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Goverment and Law

Morgan woke to the gentle shaking of Jen. Morgan spent a few moments savoring the feeling of amnesia that you experience after just waking. At first she didn't know why... She sat up.

"What is it Jen? I hope it is something important"

"Yes, it is. We're just about to start voting, and since I suggested you..."

"Voting? What are you talking about?"

"We're voting on who will be Empress".

Morgan finally started to digest this load laid on her so early. "You said you wanted me to be Empress?"

"Yah... you better get up so you can speak for yourself".

"Who are the other candidates?"

"Some self-elected girls. Horribly bossy, they practicaly bullied the others to elect them. I don't think anyone really wants them"



Morgan sighed. "Next time, wake me up before everyone starts deciding things".

Jen blushed. "Sorry, I figured you could use your sleep. You worked the hardest yesterday".

Finaly, Morgan stood up and walked out of the spherical shelter. Jen led her to the meeting circle. The fire was nearly out. Morgan paused to work it back up, then continued to the Speaker's Log. Jen climbed the steps behind her, and began to speak at the top.

"Okay, our contendents will make speaches. When we have heard them all out, we will vote. Here all the rules: no dissing other contendors, no bribing, and no promises you won't or can't keep", then added quietly to Morgan "This was my idea".

"Then you should be Empress. We need great ideas". Morgan thought for a moment, then said aloud "I suppose that, if you want me for Empress, I'll lead our little castaway group. But I won't push for control. If you really want someone else to lead you, I'll step aside. I could help in many ways if I lead. I know what sort things you should do on a deserted island. I can even make time for fun when we get the initial work done."

She paused a moment, and thought; what would the girls want in a leader? "I'll lead a complete democracy. I won't do anything unless you agree, I'll do whatever it is you request. I've got little expierience in being marooned, but I still know how to act, what's most important. Goverment. Food. Shelter. Laws. Much more than what we're used to getting ourselves. But I know how. Vote me, and I can help us survive. I can help us be rescued. We don't have to hate being here, but we don't have to live our entire life here either. We can be happy till we get rescued. I can do that. But like I said, it's up to you whether I can do that. Democracy. You vote. You chose. You decide our fate. I'm just worried about it staying that way."

The mob of girls seemed stunned at the long speech. Then they began whispering about the strange ending. They finally figured out what Morgan meant. What if another leader took democracy from them?

The next girl, a big, burly fourteen-year-old, stood and walked to the stepped logg. Her eyes gazed tempestuously towards the girls, like a hawk toward its prey. "Cindy, me, should be leader 'cause I'm leader of the girlscouts back home, and I'm strong. I can beat up anything that's bad".

The girls waited for Cindy to continue, but instead she made a deep bow and left the stand. She said all there was to say.

The next girl to step up was Maria, a mean girl with scowl etched on her face at all times. She thundered up the steps to the stand. Morgan could only feel increulity towards the success of Maria's campaign.

"I'm gonna make anyone who doesn't vote for me suffer. That's a promise I'm gonna keep. I aughta be leader because I'm the best. Anyone else is just soft and mushy and dumb and ugly".

Morgan frowned. She certainly wasn't dumb or ugly!

"Let's take our first "Contedor" for example. Morgan isn't strong, and she's dumb to think that Empress doesn't decide. We're deciding who'll be Empress for crying out loud! Empress should make her own decisions! Morgan is weak because she needs help making her choices in life. You seemed like you were going to vote her! Her! And why? Cause she said something about democracy. Sure, that's American law, but this isn't America! We make our own law. Vote me, and it will be Anarchy. Everyone can do what they want. You want to 'build civilization'? Sure, though you won't live long on that. If that's what you want, follow Morgan. You want to explore? Follow me. Want to have fun? Follow me. Want to feast?". Maria paused a moment.

"Follow me".

Talk followed. At first, some liked the idea. Then Maria spoke again.

"You want democracy, follow Morgan. But if you follow me, do exactly as I say whenever I say it without question and you'll have the time of your life"

Everyone relized the point now of what Morgan said. Maria would take freedom from them, and Morgan would preserve it. But Maria would kill them if they didn't vote her! What could they do?

Jen stood. "You're disqualified Maria".

Maria nearly growled. "Why should I be disqualified?"

"You dissed another contendor. You based your entire speach on dissing Morgan".

"You see!" Maria yelled. "Horrid, democratic rules, they've eliminated your only chance! Your only chance at freedom!"

"No" said one of the girls. "That rule just preserved our freedom. You'd make a horrid leader".

With that voting took place. With Maria elliminated, it was only Morgan and Cindy. It was unanimous, Morgan was leader. Even Maria, after finding her head, wouldn't vote such a bad leader even to spite Morgan.

Morgan was Empress of the Castaways.

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