The Seduction Game

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Quick Author's notes: Since they're in college, it is a lot harder to make them meet than as if they were in high school, so I wrote it according to the way college life is administrated in Asia, whose structure resembles the American high school way. The college system I'll be using will be different, so here's a quick explanation so no one gets lost: the first two years are considered freshman, the third and fourth year you're considered a sophomore. By then you'll have determined your major, and will be taking two more years of College (junior and senior) before moving on to graduate school.
Inuyasha and Miroku are 24, Sango is 23, and Kagome is 22. Though a year younger, she's good friends with Sango, but is unaware of the two heart-breaker's existence (I don't know how that's possible; I would definitely notice if I had such hot guys running around my school, pity I can't find any, sigh) at the beginning of the story. Souta and Kohaku are 18, Sesshoumaru is 28, and Kagura is 27. Hojo also appears, and he's currently 26. I'll keep updating this list as more characters appear, and make a note at the beginning of each chapter when they first show up. Pairings: Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, and Sesshoumaru/Kagura. Sorry Rin fans, I can't imagine her being married to Fluffy without calling him a pedophile.

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The Seduction Game
Summary: Inuyasha Takahashi is the guy no girl can resist, but when he sets his sights on Kagome Higurashi, he has met his match. When the young girl outright refuses him and angers him, he swore that he would break her and ruin her life. But neither can deny their attraction, nor were they prepared for the burning passion that threatened to consume them both. Yet can love be born out of hate and a need to dominate?

The Seduction Game

Chapter One: Damn mornings!

Soft chirping announced the arrival of a new morning as its owners gazed with doleful eyes at the sleeping occupant hidden behind clear glass windows and gentle lace curtains. Despite the thick restraints against sound, the figure in bed stirred lightly, before its lids fluttered open to reveal intense amber eyes. The embodiment of masculine grace and beauty stretched like a cat, his fists uncurling to reveal claw-like nails, his body arching in a picture of sensuality. He shifted slightly, and the silk bed sheet moved with him, displaying a slender leg and round buttocks. The body of a female. The male frowned slightly, wondering where in the seven hells his drunken mind had found the hair-brained reason for bringing her into his bed.

The bed sheet was suddenly flung aside, and before the startled male could register what had happened, his bed partner was already straddling him, a wicked smile grazing her dark features.

"Can your hanyou stamina keep up with a youkai?" She whispered seductively, rocking her hips slowly against his, smiling with satisfaction as he became hard again. The male underneath her shifted uncomfortably, seeking to enter her tender passage, but she eluded him. He knew he should be disgusted by the whore above him, but his body overruled his mind. It only wanted to fuck, to release this tension, and it realized fully well that the warm, willing female above him was more than ready to fulfill this urge.

"Bitch..." He moaned as she continued to tease him, not allowing him the satisfaction of reveling in her soft tunnel. She knew he could smell her arousal for she was wetter than a fish, but for now, she would enjoy having the upper hand. Her eyes lit with a devilish smirk as she saw the amber orbs shut in pleasure.

"Yes, I'm your bitch." She murmured, before leaning forward agilely and sucking a nipple into her mouth, his erection now cradled between her thighs, determined to return the pleasure he had given her last night.

The white-haired hanyou gasped in shock, her tongue teasing his already sensitive nipples. His body was on fire from her ministrations, every nerve heightened, and the only thing his youkai wanted was to fuck. He didn't give a damn whose body he was entering, as long as it satisfied his needs.

His youki was growing by the minute as his eyes started to bleed red. He was an inu-hanyou by birth, and with all his inherent instincts came the pride, the dominant nature of his kind. There was no way in hell his youkai would allow the bitch in heat to dominate him. Not even if the bitch was his mate, which that thing on top of him was certainly not.

