"Briiiiiiiiiing!" young 14 year old, Danny Fenton's alarm clock went off.

Danny whacked it and rolled over in his bed again. He hated that stupid alarm clock. He wanted to sleep longer.

"Danny! Time to get up!" his sister Jazz was outside his door. She was like a second alarm clock, but she couldn't be shut off.

Danny grunted. He had been up all night fighting ghosts. He was exhausted and really didn't feel like getting up.

"Danny?" Jazz knocked on his door.

"I'm up! I'm up!" Danny pulled the covers over his head.

Jazz came into his room, "You're not up, your still in bed."

She pulled the covers off his head.

Danny tried to pull them away from her, but she held them out of reach.

"Danny, you're going to be late for school!" Jazz had to do this every morning. Her brother was so stubborn.

Danny grunted again, "Go away Jazz."

Jazz sighed, "Rough night, again?"

Danny turned to face her. He sat up, "Yeah. Those stupid ghosts won't leave me alone!"

"You'll get used to it. Trust me," she ruffled her brother's hair, "But right now you better get ready for school before you're late.

Danny crawled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. Jazz stared at him, he seemed to be limping and he looked miserable. She was worried about him, but right now, she too, had to get ready for school.

True, Danny wasn't feeling his best. He was tired and his leg hurt. He was hot and his vision was blurred. He splashed some water on his face to cool him off. He got in the shower and sat there in the refreshing coolness for a while. Then, he got dressed and started down the stairs to eat breakfast.

"Hi, Danny!" Jazz is always so peppy in the morning, "Would you like some toast or cereal?"

"Cereal's fine. I'll get it," Danny limped over to the cabinet to get a bowl. He poured himself some Fruit Loops and sat down at the table.

"Uh, Danny? Are you okay," Jazz stared at him, worried.

"Yeah, why ask?"

"Because you forgot the milk and you're trying to eat cereal with a fork," Jazz pointed out.

"Oh," Danny went to get the milk and a spoon.


"What?" Danny was getting annoyed by Jazz's questions.

"Um… are you sure you're okay. You're really jumpy and… I think you're limping."

Danny sighed. How does she notice this stuff! It's not like a normal sister would notice.

"Jazz, I-"

A huge figure came running into the room almost knocking Danny over. He was followed by a skinnier more graceful figure.

"The Spectra Signa is finally done!" Danny's gigantic Father, Jack Fenton boomed. He was holding a small white and grey remote looking thing.

"The what?" Danny and Jazz asked.

"The Spectra Signa. It will detect a ghost's ectoplasmic signature and rip it out. Leaving a giant glob of Ectoplasm for me and your mother to work with."

Danny cringed at the thought of being a giant blob of ectoplasm. He would have to note this one under a "Must Avoid."

"Yep, and now we just have to find a ghost to test it on," Danny's mom, Maddie Fenton exclaimed. Danny backed away.

"Uh… I better get to school," Danny shot out of the house so fast the other three didn't know what hit 'em.

"Whew, that was a close one," Danny saw his two friends walking towards his house.

"Hi, Danny." They greeted him. One was a girl; Sam Manson. She was a Goth and an Ultra- recyclo vegetarian. She had slick black hair, with a pony tail on top and Black and purple clothes. The other was a dark- skinned boy. He was a techno-geek and had huge blocky glasses. He always had a PDA with him and could hardly keep an eye off it, but that's Tucker Foley for ya.

"Wow, you're actually outside your house this morning," Sam commented.

"Don't you mean, out of bed?" Tucker said, sarcastically.

Danny ignored him, "Yeah, my folks made a new invention again. This one is kinda gross too."

"How so," Sam was curious.

"It finds a ghosts ectoplasmic signature and rips it's out, leaving a bunch of goo to test on."

"Eww," Sam cringed.

"Yeah," Danny agreed.

"Hey, Danny, are you…limping?" Sam asked, as they began to walk to school.

"Yeah, I got into fights with a bunch of ghosts last night. The weird thing is they seemed to all hit this one leg. It hurts like crazy!" he stopped to rest his leg for a second.

"Maybe you should get it checked out?"

"No, I'm fine, just tired. I'm sure it'll be better by-" a blue mist escaped his mouth, cutting him off, "Oh, not again! Why won't these ghosts leave me alone?"

"I'm goin' ghost!" he shouted his battle cry. A blue ring appeared around his waist. It split in half; one half going upwards, the other down. It revealed snowy white hair where his normal raven black hair would be. His T- shirt and jeans were now a black and white jumpsuit with a symbol of a DP on his chest.

He flew into the sky before his friends could make him turn back or change his mind.

"I am the BOX GHOST!" a plump blue figure flew just above the street in front of Fenton works.

"Oh come on! Can't you leave me alone for one day?" Danny shot an ecto-plasmic blast at the box ghost.

He flew back a few inches then regained composure. He got a bunch of boxes out of what seemed like nowhere and started to shoot them at Danny. Danny turned intangible and watched as the boxes flew through him.

"There they are, Maddie!" Danny turned to see his parents staring up at them. His Dad held the Fenton finder and his mom held some sort of green and grey thing.

"Oh, that's nice," Danny turned to see the Box ghost throwing some new boxes at him. Danny remained intangible until they were gone. When he remained tangibility he shot some more blasts at the box ghost.

"Get him Maddie!" he heard his Dad yell. He looked to see his mom throw something at him. The box ghost seized the moment to pelt Danny with more boxes. He was hit in the chest, his right arm and, you guessed it, his hurt leg. He winced in pain.

"Hey, can't you do anything else besides throw boxes?" Danny felt something slap his back.

"Ow," he tried to reach the now attached devise but he couldn't. He felt it jiggle and some little arm things came out of it. There were six of them. They wrapped around his body and secured themselves onto Danny's chest.

Danny looked to see what his parents were planning to do to him. He panicked when his saw his mom take out some kind of green remote with one tiny button on it. She pressed it.

Danny's turned ash white when the devise attached to him began to beep. A yellow pulse went through the tentacles. In the middle a yellow circle began to glow. Then, it made a screeching noise. Danny covered his ears until it stopped and sent an electric shock through Danny's body. He screamed in pain. It felt like it was ripping him apart from the inside out.

Danny's world turned black as he fell to the floor unconscious.