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"Danny, no! You'll die!" Sam ran over to him. Her eyes held fear. He was always the kind of person to sacrifice himself before others. He was stubborn, and his mind wasn't easy to change.

"Get back over here." Darcy pulled Sam back with the rest of the group. Sam tried to fight back, but before she could make a move Vlad disappeared, along with both Danny's.

"No!" she turned to Darcy and glared into her eyes, "Where did he take them?"

"You'll see in a moment." Darcy didn't look back at Sam. Instead, she simply looked forward, at the place Vlad once floated. Sam felt a warm fuzzy feeling crawl up her body and watched as she turned invisible. She had gotten used to this feeling since Danny had flown her around invisibly so many times, yet she couldn't ignore it. Not like Danny could.

Darcy also turned her hostage crew intangible as she followed pursuit of her master. She entered a huge dome shaped room, in the very back of the old castle. This room looked as if it had been refurbished recently.

The room looked almost like a colosseum.

Sam saw Vlad down in a huge ring. He threw Phantom to one end of the stadium, and Danny to the other. The lousy smirk was still on his face; it made her sick.

Her mind wandered to Danny. He looked weak and scared, even if he didn't want to show it in front of his friends and family. His body was split in half, and he had no idea what to do. Something told her, faking it was not an option for him. All the things he'd ever done to win his fights weren't available. He'd have to think of something new.

Her thoughts were jerked away as she hit the ground with a thud. She immediately turned visible and touchable as Darcy released them.

Sam groaned and stood up, but this resulted in her falling again. They were inside a large ball, dangling from the ceiling by a thick metal chain. It dangled over a long pit that stretched into darkness. She looked to her side and saw Darcy, standing at a lever. Darcy smiled wickedly and pushed it down.

The ball lurched downward. Their eyes widened as the ball began to plummet to its doom. Darcy pushed the lever back to its position it halted. She laughed, thinking it was humorous.

"Why you little-" Sam's anger was cut short when a bell was heard. Vlad's voice rang out on an intercom.

"Now, this little competition is for a very good purpose dear boy," his announcement was directed towards Danny, "When you said you would be willing to kill your other half, you put yourself, as well as your friends into this battle." He chuckled.

Danny glared at him, as well as an identical glare from Phantom. Though, none of them said a word, thoughts swarmed through their minds. What was going through Vlad's sick mind? Why would he ever want to kill on of them? All his previous plans clearly said he needed them together so…why?

"One of you is stronger than the other. I need to figure out which one. Once I do, my little plan can go into action fully. Since all of my previous plans seemed to fail, I've done the research to make sure this one does not." He sighed as the memories of his failure flooded back.

"What are we here for?" Jazz raised an eyebrow at him. Honestly, this plan didn't seem as full proof as he wanted it to be.

"You are here to make sure young Daniel does as I say." Vlad pressed a button in front of him and a large digital clock blinked to life above the stadium. On it, were three numbers, in bright red. Three minutes, was all they had.

"What…exactly, are we supposed to do then?" Danny pushed Vlad to the point.

"You said you would kill your other half when your friends where in the hands of my…partner." He motioned towards Darcy, "But you didn't think of the chances before you said what you thought was best. You thought you could get away from the words that came out of your mouth, oh but dear boy, you can't. Either you die, or they do.

He pointed at the group dangling above what could be their doom. Their lives where now in the hands of a fourteen year old boy, who was hanging between life and death as it was.

"You wouldn't kill us." Phantom sneered at him, "Me and you both know you want us."

A smirked tugged at Vlad's lips, but he kept it down in a thin line.

"When that timer runs out, if there are still two people in the ring, Darcy will let your friends fall to their death."

A small window was opened on the side of the stadium and it held a few things Danny would need. He grabbed ecto weapon, along with a bit of protection gear. He glanced warily at Phantom who was finally catching the clue that this was serious. They hadn't gotten to plan any sort of fake death attempt or trick Vlad scheme. Everything they did was upon pure child hood impulse.

The timer buzzed and the seconds began to tick away. Ever so slowly.

The two looked at each other, thoughts swarmed through their minds. They'd have to find a way to contact each other without actually talking in front of Vlad. If twin telepathy was real, then they had to have some sort of mind connection. They were the same person, after all.

"This is low, even for Vlad." Danny commented, "If he wants us dead so badly why can't he just do it himself?"

"Apparently he needs to find us 'worthy' of whatever stupid task he wants. As if he thinks we'd be his pathetic minion!" Phantom's statement was directed more towards Vlad than the conversation.

"Vlad is wack. He won't kill us, but he would kill Sam, Tuck and Jazz. So we need to do something." Danny stood up, but felt something stick him in the back of his neck. His hand instinctively went where the feeling had come from and he gasped as he pulled away a dart.

"Vlad! You che-" his throat suddenly closed up and his vision went black. Yet, his body did not fall to the floor. His breathing did not shallow, his eyes never closed.

"Danny?" Phantom flew over to his human half only to be hit hard in the chest, causing him to fly across the stadium and slam hard into the wall. He groaned as the wall cracked and cried out upon impact.

Phantom stood up, rubbing his head as it throbbed. He looked over at Danny and gasped.

His eyes were bright red.

"Oh, great."

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