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The Flower and Dragon

Or perhaps in Slytherin

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folk use any means

To achieve their ends.

--Chapter 1

With the summer coming to an end, so soon, the wizarding world was rushing about in Diagon Alley for last minute shopping. Over the past year, the Alley was completely empty, no one dared to enter, but now the place was swarming with witches and wizards. Many traveling in large groups for protection, though a few 'braver' few came alone. The ice cream parlor was filled with young teenager's catching up on gossip. Olivander's was reopened, once they found Mr. Olivander in Egypt. (Everyone thought he was in hiding, when really, he was in search of a rare plant that he's now using in his wands. Very powerful.) The ministry had set out several auror's to watch over, just in case.

"I still can't believe we have to go back." A young strawberry blonde haired girl whined to the dark, ebony haired girl as they entered a rather small, yet sophisticated shop. "I mean, whose going to take over?" she added on with a slight hint of ruthlessness in her voice.

The ebony haired girl sighed. "Look, can we drop this already? I'm sick of talking about Hogwarts, Fallon." She muttered, walking directly up to the front counter. "Excuse me?"

"Why, hello Miss Parkinson. How are you?" a young witch asked. She was vaguely familiar to Pansy Parkinson, but she couldn't put her finger on where she knew the woman from. The woman, who had been cleaning a long gown, placed it on the counter and turned her attention to the young witches.

Pansy Parkinson gave the woman a soft smirk. "I'm doing well," said Pansy. "I need a fitting for my school robes."

Fallon scowled slightly. "And I."

"Good. Good." The woman muttered, stepping around the counter. Pansy observed her neatly arranged Deladty designer robe. The orange color didn't suit her skin tone at all. Much to vibrant against her pale skin and graying hair. "Well, come in here then, Miss Parkinson. I'll get to you in a minute, Miss."

Fallon nodded, slightly abashed that the woman didn't bow down and start right away with her. But then again, she was with Pansy. Pansy was always the type of witch to gain all attention and then some. The girl knew how to play her cards- that much credit Fallon, could give her.

For a few minutes, while Pansy was being sized, Fallon wondered around the small shop, fingering the fine materials and examining the color's against her fine beige skin. She gave a small sigh and moved away from the table of lace and silk robe's, knowing that she would never look good in it, no matter how much she paid for it.

Fallon Kirby was rather insecure about her body. She never felt like what she was wearing suited her beige-pink skin tone, long strawberry blonde hair, and rather curvy figure. She had begun to stick only to black, even though her mother insisted she wear blue to pull the pink pigment from her skin. Fallon though had never listened her mother.

Sighing, she looked over to watch as Pansy stood, the older witch using her wand to take her measurements. Envy spread in the pit of her stomach. What she would give to look like her? Pansy was so pretty it was really quite sickening. She had grown out of her immature, pug-nosed, short bob stage two year's ago. Her hair was now reaching her shoulder blade, the color so dark it made her already pasty white skin even more translucent. Her eyes were the prefect shade of turquoise and her cheeks stained with natural rouge. She was the splitting image of Snow White.

"I think I'd also like to look at some dress robes as well, Maddy." Pansy told the woman.

The woman nodded and moved her wand to measure Pansy's waist. "My goodness Miss Parkinson, your so small…" said Maddy, her honey colored eyes bulging. "What does your mother feed you?"

Pansy gave a shrill laugh. "Now, now, Maddy… That really isn't any of your concern now is it? Why don't you hurry up and finish this so you can measure Miss Kirby."

Fallon blushed slightly and watched as Pansy gave the woman a small wink, steeping down from the stool. Honestly, this girl was so unpredictable. Fallon took her place on the stool, slightly fidgeting. She couldn't stand when someone would pay so much attention to her body. It was so nerve racking.

"Well, now. Here we have a nice, healthy sized girl." Maddy beamed, tapping Fallon's shoulder lightly. A small strip of white and black ribbon flew threw the tips and wrapped it's self around her hips securely. "It seems every year, girls just get smaller and smaller. And those men just keep growing. Honestly, what do they feed you children at Hogwarts?"

