Title: Cold

Character Focus/Pairing: Henry Jekyll & Rodney Skinner

Rating: K+ for mild language

Disclaimer: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and all literary characters are copyright to their original creators. I don't own any of the characters and I'm not making money off of this.

Author's Note: This is just a short ficlet created out of my own boredom.

Edward Hyde paced around the ice room in the chains that bound him to the chilly prison. He hated this room more than anything he did hate. It was cold, dull and everyone avoided the room whenever he was there. The only company he did have was the meek Dr. Henry Jekyll at the back of the beast's mind.

"This is so boring!" Edward cursed inwardly.

"You know that Nemo doesn't like you running free on his ship," replied Henry. "This room is where you are less likely to cause any trouble until the formula wears off."

The large man snarled at his alter ego's remark. Since the League did not have a mission lately, Edward was becoming restless from lack of carnage, which pestered the poor doctor. Henry was allowed to use the ice room whenever he felt he had to release Edward Hyde.

There was a sound of light footsteps near the doorway. Edward's head snapped toward the direction and he sniffed the air.

"I know you're there Skinner," he said. "Don't think of leaving, I much prefer some company!"

"Damn," said Rodney Skinner, the League's invisible thief. "Seems that my invisibility isn't enough to get pass you."

"So it seems." Edward crossed his bulky, hairy arms. "What brings a thief like you down here?"

"Thought I'd come and see if your potion wore off," answered Skinner nervously.

Hyde cringed in pain. "Looks like you've made it just on time." The transformation began. Parts of Hyde's body began to shrink in different places, faster than other parts, and his rough hair began to recede.

The transformation was over. Henry Jekyll was on his hands and knees, shaking from the cold, covered in sweat and heavy chains draped over his pale, skinny frame. The chill of the ice room began to bother him; he felt that his whole body would instantly freeze the moment he stopped moving.

"Are you alright Henry?" asked Skinner, approaching the fallen doctor.

"I'm fine," said Henry. "Just cold." The doctor noticed that Skinner was wearing nothing. "Are you not feeling cold?"

"Just a little chilly, but I'm used to it. I did walk naked in the snow of Mongolia!"

"I suppose so," said Henry with a small chuckle. Invisible hands pulled the chains off of Henry's shoulders. The doctor was assisted to stand as Skinner held his arm.

"Let's get to your cabin," said Skinner. "You're cold and exhausted." He wrapped on arm protectively around Henry's bare waist.

Henry nodded, holding onto his loose trousers with one hand and the other hand on Skinner's shoulder. The two left the ice room silently, the cold fading off in the warmth between their bodies.