Emile Cromwell is a character from Kaori Yuki's Godchild. He was my favorite character, and died so tragically I nearly shit my pants! I wrote this poem with him and his sister Lukia in mind. If you read the second volume of Godchild, then you will know that Lukia's Emile's older stepsister, and the only one to ever pay attention to him.

Emile killed his mother Abigail because she drove Lukia's mother Tohko to suicide. You'll see a lot of butterfly symbolism in this because Lukia's symbol is the butterfly, and the leather glove comes from how Emile wears those leather gloves on his hands to cover up th evidence of his self-mutilation, and also used the gloves to poison Abigail by making the poison soak through her skin. The gloves prevented the poison from killing him.

Cain found out and told Emile that he would save him. Emile was about to accept Cain's help when Alexis came into the scene and told Emile that his "soiled soul" would only hurt Lukia and everyone else. Emile took those words to heart and threw himself off the top of his home. So sad... And he was so young too, dammit!

Well, that's my brief synopsis. Please review, I worked really hard on this.

Leather Glove

A poem by Melissa, AKA The Tacochickenwings

Dedicated to Emile Cromwell from Godchild. Long live Emile!

I took it from your hands and you stole my heart, butterfly

The only one to see me, to care

I sat in the dark and waited for nothing

But you came, you were there

You can look, but you can't touch the scars on my hand

You're hardly around me, but I can see you standing there

Away into the fantasies you love

But I know you'll always care

I pulled her wings for you, butterfly

Poisoned her with this leather glove

In doing so I kept your face in mind

So please don't leave me, you're my only love

Don't listen to him, the one with the gold-green eyes

He can't tell you where to go

He doesen't know his place

I'll murder him and you'll never know

Don't say you'll try to help me, butterfly

I'm lost and there's nothing you can do

I'll take off this leather glove and burn it

If only to protect you

Intruders in this cursed place

They don't know these things

I'll hide the things I've done from them

So you can spread your wings

He says you can leave here, butterfly

Says you can go and live your dreams

But did you forget me in this labryinth?

Do I seem ok? Not all is what it seems

Don't you try to touch these hands

They've done the things that dirtied me

My soul is soiled, so let me go

I'm a sinner, don't you see?

You're the only one who loves me, butterfly

And it's you I love alone

I'll cling to this tattered life for now

Until you've gone and flown

The secrets I've been trying to keep

Are out, thanks to my leather glove

I've been named a murderer

But all I want is your love

I thought I was alone, butterfly

Buried in a hole

At last, someone's come to save me!

But I have a soiled soul

There are scratches on my hands

And bruises on my heart

But it's this darkened hole, my grave

That shall forever keep us apart

Please don't cry for me, butterfly

For this leather glove and I

Have left here to protect you

So spread your wings and fly