Hello there and welcome to the last chapter of The Ally! You know, when I started this, I had absolutely no clue as to what was going to happen. I had no plans what so ever and I was pretty surprised with the ending.


Roy hugged Riza tightly in his arms. If he didn't do something soon, she would die. He stood up slowly and followed the Homunculi. They brought him to the basement of a building not far from HQ. In the basement, there was a prison cell crammed with way too many people for Roy to count. "Put the Lt. On that table," said Envy. Roy complied, though he was reluctant to let her out of his grasp. Envy smirked and took a step towards Riza. "The bitch should have known better then to fight back." Roy stepped in front of Riza and let out a low growl.

"If you led me here to mock me, then I'll leave now." Lust shook her head scoldingly.

"He's much too impatient and rude, isn't he Envy... I think we should just leave and let the silly woman die." Envy shook a finger at Lust.

"Now, now. We need him as much as he needs us," Envy turned and smiled at Mustang, "Let's make a trade." Roy clenched his fists and nodded.

"What do I need to do..."

"There's a transmutation array in that cell over there. All you need to do... is transmute it into the stone." Roy stumbled over to the cell. The few people that were conscious looked at him with eyes full of fear. He remembered what Riza had said to him a few nights ago, "Promise me that you will never do that..." Roy shook his head and placed his hands above the array. They hovered there for quite sometime before one of the people in the cell stepped up to the bars. "The lady over there promised me that she would help us," he said, "She promised that and now you're going to kill us?" Roy looked up at him and then looked back at Riza.

"Yes..." Roy placed his hands on the array and it glowed faintly. The light's intensity grew and a loud explosion occurred. A small, shiny stone appeared in the middle of the array where the people once stood. Lust placed a hand on Roy's shoulder and Envy retrieved the stone.

"Not a philosopher's stone, but it's damn close," Envy laughed as he placed the stone in Roy's hands. "Go ahead... Flame alchemist..." Mustang made his legs carry him over to Riza. He sighed in relief when he checked to see if she was still breathing. He drew the proper circle on the ground and placed Riza on top of it. He placed his hands on the array, with the stone. It glowed and a blanket of light swept over Riza. Lust walked over to Roy and held out her hand. Roy half- heartedly dropped the stone in her palm without looking up. Envy left the basement, but Lust stopped at the door. She grinned and looked back at Roy.

"Remember... no good deep goes unpunished... good luck."


Riza awoke in a bright room with a throbbing headache. She became extremely dizzy when she attempted to sit up. Roy walked in the room carrying a vase of fresh roses. "Sir!" she tried giving him a salute, but it turned out clumsy. "Where... am I?" Roy looked perplexed and he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Sir?" he said.

"Yes, that's your title along with Colonel...," Riza said somewhat confused.

"You... you don't remember anything?"

"I remember falling asleep after we go on the train to Aldeca and then things get... fuzzy..." Roy's mind was racing. He laughed bitterly at himself after he thought for a moment. 'Of corse... the alchemic repercussions... I didn't receive any... but Riza... it took away her memory of the we spent together in Aldeca.'

"Is something wrong, sir?" Roy smiled and shook his head. 'Maybe it was for the best...'

"No, no everything is alright. And as to what happened, well, um... you fell inside of the train compartment and hit your head... You've been out for the past few days, we're in the Eastern HQ infirmary right now." Riza seemed satisfied with his answer because she leaned her head back against the headboard and closed her eyes. Roy turned to leave and Riza spoke.

"Sir... I feel like I've done something wrong... something that made you feelbad... I may not remember it, but please forgive me..." Roy stared at the floor for a moment.

"I'm a horrible person Hawkeye... I really don't deserve to have you by my side..." Riza blushed at his comment, though she didn't understand it's deeper meaning.

"It's my duty, sir, and I will gladly for fill it." Roy sighed and walked out of the room. 'Forgive me for the selfish thing that I have done... knowing what I did to save you, I can never let you love a monster like me.'

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