"Perfectly nice food, Maddy." Pansy replied, searching a small rack of black robes. "Maddy, dear, you wouldn't have this in a silk would you?" asked Pansy, holding up a cotton robe.

Maddy shook her head. "Afraid not. Got that one finished just yesterday… Though, I do have one in cashmere you might like." She gave a small grin and tapped Fallon, who flinched slightly as the ribbon wrapped around her neck.

"You make these?" asked Pansy, abashed. Maddy nodded. "All of these? Yourself?"

Maddy laughed. "Well, someone's got to do it, don't they?"

Pansy nodded, picking up a rather wool-ish looking robe. "Really? I hadn't a clue that you made all your robes." Pansy moved around the table she was looking at, and swept over to the wall were a few, slightly doughtily looking dresses were hung.

"Yes, well, it's a job." Maddy gave a soft sigh and finished the sizing. "Well, there ya' go darling."

Fallon gave the woman a small smile and said, "Thank you." Pansy stared at her hard. She hated when Fallon was so nice. "I'll need three this year." Fallon demanded, trying to cover up for her sincerity.

For what seemed like and hour, Fallon sat on a small chair, as Pansy tried almost every robe in the store. She insisted on getting a few new dress robes, just in case. Fallon knew the real reason Pansy wanted them. She wanted to show off and make Blaise Zabini drool and Draco Malfoy jealous. The girl was like their puppet, she would never admit to it though.

"I just love this jade robe, don't you, Fallon?" asked Pansy, scathingly.

Fallon tried her best not to turn a dark shade of pink. "Yes. It will look lovely on you, like always."

"No need to suck up Fallon." Pansy retorted. "Let's go find Cal. He still has my other parcel's."

"Where are you staying?"

"What do you mean, where am I staying?" asked Pansy, suspiciously. "On the estates of course."

For the rest of the afternoon, Pansy and Fallon shopped for there last few items they would need for their seventh year classes. Cal, Pansy's younger brother who was going to be starting his forth year, left early though to take Pansy's things home. Fallon was staying at a small wizarding Inn right outside Diagon Alley, while Pansy returned to her families estates for the night.

During the night, Pansy's sleep was restless. She kept telling herself, Come on Parkinson… Sleep! She would toss and turn, kick the covers off, growl and sigh, count the stars she could see threw her enchanted ceiling. Heck, she even tried the muggle technique of counting cows… or was it lams? No wait… I think its sheep. No wonder it didn't work….

Finally, once she turned over to look at the clock perched above her fireplace, it read a quarter after three, Pansy decided that she wasn't going to get anymore sleep and slid from her dark green, silk blankets. She pulled her dressing gown on first and then made her way into the bathroom, splashing a bit of luke-warm water to her face. It dripped down her cheeks like small sparkling tears. A small sigh escaped the girl's lips and she knew why she couldn't sleep.

It was him.

The mere thought that she might never see or hear from him again caused horrible dread in the pit of her stomach. His last words lingered in her head. "I promise I'll be back, flower." And then he kissed her softly on her lips like nothing was going to happen. The next day he was gone and so was the headmaster. Everything had gone so wrong. The plan destroyed. He promised her he would come riding in the stables over the summer. He promised. Malfoy's never break a promise. Never!

A single tear began to form. She blinked, hoping that the burning would cease and stop, but the more she blinked the harder it was to control her emotions. She was a girl after all, a young, heartbroken girl, none-the-less.

She could be with him right now. She could be a death eater. The dark lord told her father he could use a young girl. Someone with such a power as she did over her peers. But she decided not to join the ranks, not yet at least. She could be curled up right now against Draco, laughing at his mudblood mocking or his horrible jokes he told, but Pansy always found them funny. She wouldn't be sitting on her bathroom floor, crying like some silly little girl.

It was his entire fault!

If only Snape had gone along with the plan! If only Snape wouldn't have interfered, she would have her dragon back. If only that great, greasy, slimy, wretched git wouldn't have gotten in the way. All year, last year, Pansy watched him follow Draco about, offering his help. She didn't even know about the plan until a day before it happened when Draco was put in the hospital wing because he and Harry Potter had gotten into it.

