine."

Kabuto began to make his way towards Naruto, only to be interrupted by a barrage of needles. He turned to the side and saw Shizune ready to attack.

"I thought that you were taking care of the pervert?" Naruto asked her.

"I have done all that I can to help Jiraiya, now all he needs is a bit of time to recover. Besides, you seemed to be in trouble, so I came to help you out." Shizune replied.

"It doesn't matter; I can deal with the two of you on my own." Kabuto said as he charged towards Shizune. Shizune began to quickly form some hand seals and as Kabuto got in front of her, she began to breathe out poisonous gas. Kabuto had planned to jump back to avoid the cloud of poisonous gas, but found himself unable to move. He looked down to see the shadows pooled around his feet, holding his legs to the ground. He was about to try to use his arms to find a way to escape, but he soon found his right arm trapped with a chain wrapped around it. He looked over to see Naruto holding his chain whip with his right hand, holding on as hard as he could.

Only having access to one arm made escaping the poison cloud take longer then he had expected, causing him to breathe in far more poison then he would have liked. He needed some time to get the poison out of his system. He made his way out of the poisonous cloud, only to be met by a hand that sent a jolt through his body. He looked up and saw Tsunade standing before him, who had the blood cleaned off of her by Jiraiya. He tried to move to get some distance between them, but when he tried to jump back, his arms shot out. Tsunade's technique had somehow screwed with his muscles, causing this reaction. He struggled to avoid Tsunade's attacks while he figured out how to move in his condition. The situation was turning out badly for him, and he was relieved when he heard Orochimaru calling for him. He quickly broke away from the fight he was in and rushed to Orochimaru's side.

"Shizune, take care of Naruto's arm." Tsunade commanded her student as she rushed of towards the battle again. Shizune began to examine Naruto's injury and saw that the muscle had been cut between his shoulder and his shoulder blade.

"I need you to take your shirt off so that I can properly see the damaged area." Shizune said with a hint of red on her cheeks. Naruto then proceeded to pull his shirt over his head and turned around so that Shizune could see the damaged area. While she examined his wound, he decided to try and make some kind of conversation, and decided that the easiest conversation to have at the moment would be about her battle skills.

"Wow, needles, poison gas, you can get just about anything in your mouth, can't you?" Naruto proclaimed with a smile.

Shizune thought about that sentence, then thought about it some more, and then proceeded to blush furiously at the thoughts in her mind.

'Bad Shizune, bad naughty Shizune, no thoughts like that in the middle of battle.' She thought to herself. She thanked him for complementing her skills and then proceeded to reattach the muscle that had been cut.


Orochimaru was not happy. This situation was not going the way he had planned. Hell, who could plan for any of this? And now, Itachi decided to go after him first, and let's not forget the fact that he couldn't use his arms. There was no way that this situation could get any worse.

"Orochimaru, you knew that this day was coming ever since you left the Akatsuki. Are you ready?" Itachi asked him, his voice holding no emotion whatsoever.

"kukuku, Itachi, do you really think that you are going to kill me today." Orochimaru responded with confidence, although deep down, he was actually worried for his life.

'Ok, think Orochimaru, you can't use your arms, so how are you going to fight?' Orochimaru thought to himself. 'I don't want to summon yet so that I can save that as a trump card, so what other choices do I have?'

In Orochimaru's thoughts, a little chibi Orochimaru appeared across from a chibi Itachi. The tiny Orochimaru walked over to the tiny Itachi and kicked him in the shin. Itachi then proceeded to cover him in black flames.

'Well, so much for that idea.' He thought to himself. He then saw the tiny Orochimaru attack Itachi with his tongue. The tiny Itachi then proceed to relentlessly beat on the tiny Orochimaru until he was left in a smoking heap on the ground.

'Ok, so kicking and attacking with my tongue are probably not the best ideas for this situation; I guess that just leaves Kusanagi.' And so Orochimaru brought the Kusanagi out so that the blade stuck out of his mouth.

"Hmm, using the Kusanagi already? Do you already have so few options that you are resorting to that."

"Hmph, it's all that I need to deal with you." Orochimaru responded. It wasn't entirely a lie; even Itachi wouldn't be able to handle the sword's poison. Itachi was no medic nin, and he highly doubted that Tsunade would feel any need to heal Itachi.

'I just have to time this right.' Orochimaru thought as he lunged towards Itachi, sword poised to strike.

Itachi dodged the strike easily, as it was fairly simple to predict his movements, because how many strikes can you attempt using you head? However, it confused Itachi that Orochimaru didn't stop after his missed strike, he just kept going.

'Damn it, that coward is trying to run away.' Itachi performed a quick shunshin jutsu and ended up in front of Orochimaru, only to have to jump to the side as he stuck the sword out for another strike. When Itachi dodged, Orochimaru still kept running to get away.

'Time for a different approach.' Itachi thought to himself as he began to form some hand seals. Multiple small fireballs came out of his mouth and formed a wall or fire in front or Orochimaru, cutting off his escape. Orochimaru's first instinct was to use a suiton jutsu to make a path through the flames for himself, but as he attempted to do just that, his arms remained limp at his sides.

'Damn it, I really miss using my arms.' Orochimaru thought to himself. He turned to face Itachi, but he was nowhere to be seen. However, he felt the kick that landed on the side of his head and sent him tumbling across the clearing. 'That…really hurt. Looks like I will have to pull out my trump card.'

"Kabuto, get over here!" Orochimaru yelled out. Kabuto soon appeared at his side. "I need to use the summoning jutsu." And with that, Orochimaru proceeded to bite his lip to draw blood while Kabuto reached for that blood and smeared it on some seals on Orochimaru's arms.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Orochimaru called out. What he wasn't expecting, however, was for the two simultaneous calls of the same jutsu. When all of the smoke cleared from the clearing, he was standing atop Manda, staring across at both Gamabunta and Katsuyu.

