I got bored in English… So sue me. We're working on grammar… As if I don't know proper grammar from all my writing… So I decided to write this sweet little Beast Boy/ Raven fic : )

Disclaimer- I do not own Teen Titans because if I did it wouldn't have been even considered to be cancelled.

It's Just a Rose

If someone would have asked me how I ended up here I would have answered with the usual, "None of your business," but I guess everyone knew this because no one bothered with asking. There was no denying he looked good tonight. His tux fit him well and the complete black was a nice contrast to the usual purple mix.

"So, you wanna dance?" he asked, standing up from the table and offering his hand. I wonder if I should take it. I don't want to loose control of my emotions… But it is just a little dance…

"Okay…" So I took the hand and we head fro the dance floor. Now what? He takes hold of my waist and we swing slowly to the music. This little date thing really wasn't so bad. I still can't believe the other three did this though…

"Enjoying yourself?" I shiver as he whispers in my ear.

"Actually… Yes…" I grin shyly. He smiles back at me. I wonder if he really does like me. Then again it is just a smile… The music dies down as the song fades into silence.

"Wanna get some air?" he nods towards the balcony. Do I wanna get some air? I really don't know. "Well?" he questions, looking around nervously.

"Um… Sure…" I answer, quite unsurely actually. But, it is just some air…

"Look Rae, I know you're not really into this romantic stuff but I… I kind of bought you this…" he holds out a long black box. I look inquisitively at him as I take the box. Slowly I open it up… There it is. A beautiful, simple, single red rose. Many girls would say it was a rip off. Starfire would want a bouquet, Terra would want something pretty and useful, and Kitten would want jewelry or clothes. But for me, Raven, a red rose is more than perfect. It is just a rose, and that's what I love about it.

"Thank you… With all my heart…" I whisper softly as a light breeze blows my hair around my face. He looks relieved and pleased to hear the words of approval but doubt still flickers through his eyes. So to reassure him, I don't know why, but I lean in and kiss that green cheek of his. I watch as his eyes become shocked, but doubt free. The shock fades away as he smiles against the star spangled night. That kiss, was just… Well, it was what it was…

Extremely short I know but I didn't want to go into the detail of what happened before and after. I thought it was much better as a short little people pleasing romantic scene. So what did you think of my little One-Shot?

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