He looked so helpless and weak that day. His golden skin tone had been tinged with gray, especially around his eyes. His silver blond hair was tasseled, yet looked so elegant against him. And his eyes… That's what hurt Pansy the most. Just to look at him in the eyes. She could see his pleads. Their usual sparkle had disappeared leaving a dull, stormy gray color. Almost lifeless.

She did the only thing for him she could and held him. She held him like no one in the Slytherin house would believe. She curled him into her arms, brushed the baby soft fringe away. She listened to him. His words like sharp daggers. He told her what he had to do, his voice was so hallow and pungent. She had never heard him speak like that, not even to her. And she had been his friend for almost twelve years.

"Pansy, I'm doing this for you." He told her, looking up at her, his cheeks tinged pink slightly. "If I don't do this, he said he'd kill everyone I loved. Anyone I care about." His hand moved her cup her cheek.

She resisted the urge to purr and snuggle closer to his warm hand. "I know." She said, nonchalant. She couldn't stop him. She wouldn't. "Just don't leave me, Draco." She muttered, lowering her face from his view, to hide the tears forming in her eyes. Did he know what he was doing to her? All these year's they had been friends and now it was like something else? Something that Pansy would never admit. An emotion she would never speak of. But she did, in her own way.

"I can live without you, Draco. I can't…" She could feel her face blushing, heating warmer as his hand fell from her face. He doesn't feel the same, does he? She wanted to run away. She wanted to dry her face and then curse herself for showing so much emotion. She could sense his eyes on her, watching her dark hair fall in her face.

"Pansy…" Please don't Draco… She wanted to say. He could almost even sense her thoughts. Don't hurt me. Don't lie. "Pansy…" he repeated. This time, Pansy looked up at him, though the night was covering her face and couldn't see the tear falling. "I promise you I'll be back flower."

And then he kissed her. He did care. He had never kissed her before, with the exception of on her cheek after the Yule Ball or a small peck on the temple after a stupid fight. So that was it? She asked herself, kissing him back with just as much passion he was. This is goodbye…? She couldn't handle to pain. She jumped from his bed in the hospital wing without any words, leaving him alone in the charmed curtain.

The next day, she went to apologize to him, but he was gone. The curtain was removed and his bed made. She could still see the small vase of freshly picked pansies and daphne's she and Daphne Greengrass had picked for him only the day before. They were wilting over. The black pansies were shriveling at their petals.

She spent all day alone. She didn't go to any meal, nor class. She knew where he was. She knew that today was the day. He had finally figured out what was needed and was up finishing it in the room of requirements. All night, she listened as the war began. Students screamed, she merely sat in the common room with Fallon and Daphne trying to talk to her. He's gone. That wasn't goodbye… this is…

"Goodbye Draco." She whispered more to herself than to anyone around her.

They all watched her leave the common room to sleep. She didn't cry once. Not a single tear, until now. All these months she tried to pretend he was merely on vacation with his parents in France, and he would come back for her.

As moments passed, Pansy sat up, drying her face with a hand towel, her initials embroider in the bottom corner, the outline of a pansy intersected. It reminded her of the time she and Draco had run off during a hogsmeade trip, hiding from Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise. The rain was so thick and they both were soaked to a bone, so they sunk away to dry off in the bathroom. Pansy handed him one of her towels and he started making fun of the pansy.

"Really, Pansy. Why would your parents name you pansy, if they didn't think you'd be weak?" He asked, drying his face off with a smirk.

Pansy scowled. "I am not weak, Draco Malfoy." She spat. "I'll have you know that Pansy's are really special in the wizarding world."

"Oh yes, I forgot they used them in poisons." He joked, tossing the towel over to her. "Just don't bite me. I'm to handsome to die."

Pansy snorted. "You only wished." She said, icily. "And I'll have you know, that pansies aren't just used in poisons. They're highly valuable in several different potions used for healing. And they're edible."