While his body was craving release from the tightly coiled tension inside him, his youkai was about to break out of his control. In an effort to retain some sanity before all hell broke loose, he grabbed her hips, and with a flexibility that only came with being part demon, he had her on all fours in a matter of seconds. Now, he was the one in the control, he was the one who was dominant, the one teasing her. A clawed hand reached under her, grabbing a full breast and raking his claws along the soft mound, gouging deep gashes. The female youkai threw her head back in a scream of pain and pleasure, the sight of her blood flowing down her milk-white body strangely erotic. Her hips pushed back, the silent gesture begging Inuyasha to ease her suffering and bring her to her climax. The hanyou curved his mouth in a full-fanged smile; being begged was the ultimate ego stroke. He shifted his own hips, letting his erection slide tantalizingly along her glistening womanhood before allowing the velvety tip to slide inside. The woman underneath him screamed again.

"You like that, don't you, bitch?" Inuyasha growled darkly, his facial marks fading in and out. He ignored the pain his hard-on was causing, instead focusing on the faces of rapture Yura was making, the visual stimulation a complete turn on. He leaned down to her ear. "Tell me you like it, bitch. Tell me you are going to welcome me into your body."

His husky voice almost brought her to completion as she struggled to receive enough oxygen in her lungs to form a coherent sentence. "I... I like... it." She gasped. "I'll... welcome you... into... my body." Inuyasha growled, prying her soft thighs apart to allow him easy entry, and thrust deep into her warm passage, buried inside the soft body right to the hilt. Yura cried out, the feeling of his hot member so roughly filling her was sending waves of pleasure crashing into her. "Faster." She moaned. "Please." And felt the hanyou behind comply with her wishes, thrusting into her harder and faster.

Yura felt her long overdue climax starting to arise. Her arms collapsed, and her head fell onto the pillow, giving Inuyasha a better angle, causing every thrust to rub. He growled as he felt her inner walls contracting, trying to pull him deeper inside. And suddenly Yura screamed again, a scream of pure pleasure and energy. Inuyasha continued, thrusting into her couple more times before releasing inside her. White light exploded behind his closed eyelids, his lips releasing a scream close to a howl. Panting heavily, he rode out the waves of his orgasm, before opening his eyes to see Yura's face still twisted in exquisite agony. A smirk of male satisfaction blossomed on his lips as he watched a mixture of his semen and her juices flowing down her thighs. A wicked thought occurred to him as he allowed the mixture to drip onto his fingers.

Yura sighed gently as her orgasm left her tired and contend. She snuggled into his pillows, wanting nothing more than to close her eyes and drift off into dreamland. Her eyes shot open, however, when she felt someone force her lips open and slide something wet into her mouth. The scarlet orbs widened even more as she realized just exactly what he had coated his finger in.

"Suck." He commanded, his voice close to a growl. Yura refused point-blank to comply. He growled low, "Suck, bitch!" He ordered again. When she refused, he dove two fingers into her slit, pumping in and out. Yura cried out, a ball of fire already curling in her belly as his motions drove her to another climax. She panted heavily, her hips rising in anticipation, pushing against his hand. He added another finger, and a fourth. Yura was screaming with his every thrust now, part of his hand still in her mouth. She was close, so close, one more push would send her over the edge, but he suddenly stopped.

Yura whimpered at the loss, her hips pushing against his hand urgently, trying to achieve release. Inuyasha chuckled darkly and moved his face to her ear. "If you don't start sucking..." He allowed a hint of threat to enter his voice. "I'll leave you here like this, tie you to the bed so you can't pleasure yourself, and then start on my way to school. Do you think you can survive until I come back?" He mockingly asked. Yura's eyes widened even more, and her mouth closed on Inuyasha's fingers, her pink tongue swirling around his fingers, licking every drop of her juices. Inuyasha groaned, his silver hair cascading down his back in a glittering waterfall as his eyes slid shut in pleasure.

"Inuyasha!" The door suddenly slammed open, and the couple froze in mid-motion. A tall white-haired man stood in the doorway, the raising of an eyebrow his only outward expression. "School is in thirty minutes, so I suggest you get ready." The man informed his younger brother coolly, and was gone from their sight in the next second. Inuyasha stood up, his youkai receding by his brother's unexpected entrance, cursing under his breath. He intended to hunt for his pants, but Yura grabbed his arm, her eyes begging for him to complete her. The inu-hanyou rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Myouga!" he roared, and seconds later his servant who, in his mind, resembled a flea, struggled to breathe properly as he appeared before his master. "Escort Miss Yura to the front door." He ordered curtly, indicating the panting female on the bed. A moment of silence - then Yura's scream ripped through the air. She got clumsily to her feet, still a bit sore, though her eyes were blazing with rage, blinking back tears. "You bastard," she hissed, her hand flying out to strike him. He caught her hand a inch from his face, his glare mocking. "Now, we can't have you blemishing my face, or I won't be able to attract another girl." Yura's eyes widened in horror.

