What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.

Replica Riku could cry. He could crawl, but he still has a spine. There's no one here to for him to protect anymore. There's just endless abyss, as far as he can see.

Is this death?

Is this what happens when a Nobody dies?

He wasn't even really a Nobody. He wasn't a human. He didn't even have his own name.

And now, the replica stays sitting, his head down. He's sitting on air. There's nothing beneath him, and he feels as empty as this hollow space he inhabits.

He doesn't think he can stand. His legs have no feeling, as if he's weighed down. This is complete oblivion, hiding beneath a veil of mystery.

The replica's breath hitches, and he knows he's going to cry. He clenches his eyes shut, his jaw equally tight. He's strong. He won't cry.

But he does.


Replica Riku glances upward, and quickly blinks away his tears. He finds his eyes on someone who he wouldn't expect at all. "Lexaeus…"

The older, brawnier man makes a gruff noise, extending a hand. "C'mon."


The replica stares, feeling awkward and shy and unsure. Lexaeus takes it upon himself to simply drag the clone upward. "We've been looking for you."

Replica Riku stands and his legs are weak. He leans on Lexaeus for support. "…'We?'"

"Well, not we. Vexen, mostly."

The boy can't help but feel slightly elated.

"So… is everybody here? Are we--"

"Dead? Yeah."

Were they ever alive?

Lexaeus drags replica Riku forward, through the blackness and the emptiness. Only now, it somehow feels less dark and less empty, because the replica knows that the others are here as well.

"So… is this… heaven?"

The brutish man doesn't answer for a moment. He's not that intelligent, the replica knows, but there's something about him that makes the boy feel like Lexaeus is the only one who knows what he's doing.

"It might be."

Our life is the creation of our mind.