'Yeah?" Draco smirked, raising a brow.

Pansy rolled her eyes. "Yeah. They are." She paused, finished drying her neck, and smirked. "But I should tell you Draco, pansies may be edible, but they are in no way sweet. Really rather bitter."

"Uhh…" He muttered, a cruel smirk spreading over his lips. Pansy rose a dark brow as if she were daring him to try something.

And he did.

The next thing she knew, Draco had pushed her off the bench in the prefect's bathroom, and begun to tickle her. It was an odd thing for him to do, but Pansy liked it none-the-less. Her laughter rang throughout the bathroom; small gasp of air expelled from her lungs as she tried to speak.

"Dra-" She hissed in between a giggle. He tickled her harder in the side, his fingers causing her to squirm around the ground. "Draco stop. I can't breath." She managed to get out. Only he didn't stop. Her laughing increased slightly. "Draco… really… I… I… I'm… serious… I'm going… to curse you…" She moved her hands to slap his away, but missed and ended up hitting him in the behind.

Draco's brow waggled slightly. "Pansy? I didn't know you could be so frisky…" He winked at her and continued to tickle her side. "If you want you have to say the magic word."

"What… magic word?" She spat, trying her hardest to get away from him. "Ooh… Stop Draco… I… I'm going to hurt you…"

Draco grinned evilly. "Not till you say it."

"Say what?"

"The magic word."

Pansy tried to scowl at him, but her giggling got in the way. "Draco…" She warned. " Fine… Please…"

"Please what?"

Pansy growled slightly. "Please stop tickling me."

Draco shrugged. "Fine. If that's what you like." He muttered, moving his hands and giving her a small shove. "As you wish Princess…" Pansy landed with a large splash into the prefects tub, her robes becoming even more soaked, floating out around her.

When Pansy came up for air, her whole face was a dark shade of purple. Draco wasn't sure if it was out of anger, or the fact that the water was freezing cold. She gasped for air, brushing her thick black hair away from her face, and then wiped her eyes. "I'm so going to curse you in your… in your sleep to night… I… I swear." She muttered, her jaw quivering slightly. Her lips had already begun to turn blue.

Draco laughed and moved closer to the edge, holding his hand out for her. "Don't make threats you can't keep Pansy." Said Draco, his lips curling into a rare smile. "Come on. I didn't realize that the water was so cold. I'll have a house elf get you some fresh robes."

Pansy blinked at him. You don't really think your getting away that fast do you Draco Malfoy? She asked herself, swimming out to his out stretched hand. As soon as she had grabbed hold, she decided that Draco needed a taste of his own medicine.

"Really? Why don't you-," She breathed in, and pulled him down with all her strength. "Join me." She said simply.

Draco fell in right beside, her. His leg tangling with hers as he fell and pulled her down with him into the depths of the water, they both gave involuntary gasp as they rose to the top of the tub. Oh thank Merlin were both wearing our robes… Pansy thought to herself. Imagine what would happen if Snape walked in? She snickered at her own thought.

"What's funny?" Draco gasped, clinging to her shoulder and dragging her with him out of the pool of water.

Pansy shrugged and brushed her hair away once again. "Oh nothing…" She replied. They both sat in front of each other; his legs sprawled out around her as she sat atop hers. "That… Th- that was fun… But really cold…" She shivered slightly.

They both gave a small laugh, grabbing the nearest towels to dry off as much they could. Draco watched her, still smiling. "You know, I think that's the most fun I've had in years…" Draco muttered. He gently put his towel down and brushed the dark hair hanging in her eyes away as she dried her own cheeks, and then his hand fell back to his lap.

Pansy lowered the towel away from her face to give him a better look. She suddenly felt guilty, or maybe even a bit shocked by what he had said. She tried to smile, but her lips were to cold and shuttering too much. Instead, she reached out and brushed the wet, silver hair from his face.

"Me too."

They sat for a moment, her hand still lingering and brushing hair away from his perfect face. When they both realized that they were staring at each other, they turned away, cheeks burning and tingeing pink.

