Okay, so you're all probably curious what this is all about. Well, this story was really a labor of love, due to my excessive nerdiness and geekiness. There are a lot of references to everything from anime, to TV, to movies, to video games, etc. So I figured it'd be fun to break it down chapter by chapter and list all the references and see if you can catch them all. Some of these range from very obvious to very subtle and/or obscure. Consider this a "cheat sheet" if you will. Please enjoy.

CHAPTER 1 - "A Long Time Ago"

Star Wars (movie franchise)

Night of the Living Dead (movie)

Dragonball Z (anime/manga)

Sega Dreamcast (video game system)

Cowboy Bebop (anime)

Harry Potter (book)

CHAPTER 2 - "Gundam? It Nearly Killed Em'!"

The Gundam Series (anime series, specifically Gundam Sentinel)

Dragonball Z (anime/manga)

CHAPTER 3 - "Titanball T"

Dragonball Z (anime/manga)

Pokemon (anime/video game/CCG/whatever)

CHAPTER 4 - "Hasta La Vista, Cyborg"

Terminator 1, 2 or 3 (movies)

Kindergarten Cop (movie)

Twilight Zone (TV show)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV show)

Dungeons and Dragons (popular RPG series)


Dungeons and Dragons (popular RPG series)

Identity Crises (DC comic book series)

Infinite Crises (DC comic book series)

Young Justice/Titans: Graduation Day (DC comic book series)

House of M (Marvel comic book series)

Spider-Man: Evolve or Die (Marvel Comic book series)

Dark Claw (Amalgam comics)

Iron Lantern (Amalgam comics)

Dungeons and Dragons (RPG series)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (kick ass movie)

Star Wars (movie franchise)

Rachel Roth (Raven's real name in the DC comic universe)

Backstreet Boys (pop/boy band)

Snow White (fairy tale/Disney character)

Cinderella (fairy tale/Disney character/awesome band)

CHAPTER 6 - "Chapter d6"

Bill Gates (former head of Microsoft)

Night of the Living Dead (classic horror movie)

Army of Darkness (best. movie. ever.)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (classic Sci-Fi movie)

Star Wars (movie franchise)

CHAPTER 7 - "May the Farce Be With You"

Space Balls (movie, parody of Star Wars)

Treasure of the Sierra Madre (movie)

The Matrix (movie franchise)

CHAPTER 8 - "The Freaktrix" AUTHOR NOTE – I almost named this chapter 'Whoa'

Army of Darkness (best. movie. ever.)

The Matrix Reloaded (2nd movie in the Matrix Trilogy)

The Matrix Revolutions (3rd movie in the Matrix Trilogy)

Hellboy (sci-fi/horror movie. Ron Pearlman, the voice of Slade, played Hellboy)

Kill Bill Volume 2 (action/martial arts movie)

CHAPTER 9 - "The Ultimate Showdown"

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (humorous song/flash movie)

Kill Bill Volume 2 (action/martial arts movie)

Robo-Cop (sci-fi movie series)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (manga/anime/video game/CCG/whatever)

Star Wars (movie franchise)

This is Spinal Tap! (movie)

Army of Darkness (best. movie. ever.)

Pulp Fiction (movie)

Bruce Lee (martial arts superstar)

H.P. Lovecraft (classic horror writer)

Chuck Norris (internet icon/actor)

Cowboy Bebop (anime)

Inuyasha (manga/anime)