"Is that all I am to you? Just another lay? One more girl to screw around with? One more girl to add to your lists of conquests?"

Inuyasha smiled sardonically. "What do you think?" he retorted, walking towards the bathroom door without a backward glance. His ears flattened instinctively as the woman shouted obscenities at him.

"You man-whore! Son-of-a-bitch! How dare you treat the female population this way? Who the hell to you think you are? You are no god, you're nothing but a..."

"Myouga. Get her out, NOW!" Inuyasha ordered, having had just about enough. The old servant bowed hastily, dragging the screaming and crying woman down the stairs, who was still cursing at him. He rolled his eyes, quickly scrambling into the shower. His father would have his head if he got another report from school informing the great Inutaisho, head to the world's biggest corporation, Full Moon Corporation, that his youngest son was late, again. He groaned as he lathered up his hair. He was graduating at the top of his class in half a year's time, who cared if he was tardy? His father had already nominated him as a VP after Inuyasha had proven himself by cleverly maneuvering Inutaisho away from being stuck between a rock and a hard place, the company's employee's respected him, and his father had already ordered that half the company would belong to him when he hit twenty-five, in one more year. Inutaisho intended to retire early, and leave the company in the capable hands - or claws - of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha, who would co-own the company.

He silently cursed the bitch who had ruined his early morning bliss. Everything had been fine until he had ordered her to leave. He frowned, damning all women to the seventh hell and beyond. Why did they always have to be so emotional? They should be grateful. After all, it wasn't every day that a wench got picked to grace the bed of Inutaisho's youngest son. But he knew women flocked to him more than just because his wealth and power. Inuyasha was well aware that he had the body of a god: bronzed skin stretched taught over well-defined, but not bulky, biceps and hard chest, with long and lean legs. His face was boyishly sweet, with startling amber eyes and smooth silver hair and a pair of the most adorable doggy ears ever to have graced the surface of the planet. However, that angelic appearance hid a devilish soul. Inuyasha was an incorrigible player, proclaimed most eligible bachelor of the year by Tokyo's top tabloids, and a ruthless businessman. Every girl worshipped the ground he walked on, and he left a trail of broken hearts.

Inuyasha continued to frown as the water flowed down his body in sensual rivulets. He was certain he had fulfilled Yura's sexual desires as well as his own, so why did the bitch insist on staying? He knew Yura was a slut; as a matter of fact, he hadn't slept with a virgin in ages, since most girls his age had either lost their virginity long ago or had a serious boyfriend, and he wasn't the kind to steal another guy's girl - with a few exceptions. A smirk curved his lips: considering he had his latest bed toy removed, well, it was time to find another. After all, Inuyasha could never, ever stay in a cold bed, could he?

"Kagome!" A loud voice shouted from the kitchen. "Yo, Sis, hurry up or you will be late!" A scream shattered the silence, before the sound of something heavy hitting a hard surface resonated in the early morning hour. The boy who had been calling for his older sister barely managed to duck in time to avoid the smashed alarm clock, which came sailing down the stairs, from removing a hefty chunk of his head.

"Heh, that was dangerous, Sis. If I won't get into a top University I'll blame it on the fact that you constantly used me as your punching bag and killed my brain cells."

"Thanks for volunteering! I'll make sure you're blue and black by the end of the day!" An irritated feminine voice snapped, its owner stomping down the stairs in a fit of temper.

The young man winced, well acquainted with his sister's karate expertise, wondering why he made life so hard for himself before he remembered. 'Oh, yeah, my charm consists of putting my foot in my mouth and unable to dig it out.' Kagome send him a smoldering glare that should have reduced him to a pile of crispy ashes as he decided not to heed his own warning and opened his mouth again.

