Sakura watched hesitantly as Naruto dragged his body through the gates. It must have been 6 or so years since she had last seen him. Of course though she had changed, her short pink hair was longer now, but still not the same magnificent length she had when she was forced to brutally chop it off. Her once flat figure had transformed into a curvy, lean, and very attractive body.

She had switched the red over coat and leggings for a tight, figure hugging black body suit. The shirt resembled her old over coat, with 2/3 sleeves, and the village symbol in red on her back. The bottoms were baggy, like Tentens, but with a long (width) red sash tightly wrapped, right below her natural waist. Her forehead protector was on her forehead, but her looks had matured and her face had lost that round, complete oval shaped look and thinned out. The infamous sea foam eyes watched, restraining herself not to pounce on the boy, man, like in her early teen years. When Naruto has successfully dragged her old love to the infirmary she left the shadows to return to her shift.

Kakashi sat in the tree, watching Sakura retreating figure. He was surprised, when he had first broke the news to Sakura that the last member of team 7 had been found, she had just stared at him, and then ran to her apartment. He knew she would be waiting for Naruto to come home with him, but she hadn't even gone to greet them. He climbed down and progressed slowly towards his home. Tomorrow was going to be interesting, but as soon as the traitor was out of the hospital and permitted to be allowed in team 7, the months would be even more.

Sasuke awoke to the grim face of Naruto. He struggled to sit up, ripping wires and tubes out of his body.

"Hey, Sasuke, I don't think your supposed to be doing that," the blonde muttered tiredly out of the side of his mouth. Sasuke watched his younger comrade and slowly laided back down.

"How long have I been here?"

"Um, about two days, but you've been asleep since our, well, battle," there eyes met briefly, but they turned away quickly, determined not to look at each other.

(Flashback, kind of, not really)

Blood stained the muddy forest floor, the two boys faced each other, hair in their faces, murder on there minds.

"I just want to know why SASUKE!" Naruto screamed, "How could you just leave, leave me, Kakashi, team 7, Sakura. How could you leave Sakura Sasuke? You don't know how much you've changed her, or maybe your cruelty has."

"That's enough Naruto, you know perfectly well I needed to kill my brother and avenge my clan. Don't pin this all on me I've done nothing"

"WHAT" Naurto interrupted, "you selfish, how, I don't know what to say to you. When you left to revenge your clan, we had nothing left. You kept us strong Sasuke, without you Sakura had nothing. She thought you didn't love her because she was weak, weak Sasuke. You made our Sakura feel weak, pitiful. She doesn't live anymore Sasuke. She's to obsessed with becoming strong. Always training, always, STILL, putting everyone else in front of her. You tell me why she's so determined to became strong now Sasuke! Get it through your thick head that the world doesn't revolve around you and your god damn, 'dreams',"

With that they lunged at each other, weapons gone, just pure violence. They collided and fists were thrown. Naruto dodged his kicks but was struck in the gut by his fist, and thrown violently backwards into a tree. His eyes glowed the usual red, and Naruto staggered to his feat, praying the cursed seal wouldn't activate, but Sasuke had no choice. Soon they were going at each other, their powers almost equal, but Sasuke made a mistake, Naurto had not come alone. Neji stepped out of the shadows and activated his infamous fighting teqnique. Sasuke fell forwards and was caught be the awaiting Ninjas.

(Flashback done)

Sasuke rolled to face the plain white wall. What a shity hospital room. Completely white, windows on the opposite wall, only a few hard backed chairs and a bedside table covered mostly with medicines and, a small vase streaming with white and yellow flowers. Naruto caught his eyes looking at the only flowers in the room.

"She doesn't hate you. IN fact, I don't know how she feels. I haven't heard her mention you in years," with that he stood and turned to exit out the room. "Welcome home Sasuke"