Hello there! This is my first attempt at a fanfic., and I hope everything goes well. Oh, and if anything in it sounds kinda weird or is horribly misspelled, don't kill me! I've got a really bad cold/ flu and this was the best thing I could think of doing to pass time.

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–Central headquarters, early afternoon–

Colonel Roy Mustang clicked his pen periodically as he stared out into space. At first, 1st Lt. Riza Hawkeye ignored to monotonous sound but, after an hour, it was becoming unbearable. Normally Hawkeye was a woman of great self- restraint but, with each click, her eyebrow twitched and her fist tightened. "Sir," she said calmly, "Please stop." He didn't respond."Sir, please stop." Her fist clenched tighter when the pen clicked again.

Hawkeye gracefully stood from her desk and walked over to her superior. She easily slipped the pen out of his grasp and examined it. Mustang's other subordinates that were in the office eyed the 1st Lieutenant fearfully.

A few moments later, Hawkeye snapped. She threw the pen up to the office ceiling and drew her gun from it's holster. It began it's travel down and she shot it in mid air. The pen exploded into bits of metal and blue ink. Mustang broke out of his zombie- like state and gaped his Lieutenant.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR, HAWKEYE!" Mustang's other subordinates scurried out of the room to escape the possible cross-fire of bullets and flames.

"You should have listened to me the first time I asked you to stop, sir."

"I didn't here you say anything!" The Colonel stood and slammed his fists on the desk.

"I apologize ,sir, but I spoke quite clearly." Hawkeye bent over as she spoke and picked up the broken pieces of the pen. Mustang sighed and combed one of his hands through his raven hair.

Hawkeye tossed the pen pieces into a waist basket next to Mustang's desk. A small stream of blood flowed from the palm of her hand where a jagged piece of metal had pierced it. Mustang took her hand in his and looked over the cut. It wasn't very deep but, he hated the sight of the Lieutenant's blood. She had been hurt, she had bled, way too many times as a result of his own stupidity. 'I don't deserve such an amazing woman...,' thought Mustang, '...She's so beautiful.'

"Sir...?" Roy snapped out of his thoughts and saw that the blood had over- flown from Hawkeye's pam and was forming a neat pool of dark, red liquid on his desk. He hastily rummaged through his pockets and with drew a small white cloth. He wrapped her pam as best as he could and sent her down to the infirmary.

Roy sank down into his desk chair and reached into his desk drawer. He pulled out a new pen and began to click it as he stared out into space.

– A couple hours later–

When Hawkeye returned form the infirmary, her left hand was completely encased in bandages. Havoc, Breda, and the others knew better then to ask what had transpired between the two while they were alone in the office. The men made it there mission to stay out of there supeior officers' way.

For a while, things were quiet despite the uneasy air that hung in the room. Roy was actually working, for once, so Hawkeye was free to finish up her own assignments.

Every few minutes, Mustang would look up from his desk to stare at the lovely Lieutenant. His eyes would travel from herperfecly sculptedface, to her pinned-up blonde hair and ,eventually, they would land on her bandaged hand. He scowled at himself for being such a dumb-ass, jerk. Making his allies think less of him or causing them to get hurt was the last thing he wanted to do. 'Hawkeye is an ally ...hm...but Hawkeye is different from the others. I don't know what I would do if I lost her. Wait! Does that mean that I'm in-.' Riza looked up from her desk and shot him a 'get back to work,' glare.

As if sensing where his eyes had lingered Riza spoke softly without taking her eyes from her paper."It doesn't hurt ,sir."

Mustang's scowl faded and was replaced by a relieved smile.

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