"What did that innocent set of stairs ever do to you?" He complained. "Any louder and we'll end up with an earthquake!"

His sister glared at him. "Are you saying I'm fat, Souta?" She asked in deceptively calm voice as she began cracking her knuckles.

Souta swallowed nervously. Kagome wasn't vain, but she hated when someone commented about her figure having unnecessary amounts of fat, and no one knew that better than Souta. "No, no, sis, not at all." He hurried to assure her. "I was just commenting on your unmerciful way of treating harmless objects..." He inwardly winced when he realized he had said the wrong thing, again.

Suddenly, Kagome laughed, and Souta breathed a sigh of relief at the carefree sound. His sister was eccentric with her mood swings, but he was grateful that that particular mood swing had just saved his ass from being kicked. The girl continued to smile, her eyes glowing with mirth as she shook her head with ruefully. "With a mouth like that, I'm not surprised you're not in a relationship, squirt."

Souta grinned, knowing he had been forgiven. "Heh, I'm eighteen; I'm not a squirt anymore! Besides, it's not that no one wants my company, I just think eligibility is very attractive."

"Sure, keep deluding yourself, squirt."

Souta frowned, hating being called that name when he was almost as tall as his sister. But his eyebrows rose in surprise when she saw his sister's hands shaking as she nervously adjusted a strap on her backpack."

"You're nervous, nee-chan." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

Kagome bit her lip, her previous fire all gone from her body, and sighed. "Is it that obvious?"

Souta shrugged, opening the refrigerator to retrieve both their lunches. "It is to me. I should have noticed earlier, though. You're never that aggressive or violent unless you're trying to expel your nervous energy." He placed both their lunch boxes in the microwave before setting it to the appropriate temperature and pressing 'Start'. He turned to his sister as a low humming sound filled the tidy kitchen.

Kagome sat down on one of the chairs with a heavy sigh, her hands still fiddling with her backpack strap. "Who wouldn't be nervous? I mean, it will be so humiliating if I can't keep up. Maybe I shouldn't have accepted." she whispered the last sentence, a hand running through her raven locks.

The microwave beeped loudly, and Souta went to remove their heated lunch boxes, handling one to Kagome. "Humiliating? You should be proud, Kagome! Not everyone is advised to skip a grade. Besides, you'll have classes with Sango, since you'll both majoring in the same field and are finally in the same grade. Not to mention you'll save $21,400 (A.N. that's the normal amount to go to college in the U.S.A. as a resident, for one year) that can go towards my education." He placed a comforting hand to Kagome's shoulder, and handed her the car keys. "Come on, let's go. You don't want to be late on your first day as a junior, right?"

Kagome laughed, her heart lightened by her brother's words as she locked the door and proceeded toward her Toyota Camry. Souta climbed onto the passenger seat, allowing Kagome to drop him off at his high school before proceeding to her own college. Staring out of the window, he never noticed how his sister's body tensed more and more the closer they got, or the fact that her knuckles had turned white as she gripped her steering wheel.

Kagome strode towards the classroom door with a grace and confidence she didn't feel. Her first class was titled "Scientific Research and its Uses". Kagome nearly groaned. 'What a way to start off the day!' She thought. Science was never her strong subject, and too have it first thing in the morning... that was just plain cruel.

A strong hand dropped on her shoulder just as she was about to turn the doorknob. Kagome whirled around, took a split second to recognize the familiar face, and flung herself in the older girl's arms.

"Sango!" She cried out. "You've got no idea how happy I am to see you!"

The older girl laughed at her best friend from childhood. They had practically grown up together, and were closer than sisters. She had watched over Kagome since she was only four years old. They had both taken dance classes and karate together, shared clothes and spoken about their first crush. She knew Kagome better than she knew herself, and was ecstatic that they were having, for the first time, classes together.

"Less than happy, I'd say." She replied, her eyes twinkling. "More like relieved."

Kagome laughed. "Yeah, that too. I was so freaked out that I was going to be all alone in a class full of unknown juniors."