"We should get back to the common room. Your turning blue." Draco spoke finally, rising from the wet floor, his hand outstretched to help her up.

Once they had made it back into the common room, they both left to dress into warmer clothing. While Pansy was slipping on a dry shirt, Daphne and Fallon both came in, scowling.

"Where have you been?" Daphne demanded. "We were looking for you all day. I'm soaked now."

Pansy rolled her eyes. "I was with Draco." Pansy retorted. Daphne blushed slightly. Ever since Pansy and Daphne met, they had been more allies than friends. "And I didn't ask you look for me. I'm not a child Daphne."

Daphne snorted. "Well then fine. Next time you run off, I'll be sure to ignore it." She muttered. "Who knows maybe that will be the time something really does happen to you." Daphne threw her things down and stormed out of the dormitory.

Fallon snicked slightly. "Don't worry. She's just pissed because Blaise wanted to find you instead of making out." Fallon grinned wickedly and pulled a sketchbook from her bag, setting up her things around her desk.

"What are you going to draw?" Pansy asked, curiously, finishing the last button of her shirt. She quickly checked her hair, which was still dripping wet.

Fallon shrugged. "Not sure yet." She replied. "Maybe a just a portrait."


"Hey, Pansy?"

Pansy stopped just as she began to walk towards the door.

"Why are you so wet? I thought you were with Draco?" Fallon raised a brow, a smirk growing in the corner of her lips.

Pansy tilted her head. "You would love to know, wouldn't you?" She asked. "We just got a bit wet on our way here, that's it." Pansy gave her a small wink, grabbing a small quilt from the bottom of her bed, dragging it along with her.

She and Draco both stayed down in the common room almost all night, using the fire in the fireplace to warm themselves up. She curled up against him, retelling old stories from when they were younger and jokes they had once shared. The tips of his finger ran down her arms sending a small tingle down her spin. Crabbe and Goyle joined them later, though Draco sent them to bed so they could be alone after twenty minutes of listening to Goyle hum the Hogwarts theme song over and over again while twiddling his thumbs. It didn't take long for Pansy to fall asleep either though on Draco's shoulder.

The next morning she woke up with Scarlet Fever. Luckily Madam Pompfrey had a potion that cured it in no time. Draco and Daphne both stayed with her most the day. Daphne had freaked out when she found out that Pansy was ill and started blaming it on herself, it was rather amusing, but she apologized for the night before. Draco laughed the moment he found out she was sick. Honestly, what was so amusing about that? She could've died! Um, no thanks?

Pansy sighed at herself, in the mirror and headed down to the kitchen. She could hear her brother digging around as well. A small chuckle escaped her lips as she walked in, watching him fuss at the cabinet for not opening for him. Her parents had charmed it so he would stay out. Over the summer, Cal started his final growth spurt and was eating everything the Parkinson's owned.

"Cal, what are you doing?" Pansy asked, rubbing her eyes to adjust to the lighting.

Cal sat up, straightening his pajamas, and brushing his brown hair from his eyes. "I want food." He demanded. "Open it Pansy."

"Not with that tone." She snapped.

He growled. "Please," he stressed. "open it for me Pansy. You can use magic at home now, I can't."

"So?" She retorted. "What makes you think that I care?" Pansy pushed him away. Ah… The amazing part of having younger siblings is that you can push them around.

Cal's lips curled. "Well, if you don't, I wont you give you your mail that just came and woke me up." He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. "Look's like a males handwriting too…"

Her face lit up. Draco… "Give it to me now."

"No. Not unless you open the cabinet." He cocked his head.

God, how she hated that age. "Cocky little bastard." She snapped. "Accio parcel." Pansy whispered, her wand aimed at her bother. She watched as he tried to grab the brown letter, but Pansy was much quicker and snatched it from his hands before him. "Thank you." She chorused, smirking.

Cal mumbled harshly under his breath, kicking the cabinet door one last time and storming out of the kitchen. Pansy stared blankly at the letter. The words scribbled in so roughly, like someone was writing rushed. Her fingers began to shakes lightly. This is from Draco. I know his writing. No one else writes his or her "s" like that… She thought to herself. Slowly, as if the letter were a sheen of delicate snow, she began to open it. Her heartbeat quickened.

