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This is another set of fifty sentences, but this time it's for the livejournal group 1character instead of 1sentence and is about a character instead of a pairing. Dante. This is theme set Zeta, which as you can see is just way too appropriate.

To quote Dante, "Too Easy!" Because they were that relevant, I decided to keep them canon centered, showcase their relevancy instead of my abilities. Show Dante through his interaction with the world around him.

#01 – Swords

He liked Alastor, he was a great sword, but for whatever's sake he had other devil arms, and it wouldn't be fair to them to be a 'one sword guy.'

#02 – Sorcery

So Vergil wanted his blood to break Pops' spell: like Vergil needed a reason to hurt him.

#03 – Rogue

He looked like a real rebel in this red leather coat: nothing wrong with truth in advertising.

#04 - Parti-colored

Purple with one red horn and one blue: Jester was right about dressing like a complete idiot.

#05 – Divination

After two thousand years Sparda's son had defeated Mundus again: in two thousand more years he knew his son could do the same.

#06 – Pillory

He was sick of being punished for his father's crimes.

#07 – Chant

Gain power, kill the demon, kill the son of Sparda, it felt like everyone around him just said the same things over and over.

#08 – Castle

Spookiness, demons, half-naked demoness, Vergil: Castle Ardor was just Temen ni Gru all over again.

#09 – Brocade

His father had been something out of the Dark Ages, and dressed like it too.

#10 - Priest(ess)

Some woman had died so his father could be the hero.

#11 - Dark Knight

"Legendary Dark Knight Dante" sounded surprisingly good.

#12 – Evocation

Seeing Vergil's amulet made him relive long-buried memories.

#13 – Market

He had a feeling he was really going to need that Vital Star, but he had twenty too few Red Orbs for the God of Time to let him have it.

#14 - Ordeal by Fire

Hitting the dragon's fire back at it was way too easy.

#15 - Ordeal by Water

Protecting the ship had seemed like it would be a snap until the big chicken showed up again.

#16 - Dragon(fly)

His father might have looked like a big dragonfly-monster, but at least he'd been handsomer than the Arkham-blob.

#17 – Giant

A huge spider/scorpion made out of lava wasn't really that big a surprise: he'd seen weirder.

#18 – Trickster

He couldn't believe he'd trusted Trish.

#19 – Dungeon

Demons fed on human suffering: he didn't want to know what these dungeons had seen.

#20 – Scroll

Wait a minute, if this library was two thousand years old why did it contain books instead of scrolls?

#21 – Elemental

Okay, the Nightmare and the Nightmare Beta were both energy element, so one wouldn't work on the other: better stick with Ebony, Ivory, and the new shotgun.

#22 – Ale

Glancing around his office, Dante made a mental note to recycle the old bottles.

#23 – Stew

This wasn't half bad but pizza was still the food of the gods.

#24 – Staff

Okay, he had the Staff of Hermes, now he could… he loved the demonic excuse for a security system.

#25 – Lore

There were a few thousand versions of his father's legend, from all peoples and cultures, and he felt like he'd heard them all a thousand times.

#26 – Artifact

Two thousand years old and Temen ni Gru still worked while that jukebox was only twenty and he had to hit it to make it play a song.

#27 - Guild

Lady, the Guardian tribe, there were other hunters but he had usually fought alone save for his weapons before Trish.

#28 – Lantern

The ship's lanterns only divided the gloom.

#29 – Chest

Looking at the Red Orbs he had found in the chest he was reminded of the Legend of Zelda game Enzo's nephew had been playing when he had visited for old times' sake.

#30 – Alchemy

If he survived finally getting his revenge on Mundus, he could sell a Philosopher's Stone for five billion easy.

#31 – Potion

Holy Waters were useful, but nothing matched the satisfaction of blasting or chopping them to pieces himself.

#32 – Doppleganger

He looked at the figure from his nightmares but wasn't scared any longer: he had learned better.

#33 – Arrow

Artemis was cool and all, but he preferred real guns.

#34 – Map

He hoped the next thing he found was a map, because he was lost.

#35 – Coin

The coin gave him an excuse: better to seem crazy than a sap.

#36 – Crusade

He understood Lady's quest to kill every last one of them.

#37 – Witch

Matier looked like the old witch from fairytales but she loved her daughter, adopted or not: he couldn't ignore that.

#38 – Duel

As much as he hated the division between them, there was nothing that made him feel more alive than a fight with his brother.

#39 – Boots

He slogged through the untended underground waterway and blessed his waterproof boots.

#40 – Chalice

Wait a second, he needed proof of chastity to get this thing!

#41 – Offering

He hadn't offered his heart to the sword so the damn thing had tried to take it: he who sought vengeance might have to dig two graves but he wasn't going to die here!

#42 – Sacrifice

First his mother had died to save him and now Trish.

#43 - Stained Glass

He smiled to himself as the Puia he'd jumped through the stained glass ceiling to kill fell to the ground around him.

#44 – Diadem

"Here's your crown," was a bad pun even for him: he hadn't even hit Arius upside the head, just shot the bastard after he said it.

#45 – Epic

He'd done everything his father had done but was content without the fame.

#46 – King

So this was the Emperor of the Underworld.

#47 – Servant

Griffon had been willing to die for Mundus and he'd killed him like he was nothing: he should be glad Mundus was that stupid but it only made him angrier.

#48 – Fae

It was weird that stories turned deadly predators into little flitty things.

#49 – Prophecy

He knew he was going to defeat Mundus: Mother, Father, Vergil, Trish, he knew he wouldn't fail them.

#50 - Destiny

If his destiny was to repeat his father's deeds he would do them bigger and better.