Sango frowned, brushing a curl of hair which had come loose from her ponytail out of her face. "Full of unknown juniors? Actually, Kagome, this class includes both juniors and seniors..." She informed her friend, ignoring the blanching look on Kagome's face. "That's why I'm always early. or I won't get good seats." She took a quick look at her watch. "We've got exactly 14 minutes before class starts. Come on." And without further ado, she grabbed the bewildered younger girl's hand and pulled her into the classroom.

Kagome shook her head lightly, a feeling of impending doom settling over her. The four classes at college kept to themselves, and often saw anyone belonging to a different class as an intruder. The greater the difference in age, the greater the animosity. Kagome bit her lip, every cell in her body screaming fear. She had absolutely no desire to be seen as an outcast, the girl who didn't belong in this year, for the remainder of her junior year, and possibly even senior year. She was now completely certain she should not have taken the advice and skipped a year.

Sango was not oblivious to the younger girl's discomfort, but choose to ignore it, and proceeded to the last row, picking a seat right in the middle, before turning to Kagome.

"It's my favorite seat," she explained, "There is enough privacy to talk since it's the last row, yet we'll be able to see enough of the lesson to be certain that we'll pass the class."

"I was more worried about surviving the next two years than seating, but thanks, Sango, it's nice to know I've such great friends who seem more compassionate to their seating arrangements than their childhood best friend's feelings." Kagome mumbled sarcastically.

"Ah, Kagome-chan, it won't be so bad. Besides, you'll like the teacher." Sango winked.

Kagome perked up. "Oh, really? You hardly say that about anyone, so she must be really special."

"He, Kagome, the teacher is a male."

Kagome managed a smile, the idea of teasing her composed friend causing her to forget her momentary queasiness. "Sango has a crush." She sang.

Sango, however, instead of blushing beet-red, just grinned. "The teacher? No, though most the girls like him."

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "Most of the girls? Just exactly how old is he, Sango?"

The older girl smiled mischievously. "26."

"That's young. So what's that great about the teacher?"

"Well, he is a really easy grader, and so oblivious to everything that all you need to do is to smile and feed him some bullshit excuse, and he'll totally believe you. Besides, if you're bored all you need to stare at his face and bask in his beauty, so there's no chance you'll fall asleep and get in trouble." Sango replied, putting special emphasis on 'you', but Kagome was to preoccupied to notice; instead, she looked Sango a little strangely, suddenly afraid. She'd never heard Sango talk that way about a guy before.

"Huh, Sango-chan?" She waved her hand in front of her friend's face. "Are you feeling alright?"

Sango laughed, the simpering, star-struck expression she had so artfully painted on her face disappearing into her natural easy smile. She nodded her head, barely containing her mirth.

"So what's his name?" Kagome inquired curiously, seeing her friend had only acted out the 'maiden-in-love' expression for her amusement, hoping to relieve the anxiety Kagome had obviously shown.

Sango grinned, ready to drop the bombshell. She opened her mouth to answer, when she suddenly froze as if she'd been turned to ice. A sudden shriek followed by the sound of flesh on flesh filled the classroom.



Kagome raised an eyebrow, only now noticing the students filling into the room, before turning to the object of Sango's wrath. A young man with a short ponytail was crumbled on the floor, a hand covering his left cheek, wincing. Kagome stared at Sango, startled.

"You didn't have to hit him that hard, Sango-chan!"

And before Sango could reply, she'd already ran past her, kneeling next to the young man.

"Are you alright?" She gently put a hand to the forehead of the swivel-eyed young man.

Kagome was not prepared for the young man to suddenly jump to his feet, clasping her hand in his, and kiss the knuckles. Kagome blushed softly, but his next words made her want to it him harder than Sango had:

"Ah, beautiful maiden, a pure soul on this sinful earth, you are like the crystal light in this dark world. I would be honored if you'd do me the honor of bearing my children."

Kagome could only stare at him in shock, but instinct led her to hurt him.



Miroku was, once again, upon the ground, this time with handprints on both cheeks. Sango bend down, gripping him by the front of his shirt, and bringing him to eye-level with her.

"Keep your hands of Kagome, or you'll never to able to father a child. Do we understand each other?" She hissed at him, her voice a low snarl.