Dear Flower,

I haven't much time to write, but I have important matter's to discuss with you. I miss you. I hope your well. First, I'm sorry for the way I left you. It was petulant. I can't not disclose where I am staying, incase this letter is intercepted, but I read that Hogwarts is reopening. I trust you to know that I might not be returning. I know you can take care of yourself, but I've asked Blaise to watch over you. Please watch over yourself. I'm sorry it's been so long.

Yours truly,


It was as if the whole world just came alive around her. He's alive. Oh Draco… Pansy folded the note in quarters and placed it in her robe's pocket. Jogging up the stairs, she could hear her mother fussing to her father, but Pansy didn't have a care in the world. She beamed at the ceiling of her room once again, snuggling into her bed sheets and pillows. Half of her even imagined that it was Draco whose arm was wrapped around her waist, and not her blanket. An embarrassing thought really.

Later that morning, after Pansy had finally fallen to sleep, she awoke with a start. Her house elf, Gracie was scouring about her room, her school trunk open on the floor beside her bed. Just as the elf emerged from Pansy's bureau with an armload of parchment and quills, she gave a small squeak upon seeing her master awaken.

"Oh, Miss Parkinson. I'm so sorry. Me didn't mean to waken you." She squalled, hurrying to put the things into the trunk. She bowed her head slightly.

Pansy chuckled. Her mood was rather high, so she didn't even care really how she was awoken. "It's quite alright, Gracie." Pansy reassured. Pansy observed her elf, dressed in a ratty, black and green terrycloth. In the corner, Pansy could read the initial's of her own name and the outline of a pansy, just as her towels did.

"Gracie, is my mother awake yet?"

Gracie approached her desk, using magic to neatly pile all Pansy's books inside. "Yes, Missy. She's with young master Parkinson." She replied.

Pansy looked down into the depths of her trunk, realizing that it had been charmed once again to hold all her belongings. Pansy's always seemed to forget one thing or another, so for the past two years, Gracie had been charming it to hold more, yet remain light as a feather. This way Pansy wouldn't have to worry about decided what she could leave behind and then leave something she really wanted or needed.


"Would Missy like anything for breakfast? You're looking too thin."

As I have been told… 'No Gracie, I'll be fine. I need to talk to my mother about holiday arrangements, I'll get myself toast." Pansy told the elf, sweeping past the fragile creature.

I wonder why Draco's having Blaise watch over me… Pansy asked herself, as she stepped into her mother study. Her mother, Amethyst Parkinson, was busy reading the Daily Prophet when Pansy entered.


The newspaper fell from its place, showing the face an young, middle aged witch. Her hair much resembling Cal's, a sandy blonde, but everything else, Pansy had taken after. "Pansy. Sit down." Her mother insisted, pointing the chair beside her. "What is it?"

Pansy took her seat, carefully making sure she had crossed her legs right. She didn't want to be lectured right before her first back. "What are we doing for holiday's?"

"What we always do. Just because there's a war, doesn't mean were changing tradition Pansy." Her mother took a sip of the amber liquid that set in front of her, drowning the last of the glass. "Your father wants to go to Italy, but I think we should go to France."

"France sounds lovely." Pansy commented.

Her mother nodded. "Yes. Your grandmother would like to have you visit during Easter. Have you packed everything?"

"Yes mother."

"Is your elf getting your breakfast ready?"

"No mother."

"Pansy, you really should eat. You're looking so thin. It's not at all appealing. Then again, you never have been a true belle…" Pansy wanted to reach over to slap her mother, but resisted her urge. "At least your nose doesn't look so bad with your new hair style."

"Thank you, mother…" Pansy hissed threw gritted teeth. "Where's father? Will he be seeing us off?"

Her mother sighed. "No. He's doing something. He's a hard working man, Pansy, no need to sulk." She snapped when Pansy's shoulder's slouched. "Now, go get ready. I want to be at the station on time."

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