As soon as they had been summoned, Manda and Gamabunta began complaining.

"Orochimaru, this better be worth my time."

"Damn it Jiraiya, what did you summon me for this time."

Gamabunta and Manda then turned their attentions to each other.

"Ah, it's Manda. This is great; I could use a new snakeskin wallet." Gamabunta proclaimed.

"So, both Katsuyu and Gamabunta are here. Orochimaru, you are going to owe me a large number of sacrifices."

Manda proceeded to dart towards Katsuyu and wrap around her, attempting to squeeze the life out of her, only for Katsuyu to split into many smaller versions of herself to escape. While Manda tried to get into position to prepare for another strike, Gamabunta rammed into Manda from the side.

"Jiraiya, give me a light!" Gamabunta shouted.

Jiraiya formed some hand seals and let out a fireball to light the oil that Gamabunta spit out of his mouth. The flames consumed Manda and they could see the writhing form of Manda collapse in the flames. When the flames cleared, everyone looked out and saw only Manda's shed skin. Manda surprised Gamabunta and rammed into his side, knocking him over and falling towards Shizune and the recently healed Naruto.

'Oh shit, this is bad' Jiraiya thought.

Itachi and Kisame were a bit worried now. They had been staying back and watching the summons fight it out. Neither had summons of their own, so they decided to let them all deal with each other and then finish them off while they were weakened. However, they hadn't planned on Naruto getting caught in the crossfire and in danger of dieing. They both made to move him out of the way, but both knew that they could not make it to him in time. As they watched what would be the end of the person they were charged to capture, Naruto began to do something that they didn't expect. He bit his thumb and formed some hand seals, and then proceeded to slam his hand into the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Naruto called out as he used a small bit of Kyuubi's charka for the summoning. When the cloud of smoke disappeared, Naruto was standing atop Suyoki, the large, solid white leader of the snow fox clan.

'He can summon a demon fox clan too? Damn it, why couldn't I make him my vessel, he is nearly perfect.' Orochimaru thought to himself.

"You've really gotten yourself into a mess this time Naruto. How do you manage to get into these situations?" Suyoki asked Naruto as he pushed Gamabunta back up.

"No time to explain, I just need your help here." Naruto replied as he tried to help Shizune get her balance atop the large fox.

"Obviously." The fox replied. The four summons stared at each other, waiting for another to make a move when a large sound came from the side of the clearing. They all turned to see a large Raccoon dog made of sand cackling psychotically.

"…Shit." Suyoki said.

"Orochimaru…I hate you." Manda quipped.

Itachi sighed, "Kisame, you were careless not to notice his transformation. This battle is getting far too risky. We should leave this battle and wait for a better opportunity to present itself." Kisame agreed and the two of them left while the 5 large creatures stared at their opponents.


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Naruto and Super OC, along with a cloaked Itachi and Kisame, who joined them soon after Itachi because they are both partners (because if Itachi is good, then Kisame is also good by default. Besides, we already determined that Orochimaru was really at fault for all of Kisame's crimes, he was just in an undetectable henge.) stood before the gates of Konoha.

"Super OC, remind me why we returned to enter me in the academy when I have been learning so much more on our training trip?" Naruto asked.

"Because, this wouldn't be much of a story if we just spent the whole time training. We came back so that we can have you beat everyone up in a loosely tied, very weak plot." Super OC responded. Before Naruto asked any questions about "The Plot" and managed to bring the author back into the story again, Super OC, Itachi and Kisame made their way into Konoha.


The next day, Naruto found himself in the academy. The previous day had been spent proving Itachi and Kisame's innocence and having the instated as Konoha ninja. Naruto looked around the class, none of these kids were worth his time, after all, he had enough strength to take on all five kages at once. However, he was still not as strong as Super OC, because Super OC is just like that. A man with a scar on his nose then walked in the door and stood before the class.

"We have a new student today. Naruto, come down here and introduce yourself." The man said.

Naruto made his way to the front of the class, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto…" He said no more, because it is cool to be mysterious and withdrawn like that. He made his way back up to his seat while many girls watched him with hearts in their eyes, none more so then a certain Hyuuga heiress, thus proving that Hinata is really shallow, not caring about his personality at all, merely caring about his looks, because the personality of this Naruto and cannon Naruto have nothing in common, so no argument about personality or determination can apply. Besides, she just met him.

"Ok class, who can tell me what the purpose of being a ninja is?" Iruka asked the class. Iruka saw a hand up in the air and called on that student, "Sasuke."

"To Avenge!" Sasuke shouted.

Iruka sighed, "No Sasuke, the purpose of being a ninja is not to avenge."

"But I am an Avenger, so I must avenge the people that I have sworn to avenge, for if I do not avenge the people I have sworn to avenge, then I can no longer be an avenger, so I must avenge those that I swore to avenge to make me an avenger…avenger." Sasuke replied. Sasuke apparently doesn't have much of a vocabulary past the word "Avenge."

Iruka just sighed again, "Anyone else…Sakura?"

"To marry Sasuke!" Sakura proclaimed. This is about the extent of her vocabulary.

"No Sakura, I am sure that many of the boys in this class would tell you that their goal is not to marry Sasuke. Now, can anyone answer this question?"

Naruto then stood up and went into a long thirty minute jounin level answer to what is the purpose of being a ninja, because Naruto has also received a great deal of educational training from Super OC and his "mother" Kyuubi.

"Wow, that is a very good answer Naruto."

And so, the class proceeded in a similar manner until the day of the exams.


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