"Perfectly, my lovely Sango." Miroku whimpered, noticing the other girl frowning at him. He rubbed his right jaw tenderly, grimacing as Sango dropped him unceremoniously to the floor. Why did Sango's friends all have to be so cruel? The new girl had a mean right hook.

"Miroku, when will you learn that groping a woman's behind is not the way to convince her of your affections? Especially if you do it to every girl you meet?"

A new voice commented, clearly amused.

Kagome, having just returned to her seat, cast her eyes toward the new speaker - and was stuck speechless again, but this time for an entirely different reason. The speaker was gorgeous. His long silver hair was tied in a low ponytail, brushing his waist. Kagome held back an envious sigh. His hair was longer than hers, and kept neat in a way her wavy locks would never confine to. Her eyes roved over his face, and she forgot to breathe. His amber eyes were watching her curiously, set in a chiseled and defined face, his lips full and kissable. She moved her gaze down the smooth column to his neck, to rest on his sculpted chest, and blushed. The red muscle t-shirt really didn't hide anything. The guy in front of her looked like a Greek God coming down to earth to tease her. Kagome inwardly groaned, an unfamiliar tightening of her abdomen making her acutely aware of the wetness growing between her legs.

Great gods above, she thought, mortified, I'm getting turned on by just looking at him!

A twitch of white near his head brought her attention to his silver ears, twirling happily above his head.

Kagome wanted to die.

Oh holy, he's a hanyou, an inu-hanyou to be accurate. She swallowed the lump in her throat, as a sudden thought occurred to her. No, this can't be happening! With his nose, there's no way in hell he can't smell how aroused I am!

Kagome wanted nothing more to bang her head on the back of the seat in front of her and possibly pass out. Could this day get any worse?

"Like what you see?" A soft velvety voice near her ear nearly made her jump out of her skin. Chocolate brown met amber in surprise. She shrank back, terrified by his knowing smirk.

I was wrong. She thought. It's just gotten worse!

"I've seen better." She whispered shakily, and nearly cringed at how false that sounded. He had the best body she'd ever seen, including all the male models posing in her magazines, but she'd cheerfully not tell him that. Kagome glanced desperately around. Where was Sango when she desperately needed the older girl? But Sango was too busy killing Miroku to notice her best friend's predicament.

"Liar." The voice came again, this time his full lips brushing against the shell of her ear. Kagome shuddered, the wetness between her thighs growing as he gently took her earlobe between his teeth, nipping light. The young girl fidgeted. Why weren't any of the other students noticing his advances and put a stop to this?

"I can smell your arousal, you know. You're so hot for me you wouldn't be able to walk straight." His arrogance, however, put an immediate damper on her excitement, allowing her head to clear as anger flashed in her eyes. But before she could bring his conceited ass down a notch or two, the boy yelped as a hand roughly grasped the furry appendage and he met the furious eyes of Sango.

"The same goes for you too, dog-boy. Lay an inappropriate finger on her, and I'll tell your father were you hid your stock of ramen."

The boy looked horrified. "That's cruel, Sango!"

"Just remember what I said, and I won't have to go through with the threat."

The silver-haired boy just glared at her, trying to turn his head away. "Keh!"

Kagome couldn't keep still any longer. "Sango, please." She indicated her hand still on his ear. Sango raised an eyebrow, but released her hand nonetheless. She watched in shocked amazement as Kagome reached up to stroke the abused appendage, only halting when he caught her wrist an inch from his head.

"What do you think you're doing, wench?"

Kagome's initial surge of embarrassment at the uncharacteristic boldness quickly disappeared.

"What did you call me, your arrogant asshole?"

"Keh, wench."

"I am not a wench!"

"Would you have preferred bitch?"

"No, the name is Kagome. Ka-go-me!"

"Heard you the first time, your Royal Bitchiness!"

"I have a name!"

"I know, bitch!"

"I'm not a bitch, you retarded fool!"

"FYI, I have a name, too! And it's not 'arrogant asshole' or 'retarded fool'. It's Inuyasha! Think you can manage it, little girl?"

Kagome fumed, completely unaware that they both now had the undivided attention of the entire class.

"You pompous jerk, how dare you?"

"I-nu-ya-sha, not 'pompous jerk', you stupid little twit."

"Damn you to hell!"

"Love to, darling, but can't. Hell rejected me."

"Like that's anything to be proud of! And don't call me darling!"

"I'll call you whatever I want, darling."

Kagome almost growled. That bastard was enjoying this!

"You insufferable, egoistical, chauvinistic pig!"

"And I suppose you're such a gentle spirit, huh?"

"I hate you!"

"Yeah, yeah, I love you too, koibito."

"You bastard!"

"Yes, and you're a bitch."

He smirked, enjoying the way her skin flushed as anger rolled off her slender body in waves.

"Curse you!"

"No need, I'm already cursed. Yet you still want me, slut."

Kagome stiffened. How dare he question her honor!

"Fuck you!"

His eyes lit up with devilish intend, completely relaxed.

"Only if you're in my bed, naked, legs spread wide open."

Kagome gasped in outrage. Without thinking, she drew her hand back, and even Inuyasah's hanyou reflexes could not stop her hand from soundly connecting with his face.

Inuyasha winced as a resounding smack echoed through the room. 'Mental note: Never piss her off to the point of no returning.' Yet how dare this little bitch hit him? She would pay!

The deafening silence pressed down as the bystanding students stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of them. The new girl had just belted Inuyasha Takahashi, second son to the head of Full Moon Corporation, Inutaisho Takahashi, who practically owned his whole city! Kagome had no idea of her opponent's power, but was shocked at herself for hitting someone twice in one day.

A gasp broke the silence as Inuyasha reached out like lightning, and Kagome suddenly found her pressed intimately against the hard body of Inuyasha, one arm around her waist, pinning both her hands down, while his other hand was buried deep in her raven looks, forcing her to arch her spine and reveal the pale whiteness of her long neck. She knew without thinking the meaning of this position - vulnerability in submission.

Kagome trembled from fear as Inuyasha's voice seethed close to her ear, every breath puffing across the back of her neck. "You'll pay for that, you bitch." She shivered from the menace in his words, barely managing to choke back a cry as his warm lips latched onto the pulse point on her neck. To everyone else, it would seem as if he was kissing her since his lips hid the fact that he was biting her hard enough to leave marks.

"Inuyasha, please stop." She whispered, tears choking her throat.

His only response was to bite down harder, his fangs piercing the delicate skin. Kagome cried out, both from pain and pleasure as tears filled her eyes.

Inuyasha, however, was getting drunk on the sweet taste of her blood as it flowed into his mouth. He sucked greedily, taking in her aroused scent which had returned full force. Cruel amusement danced in his eyes. 'So, the little bitch in getting turned on.'

Kagome turned pleading eyes onto Sango, and even the older girl didn't dare to move. Everyone had seen how Inuyasha's eyes had flashed red, and to approach him would most likely result in their demise and possibly also endanger the young girl's life. However, no one knew that Kagome's scent allowed him to keep his demon side under control, and he would not attack randomly.

"Inuyasha Takahashi, release Kagome Higurashi this very instant!" The angry voice was like a bomb in the silence.

Inuyasha froze, suddenly realizing what he was doing. The next second he pulled away from her as if she was on fire. Kagome turned fearful eyes onto him.

"Takahashi? You wouldn't be related to Inutaisho Takahashi by any chance, would you?"

Inuyasha smirked cruelly, pleased by her fear. "He's my father."

Kagome felt her heart literally stop in her chest. Inutaisho Takahashi owned, not just this city and school, but half of Japan, and even a fool would know not to pick on the Inu brothers! Sesshoumaru was completely ruthless, icy and composed, his very presence belying his power. Inuyasha, on the other hand, was pure fire and strength, fiercely independent and strong. Should he wish to, all he had to do was to waltz to the principle's office, demand her expulsion, and she'd be out before she's be able to say 'Bastard', no questions asked.

A hand steadied Kagome as she faltered, light-headed both from the blood loss and the enormity of what she'd done.

"Higurashi, are you alright?" The earlier voice asked, now kind and gentle.

Kagome frowned, the voice sounding oddly familiar. She blinked, bringing her swimming vision back into focus, and her eyes opened wide as she recognized the worried face above her.


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